7 Best Blue Curtains for Modern Homes (Serene Yet Elegant Choices)

Are you looking for a perfect blue curtain to complete the looks of your modern-style home? Take a look at our expert recommendations. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 11th, 2023

There are many reasons why blue is one of the most popular and favorite colors when it comes to interior and home decor. A lot of people like it because of its flamboyant, cozy, and elegant visual appearance. While some people prefer it to infuse a tranquil and calm ambiance into their home.

The light blue or sky blue can be a great vibrant accent to any coastal interior, while the dusty blue or grayish blue is perfect in a Scandinavian environment. On the other side, darker shades such as navy or royal blue will fit elegantly in a modern, contemporary home.

There are a lot of different ways to incorporate blue into your interior. If you want to make it the main palette, use it as a wall paint color or use blue furnishings. However, if you want it just as an accent, then some blue decoration items like the curtains can work nicely.

In this article, we will share with you some of our favorite blue curtains that can fit perfectly inside any modern-themed interior, and here they are :

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Navy Lattice Print Thermal Insulated Curtains by HLC.ME Store

Blue and white gometric lattice curtains by HLC.ME store

These gorgeous, luxurious Moroccan design fabric curtains will boast an amazing elegant navy blue vibe to any modern-themed interior.

With a dominant navy appearance, these curtains will work best inside any room that uses blue as the main palette.

Another main benefit of this curtain is its sun, heat, and cold blocking efficiency that not only will help reduce any heat from outside but also can save a lot of your electricity bills on the cooling system.

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Moroccan Linen Textured Curtains by Jinchan Store

White moroccan linen textured curtains by Jinchan Store

This curtain had a similar pattern to the previous ones but in inverse colors. With dominant neutral looks, it can blend easily with any other color, while still having a touch of vibrant blue accents.

We love to use this curtain in any blue-themed modern interior to bring a consistent blue appearance throughout the entire room.

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Modern White and Navy Blue Embroidered Diamond Curtains by Top Finel Store

Modern white and navy blue embroidered diamond curtains by top finel store

Made of 100% high-quality polyester, the soft and smooth appearance of this curtain is sure will be a perfect fit for any modern or contemporary style decor.

The exquisite diamond pattern brings a trendy and stylish look in simple ways, so this item can be a great option for you who don’t like any over-complicated curtain pattern.

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Navy Blue Wave Striped Curtains by Deconovo Store

Navy blue wave striped curtains by deconovo store

Bold and elegant, those will surely be the first impressions when looking at these gorgeous curtains.

With deep, navy finishes that blend in a glam silvery-looks wave stripe, this curtain will be a delicate addition to any contemporary style bedroom or living room.

Furthermore, it will bring some luxury and a wealthy touch to enhance the entire room’s appearance.

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Blue and Gray Lattice Pattern Blackout Curtains by Beauoop

Blue and gray lattice pattern curtains

For you who want to add a bit of creative and joyful spice using blue curtains for your modern interior, then this curtain can be a perfect option.

The unique combinations of two different blue and gray shades result in a trendy, gorgeous contemporary sense to your home.

This curtain can work even better for any room that has a lot of blue and gray elements inside, as it can be used to visually wrap them all together.

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Weave Pattern Dusty Blue Curtains by Vangao Store

Dusty blue curtains with weave pattern by Vangao

If you prefer a more neutral and versatile shade, then dusty blue or grayish blue is surely the best option for you, such as this beautiful curtain.

The neutral appearance makes it can blend even with any other vibrant colors, while the unique, weave pattern can bring an artistic, casual vibe in elegant ways.

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Stylish Ikat Geometric Print Curtains by Elrene Home Fashion Store

White and blue ikat geometric print curtains

The designer of this curtain did a great job of combining the stylish indigo blue with a natural white linen base, resulting in a fantastic eye-catching curtain that can be a perfect fit for any minimalist, modern, or contemporary decor style.

The rich and unique ikat geometric pattern surely will bring some artistic and aesthetic touch to enliven any boring spaces.

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