10 Best Farmhouse Floating Shelves

Our interior design expert compile 10 best farmhouse floating shelves that can be a great decorative addition to your space. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 27th, 2021

Today, floating shelves isn’t only a piece of item to store and organize any of your items, it’s much more beyond it. This small item can be used to decorate any empty walls to make it much more attractive and interesting.

This multi-functional feature make this item gain a lot of popularity. Not to mention it’s quite affordable price make floating shelves become one of the most popular home decor items that can be used to enhance the looks of your space without breaking your budget.

Before buying any floating shelves, there are some important thing to consider to make sure you are choosing the perfect ones for you.

First, you need to know what things or items that you are planning to put on the shelves. Estimate the size of the items, and more importantly, the weight. A lot of floating shelves aren’t designed to hold heavy objects.

Next, make sure you are choosing floating shelves that match with your current room decor. This will make the shelves looks flawless and integrated with another furniture and decor items inside your room.

Best farmhouse floating shelves
Farmhouse style floating shelves

You can easily find floating shelves with different style and design and choose the ones that will suit your decor most.

If you are looking for a farmhouse floating shelves that will complement with your current farmhouse interior, we will try to help you by compiling 10 best farmhouse style floating shelves that we had already try and used in our farmhouse interior design project. And here they are :

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Set of 2 Rustic Farmhouse Wood Floating Shelves by Mainevent

This shabby chic shelves can be a great addition for your space. It’s whitewash finish bringing beautiful rustic and farmhouse looks. This shelves made especially for nursery decor, but you can easily use it for any different decor style.

With only 16.5 inch wide, this shelves can easily fit even when you aren’t having too much available spaces on your wall.

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Set of 3 Wall-Mounted Torched Wood Floating Shelves by MyGift

What we like most of this item is the beautiful rustic combination between the torched wood and the metal pipe style brackets that is quite unique rather than any typical floating shelves.

In term of design, this item is relatively versatile where you can use it in any different home decor style, from farmhouse, rustic, vintage or even industrial style decor.

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Floating Wall Shelves Set of 3 Rustic Wood Storage Shelf by Calenzana

This shelves can be a great choice for you who want to add a bit of rustic touch into your space. The combination of metal bracket with old looking wooden board blend perfectly to create an unique look that will adds a decorative touch into your room.

Come with 3 set of shelves with different size, you can use your own creativity and imagination to arrange those shelves to create the visual outcome that you want.

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Farmhouse Wood Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Storage Shelf with L Brackets by Imperative Décor

At first glance, this shelves is look quite simple. But if you take a closer look, it’s beautifully designed with the combination of modern style with rustic farmhouse touch.

With 24 inch wide, this shelves is giving you a lot of additional spaces that you can use to show off any of your favorite collectibles or even to organize your book collections.

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Wall Mounted Wood Shelves – Farmhouse Style Grey Display Ledge with Metal Brackets by Under.Stated

Old wooden board with rustic metal is a perfect recipe to create a stunning farmhouse looks. And this item perfectly apply those concept into this stunning floating shelves.

Even though this shelves can only hold any small objects, it’s still can be a great attractive decoration for your walls.

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Whitewashed Wood Decorative Wall Mounted Shelves with Wooden Brackets by MyGift

With beautiful whitewash finish that looks simple yet stylish, this gorgeous shelves can be a great decorative elements to add a bit of farmhouse touch to your space without make it looks too rustic.

It’s sturdy structure make this item can be a great choice for you who want to put some relatively heavy items such as potted plants or vases there.

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Wooden Farmhouse Style Bathroom Floating Shelves by Amada

This shelves made especially for bathroom, so if you need to enhance the looks of your bathroom while at the same time add some additional storage to keep it decluttered, than this shelves can be a great choice for you.

An interesting feature that we loved from this item is it’s removable towel holder that you can easily remove if you don’t want to use it.

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Reclaimed Wood Shadow Box Shelf with Wood Backing- Floating Shelf

Some people may think that shadow box style shelves is boring and outdate. But honestly, they aren’t, especially for certain decor style like farmhouse, vintage or rustic. This kind of shelves can create an unique looks that is difficult to achieve using other typical shelves.

From the functionality perspective, this box shelves offer plenty of storage spaces. You can use the inside box and also the top shelf to store or display a lot of decoration items.

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Farmhouse Metal and Wood Floating Wall Shelves by The Nifty Nook

This shelves is a perfect choice to be a focal point of your wall – thanks to it’s beautiful and unique cage style design. You can use this item to display any books, collectibles, or plants.

Come with 2 different shelves, you can group them together or hang separately.

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Wall Mounted Whitewashed Wood Floating Shelves by MyGift

Here is another box style shelves on this list, but this time it comes with stylish and beautiful whitewash finish that is perfectly designed for any farmhouse settings – thanks to the stylish aesthetic combination of vintage and modern design.