7 Awesome Living Room Ideas with Blue Couch

Explore some interesting living room ideas that use the blue couch as its main centerpiece. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 14th, 2023

A blue couch injects instant personality and creativity into a living room. Blue upholstery provides a smooth introduction of color that’s agreeable even to the most color-shy homeowner.

Introduce a practical navy or royal blue sofa for busy households where spills and smudges are a common occurrence.

Sky blue and pale pastel shades have an uplifting influence on the dullest, sun-starved rooms. You can use a blue couch as a standalone hero piece, or combine it with equally colorful surroundings for a rich and cohesive aesthetic.

We’ve put together 7 stunning living room ideas with blue couch designs to help you create yours.

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Elegant Dark Blue and White Living Room

Modern dark blue and white living room
Dark blue and white living room

A dark blue and white living room scheme creates an elegant aesthetic. By placing a dark blue couch within a white room, you receive the practicality of stain-camouflaging furniture upholstery whilst benefiting from bright surroundings.

Break up a plain white perimeter by introducing a solid blue feature wall to create interest. Color-match your paint to the couch to ensure perfect cohesion.

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Modern Living Room with Light Blue Sectionals

Modern Living Room with Light Blue Sectionals
Living room with light blue sectionals

A modern living room with light blue sectionals establishes an open and airy feel. Pale blue fabric is reminiscent of clear summer skies, so makes us feel uplifted, and energized.

Consider adding a few darker blue scatter cushions onto your light blue couch to create tonal layering. Complement the color combo with a cool gray and blue geometric area rug.

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Sage and Blue Living Room

Living room with sage wall and dark blue couch
Living room with sage wall and dark blue couch

Sage and blue living room schemes are naturally refreshing. They lend themselves well to a botanical theme, which can be communicated via wall art or with a vibrant array of indoor plants.

Team a deep blue couch and sage green walls with warm wooden elements, such as a fashion-forward wood slatted statement wall. Finish off with matt black accent furniture for visual weight.

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Living Room with Blue Furniture and Brown Walls

Living Room with Blue Furniture and Brown Walls
Brown and blue living room

Create a warm and welcoming living room with blue furniture and brown walls. This peaceful meld builds a comforting aesthetic that makes you want to curl up with a coffee and a good book.

Prevent the sophisticated palette from appearing dated or stale by employing a modern patterned area rug, and a piece of contemporary abstract wall art above the couch.

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Living Room with Black Accent Wall and Dark Blue Couch

Living Room with Black Accent Wall and Dark Blue Couch
Black and dark blue living room

Build bold drama in a living room with a black accent wall and dark blue couch. This daring pairing is sure to make heads turn.

To create differentiation between the two dark shades, add modern wall molding to achieve texture and light play. Carefully measure out and mount wooden slats in a geometric formation. Fill the nail holes, caulk, and give a final coat of paint.

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Simple Living Room with Blue Sofa

Simple Living Room with Blue Sofa
Living room with blue furniture

A blue couch really packs a punch in a living room decor scheme, which means that you can keep the rest of the room clean and simple.

This makes blue sofas a fitting choice for rented properties that don’t allow changes to wall decor. A blue and neutral rug design will helpfully merge the blue hero piece with its surroundings. Add in lightweight wall art with removable command strips.

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Minimalist White and Blue Living Room

Minimalist White and Blue Living Room
White and blue living room

Achieve a minimalist white and blue living room decor scheme with a crisp navy couch and a complementary abstract rug design.

With all of the color situated center stage, fade away the perimeter of the room under a fresh coat of white paint and crisp white curtains. Apply a single piece of blue-based wall art to complete the succinct look.


This selection of 7 inspirational interiors demonstrates how a blue couch works with cool neutrals and warm backdrops alike. However, you can take your living room to new heights with contrasting hues.

Consider a pastel blue and blush pink combo for a soft and sweet aesthetic. Combine primary blue, yellow, and red along with sharp black accents to achieve a cubist look that Mondrian would be proud of.

With a blue couch, you don’t have to be hemmed into just one look. A blue sofa can be restyled along with your room, over and over again.