10 Best Beach Wall Decor for Bathroom

10 best beach style wall decor for bathroom to bring some ocean breeze and coastal vibe into your beach house. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 22nd, 2021

Bathroom is one area in the house that is most often left behind or even forgotten when doing some decorating. Even though, it’s important to keep this room looks beautiful and attractive.

If you had a beach cottage house or using a beach style decor concept for your home, then you have to decorate your bathroom with the same style to keep the entire home decor flawless and integrated. One easy, simple and affordable way to decorate a bathroom to have some beach vibe is by using some coastal wall decor or wall art.

Best beach wall decor for bathroom

Coastal-style wall decor has several unique characteristics that distinguish it with other wall decor style, some of them include using some touch of blue / green colors palette, using distressed wood as a frame, or even using some sea animals such as clams or starfish.

If you are looking for a beach house style wall art to add more coastal vibrant into your bathroom, we will try to help you by compiling 10 best bathroom coastal wall art that we have been tried and used in our interior design project, and here they are :

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The Rules Turquoise Bathroom Wall Plaque Art

This hand finished turquoise wall art can be a great addition to your bathroom. With fresh beach style looks, this item already had built in frame that make it ready to hang immediately in your bathroom wall.

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Beachy Set of 3 Shell Shabby Chic Shadow Boxes

With built in large custom wooden frame, this wall decor set can bring coastal breeze to any room. It’s beautiful, vintage, shabby-chic design with high attention to every detail make this is a must have items for you who want to have a beautiful and adorable beach house decor.

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Blue And Black Print Bathroom Rules Wall Plaque

This vintage wall art will looks great when placed in any bathroom. Furthermore, this item can be a great way to remind any family members or guests about the bathroom rules in your home.

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Funny Farmhouse Rustic Bathroom Wall Decor Sign

With rustic, vintage and farmhouse looks, this small accessories can bring a lot of warmth and vibrancy into your bathroom. Comes with jute rope that not only looks classic, it’s also make this wall art easy to hang anywhere in your bathroom.

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Beach Rules Coastal Style Inspirational Wall Decor

If you are looking for some beach style wall art that looks simple and minimalist, than this one can be the perfect choice for you. This items also can be a great reminder how much you love the beach!

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Soothe Calm Relax Bath Bathroom Wall Plaque

This compact size wall plaque can be a perfect solution to fill any small unused wall area in your bathroom. Bring a soft and warm ambiance, this small items can make everyone who see it will feel calm and relaxed.

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Brown and Blue Classic Wall Plaque Art Bathroom Rules

With 10 inch wide x 15 inch height, this wall art had a perfect size that can be easily fit into your empty spaces in bathroom wall. Combination of coastal with rustic looks make this items looks very artistic.

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Bathroom Rules Typography Bathroom Wall Plaque

For you who want a more fun and vibrant bathroom rules style wall decor, than this items can be the perfect choice for you. With a lot of different font colors combination make this wall art can bring some happiness to anyone who see it.

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Beach Theme Seashell Wall Decor (Set of 3) Shells and Starfish Beach Decor for Bathroom

This gorgeous wall decoration can be placed anywhere in your beach house, from bedroom, living room or even the bathroom. Bringing a lot of ocean breeze, this wooden wall art using soft pastel colors that make it looks calming and relaxing that is perfect for beach cottage vibe.

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Bathroom Rules Beach Sand Dollar Sign Plaque

This small bathroom wall plaque can be easily hanging in any empty spaces in your bathroom walls or even in the bathroom doors. Not only works as a decoration items, this wall art also can be a gently reminder for anyone using your bathroom about the bathroom rules.

Best coastal wall decor for bathroom
Bathroom rules wall decor in coastal style