8 Bedroom Ideas that Embrace Navy Blue Bedding for a Statement Look

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 17th, 2024

Bedding is an underrated element that is often overlooked by most people when designing a bedroom. The bedding alone can truly make a big difference to the entire bedroom appeal, especially if you are choosing bold and strong options like navy blue bedding.

The navy bedding will transform any bedroom into a serene retreat and act as the design catalyst to improve the overall design.

However, using navy blue for your bedding comes with some tricky challenges. And that’s the main reason we create this article. Here, we will provide you with some ideas, inspirations, and expert tips to help you achieve a harmonious and inviting space that embraces the allure of navy blue bedding.

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Contemporary-style Black and Navy Blue Bedroom

Contemporary black and navy bedroom

In this design, we are using two strong and bold shades as the main palette: black and navy blue. This combo works together seamlessly to make a stand-out visual, but still provide enough contrast for a layered dramatic appeal.

The navy comforter enriches the black bed frame and headboard while still keeping boldness and elegance as the main character.

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White Bedroom with Navy Blue Accents

White furniture with navy accents

White furniture becomes the main foundation, and this is essential to keep a sleek and minimalist approach. Then, to boost some elegance, we add some navy accents around the white elements, such as bedding, artwork, and area rug.

Those elements easily pop against white, adding elegant drama while still keeping a simple and clean aesthetic.

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Gray and Blue Bedroom

Gray and blue bedroom

Using multiple shades of blue, this design exposes the beauty of different variants of blue while still keeping a perfectly flawless appeal. For the wall, we used neutral blue-gray paint for a simple modern look, while the navy rug and bedding bring some bold and strong appeal.

To neutralize and avoid monotonous looks, we added gray elements that fit perfectly inside our blue-themed bedroom.

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White and Brown Bedroom with Navy Blue Bedding

White, brown, and navy color scheme

Another interesting color palette that you can use alongside navy is brown and white. As you can see in the image above, these two hues go together nicely, spreading boldness and warmth to the entire space, while the white furniture acts as a clean and sleek base that highlights the beauty of brown and navy elements.

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Charming Gray and Green Bedroom with Navy Bedding

Gray and green bedroom

The gray accent wall becomes the main focal point of this room. With stunning trim work, the wall also becomes a perfect background that lets the gorgeous green artwork pop.

The green elements of this bedroom bring fresh and natural beauty, while the navy complements them and adds a hint of a modern twist.

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Scandinavian Green and Navy Bedroom

Scandinavian-style decor

In this bedroom, we want to keep everything simple and let the two gorgeous colors take center stage. The neutral gray-green walls spread a charming and fresh ambiance, as the navy artwork and bedding give a bold statement to elevate the overall visual appearance.

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Modern Bedroom with Black Furniture and Navy Bedding

Modern black bedroom

With a clean and sleek foundation using white walls and white ceramic tile flooring, all the furniture and decoration items stand out elegantly.

The different black items keep the bold consistency throughout the space. Finally, we chose a navy comforter and artwork to give some colors to enrich the bedroom.

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Vintage Bedroom With Oak Furniture and Navy Blue Bedding

Vintage bedroom with oak furniture

If you are looking for a kind of wood that can blend beautifully with navy blue, then we highly recommend you try oak. This wood species had a light neutral tone, making it complement the strong and bold appeal of navy.

As you can see in the image above, the oak furniture gives a natural vintage charm and allows the navy bedding and carpet to stand out.