10 Best Gold Wall Lamps for Bedroom

10 Best gold wall lamp/sconce for bedroom that can bring luxurious vibe and wonderful ambient lighting. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 27th, 2021

When creating an elegant and luxurious bedroom, any small items or details can make a big impact. And one of our favorite “small” objects to add more luxury feels into a bedroom is wall lamps/sconce.

From the interior design perspective, a great wall lights can bring a lot of benefits. First, it can be a great decorative addition to make the wall and entire bedroom looks much more stylish.

Furthermore, a perfect wall lamp can lift up the entire bedroom lighting by created a layered ambient lighting that can make the spaces feels aesthetic and intimate.

There are several important things to consider when choosing a perfect wall lamps for your bedroom. Firstly, you should choose the ones with the same or at least similar design and style with your bedroom interior style.

Choosing the right finishes and colors also play an important role. You can either go with the same colors with your current bedroom color scheme, or choose a more contrasting ones to make the wall lamp stand out more.

If you want to make your wall lamp stand out and prefer the contrasting ways, gold is one of the best finishes that you can choose. Especially when you are creating a luxurious and glamorous style bedroom.

Unfortunately, we often found a gold wall lamp that looks awful, both in term of design and quality. To help you avoid this kinds of items, we compile 10 best gold wall lamp that we had used in our previous interior design project, and here they are :

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Swing Arm Wall Sconce with White and Gold Brass Accents

Going all-gold surely won’t suit some people. And if you are one of them, then this wall lamps can be a great options for you. With dominant white element and some gold accent that create a beautiful combinations, this item can fit easily into most bedroom decor style, especially any minimalist, modern or contemporary ones.

With adjustable swing arm and pivoting head, you can easily adjust the light direction from this lamp wherever you need it.

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Brushed Gold Brass Wall Sconce with Round Frosted White Glass

When most of the gold wall lamp are using any classic or mid-century style, this ones come in a more modern and up-to-date design that will fit perfectly for contemporary style decor.

The mix of simple lines with smooth curves producing an aesthetic and artistic design that will easily turn any boring wall into a much more attractive ones.

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Gold Mid Century Modern Wall Mounted Plug-In Sconce

Using some gold accent is a perfect recipe to create a great modern mid-century decor style, and it would even better if you are using any item that had similar style such as this wall sconce.

With 360 degree pivot, you can adjust this lamp head wherever you want. This item can works not only as a bedside lamp, but also can be used to highlight any special pieces of art inside your bedroom.

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Satin Brass Finish Modern Wall Sconce with Bulb

For anyone of you who want a more softer looks rather than any typical gold finishes, this item may be a great options for you. It’s satin brass finish bringing a similar luxurious looks as gold but in a more soft and soothing looks.

Combining a modern look with vintage design, this wall sconce can be a perfect decorative items for you who are using any modern, classic, vintage or even industrial decor style for your bedroom.

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Industrial Vintage Slope Pole Wall Mount Single Sconce with Oval Dome Clear Glass Shade

This item beautifully combined an retro classical design with modern finishing touch to create a stunning yet versatile wall lamp that can be used in any different interior design style.

Another thing that we love from this item is it’s clear glass shade that will spread out a lovely ambient lighting that will add some warmth into your bedroom atmosphere.

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Wall Lamp Plug in Warm Brass Ring White Drum Shade for Bedroom

If you are a big fan of any lighting with drum shade, than this one can be a great choice for you. This wall lamp will create a beautiful lighting effects as any typical lamp with drum shade, but in a much more glamorous style, thank’s to it’s elegant design and glamorous gold finishes.

With built in dimmer switches that will make it easier to adjust the brightness of the light, this lamp surely will be a great addition into any bedroom.

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Honey Gold Tube Xenon Light Wall Sconce

If you already seen some of our room decor ideas, you will noticed that we are quite often using this wall lamp for our design. Yes, this is one of our most favorite wall sconce especially for any glamorous and luxurious decor style.

What make us loved this item is it’s simple yet elegant design that make this wall lamp can easily fit into any bedroom.

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Globe Wall Mounted Bedside Lamp

If you want to add some artistic touch to your space, than this lamp can be a great options for you. Combining traditional shape in modern touch, this item can be a perfect light for any space, especially those who are using any classic or modern mid-century design.

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Brass Wall Sconces Set of Two Sconce Plug in with Switch Swing Arm

This wall swing arm lamp works great in terms of functionality and style. It’s swing arm design make it easier to direct light wherever you need it, while it’s gorgeous design will lift up your entire bedroom vibe.

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Modern Wall Lamp with White Globe Glass

With the perfect blend of contemporary design in mid-century classic style, this pretty wall lamp will looks beautiful as a bedside lamp, especially when you are loved any stylish curvy design.

With built in dimmer switch, you can easily adjust the brightness to suit your needs.

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