10 Best Rug Colors for Blue Wall (That’ll Combine Comfort and Serenity)

Our expert guide to choosing the perfect rug color that will blend flawlessly with the blue wall.

One of the best colors that can instantly add personality to an interior is blue. This beautiful color can bring a fresh and calming ambient with a touch of drama.

While most homeowners prefer to add the splash of blue using furnishings or decoration items, it’s also possible to use this gorgeous shade as the wall color, whether it’s for the entire walls or just for an accent wall.

However, while using this strong and rich tone for the wall, it can be quite difficult to mix and match it with other colors. Wrong combinations will not only make your interior feel awkward and weird but also can ruin the visual appearance of the entire room.

Thus, to avoid those disasters, you need to carefully select every single piece of items around the blue wall. From artwork/wall art, couch, sofa, cabinet, or even a rug should be paired perfectly with the wall to get the best results.

So, what color rug goes with blue wall?

After tested a wide range of options, we can say that beige and blue, light gray, light gray, cream, and pale green are some of the best rug colors for blue wall. These rug colors perfectly complement the cool undertones of blue, creating a balanced and soothing visual palette. Combining these rugs with blue walls generates a cohesive and inviting ambiance, transforming any room into a haven of relaxation.

And here are the complete list of 10 best rug options that will fit perfectly inside any room with blue walls.

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Beige and Blue

Modern Geometric Beige and Blue Rug by Well Woven

One of our favorite options is to use a neutral-colored rug with a touch of blue accent, and based on our experiences, beige seems to be the best choice for this particular condition.

Take a look at the image example above, where the natural beige rug blends nicely with the dark blue accent wall and can bring a touch of warmth to balance out the ambiance. And finally, the blue pattern in the area rug makes the rug and the wall look integrated nicely.

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Blue and White

Blue and White Moroccan Trellis Rug by Ottomanson

In some cases, you may need to add more blue into your space to make this color become more dominant as your primary palette. Using any blue rug that had some white texture or pattern can be the best choice for this situation.

The white pattern can help add some richness in neutral ways, while the blue will make the rug and wall blend flawlessly in a sophisticated look.

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Blue and Gold

Navy Blue/Gold Area Rug by Unique Loom

If your goal is to create a classic and elegant room using any deep-toned blue, then it’s a good idea to add a few gold accents to your space to bring a touch of glam vibe.

While the mainstream ways to add them is by using some gold finishes decor items, you can also add them in unique ways like using the blue and gold rug.

Although the gold embossed pattern on the rug usually doesn’t too dominant, it can still emphasize its beauty and luxury to make your room feels like an elegant castle or palace.

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Blue and Black

Modern Angles Pattern Area Rug by Well Woven

When it comes to a modern contemporary style interior, this is one of our favorites.

Yes, the blue and black rug not only will look flawless when placed near the blue walls, but it can also add another punch of deep and bold tone to maximize the elegance of the room.

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Blue and Gray

Contemporary Blue and Gray Rug by Home Dynamix

If black seems too strong for you, then you can go with a softer option like gray.

The gray and blue rug is also a great choice for a modern style interior, especially for those who come with contemporary texture and patterns such as geometric or abstract patterns.

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Blue and Yellow

Hexagon Style Blue and Yellow Rug by Well Woven

One of the best contrasting colors that can work really well with blue is yellow. However, using a solid yellow rug may not be the best option.

Instead, you can choose any rug that blends some yellow and blue texture in it such as the one that we used in the example above.

The vibrancy of the yellow not only can make the entire space feel more alive, but it can also bring a beautiful contrast to add some richness to your interior style.

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Light Gray

Contemporary Light Gray Rug by nuLoom

If you need a softer rug that can still blend nicely with a bold blue wall, then a light gray rug may be the best choice for you.

Moreover, using these kinds of rugs can give you more flexibility and the opportunity to use any furnishings with vibrant or bold colors, as it will be a simple, crisp, and elegant base for those kinds of furniture.

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Ombre Style Rug by Safavieh

If you need to balance up the vibe and temperatures inside your room, then using a warm-toned rug such as a cream rug can be the best solution.

As you can see in the picture above, the rug supply a beautiful warm natural ambiance to help balance the cool tones of the dark blue wall.

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Pale Green

Casual Solid Green Rug by Jonathan Y

Green surely be the best choice if you want to add some natural freshness inside the room. However, most shades of green don’t seem to work well with blue walls.

But if you still want to add the beauty of green to your spaces, we highly recommend you choose any pale green rug.

These kinds of rugs still have a perfect amount of freshness as any typical green, but their gray undertone makes them more neutral which can help them blend easily with a strong and powerful tone such as a navy blue or royal blue wall.

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Lattice Moroccan Geometric Orange Area Rug by Unique Loom

Another great contrasting rug color choice for a blue wall is orange. These combinations can provide a perfect balance as both are sitting in opposite directions on the color wheel.

This also can be a great option if you need a rug that can stand out prominently without taking over the accent blue wall as the main focal point for the entire space.

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