10 Blue Area Rugs for a Cozy Living Room Atmosphere

10 Stunning blue area rugs to complete your living room and bring modern tranquility.

As an item that can instantly set up the vibe and mood for the entire space, a rug is one of the most essential parts of interior design. Just take a look at any gorgeous and awesome interior photos, and you may notice that the rug plays an important role.

Among a wide spectrum of colors, blue is one of the most popular choices for rugs. Although it’s not a neutral shade, the blue rugs had great versatility and made it very easy to blend into any decor scheme and color palette. The tranquility and soothing ambiance that it brings also become a great feature to instantly turn any room more inviting and welcoming, while also providing a stylish, trendy appearance.

Based on our experiences using so many different blue rugs in our interior projects, we compile the 10 best blue rugs that can be a perfect choice for any living room. We hope that among these rugs, you can find the one that perfectly suits your needs and can boost the overall appearance of your living spaces.

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Blue Modern Stripes Rug by Diagona Store

When it comes to modern contemporary living rooms, this always be the one at the top of our list. Its beautiful modern stripes that come in abstract patterns bring a stylish look that will easily lift up any living space.

Its dark shades with deep gray undertones make this rug tend to be more neutral compared to any typical blue options, and that’s why this item can easily blend into any living room with any color scheme.

The stunning combination of the dark blue and white accents provides a perfectly balanced contrast that helps make this rug not too dark but still looks very bold and elegant.

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Beige Modern Geometric Stripe Rug with Blue Accents by Well Woven

Sometimes, you don’t need a rug that has a dominant blue pattern. Instead, just a few accents can still work well to add some blue senses to your living room.

And for this kind of rug, this beautiful option by Well Woven is one of our favorites. Using beige as the primary color makes this rug look very neutral, while the dark, navy accents spark a stunning, bold, and elegant visual appearance that will easily attract everyone’s attention.

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Blue and Beige Geometric Triangle Pattern Rug by Well Woven

If you are bored with typical geometric patterns, then this can be a great alternative for you. Its unique triangle pattern comes in a random, artistic appearance that makes it way better than any typical geometric rug. Furthermore, its beautiful color combinations between deep blue and beige make this item much more interesting.

We love to use this rug as a contrasting element to the furniture above it, such as for the yellow couch in the picture above.

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Blue Modern Persian Area Rug by Luxe Weavers

Another awesome choice with an abstract pattern. Combining an artistic touch with the elegance of deep blue shades, this rug provides an art deco flair with a modern twist. Thus, this rug can be used in almost any living room style, from classic to modern ones.

In the picture example above, we incorporate this abstract rug inside a bohemian-style living room, and as you can see, it works very well to blend with the earthy brown tone of the carpet flooring.

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Subtle Geometric Blue and White Rug by ReaLife Rug Store

With its delightful looks, this flat woven rug can be a perfect piece to complete any living room in a stylish manner, especially for you who want the rug to become the main focal point for your living room.

The unique geometric pattern can add some interesting looks to elevate any boring and uninviting space.

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Blue Palm Leaf Rug by Abani Rugs

Blue is one of the best colors when it comes to coastal/beach-style decor. And if you are looking for the best blue area rug as icing on the cake for your beach house living room, then we highly suggest this awesome palm leaf pattern rug.

Honestly, this may not be as cheerful as any typical coastal rug, but that can be a great point, especially for you who want a calmer look but still have a coastal nuance.

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Dark Blue Nordic Style Rug by Well Woven

For you who are looking for a perfect rug for your Scandinavian living room, then you can consider this one. Its clean, minimalist pattern will be a great match for any Scandinavian furniture.

Furthermore, its bold appearance can make this rug pop and stand out elegantly, especially when it’s used among neutral-finishes furniture.

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Blue Modern Bohemian Area Rug by Artistic Weavers

Most of the time, blue and Bohemian don’t get along very well. But not for this rug. As you can see, this rug perfectly mixes the bohemian-style pattern with different shades of blue, resulting in a stylish yet natural appeal with a chic, modern twist.

Surely, this rug will bring out all of its potential when used in a bohemian living room, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use this item in a different scheme, as you can see in the image above, it still works nicely inside a modern-farmhouse living room.

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Blue Rug with Large Diamond Pattern

For those who go with the minimalist approach to your living room, this can be a great choice for you. Its diamond pattern keeps a simple appeal but still has interesting looks with some modern flair.

Furthermore, the blue and white combinations help make the blue part of the rug stand out elegantly as the main centerpiece for any living space.

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Modern Contemporary Black and Blue Rug by Home Dynamix

Adding blue accents inside any living room that is dominated by black furniture can be a great way to neutralize and calm down a bit the intensity of the black. However, the main problem with this approach is the difficulty of finding a perfect one that can blend well with black furniture.

Fortunately, we found one of the best rugs that can work in this particular circumstance, and it’s this blue and black rug by Home Dynamix Store.

This rug had a dominant black color that is essential to make it blend flawlessly with the black furniture around it, while the blue accents come beautifully to bring a splash of elegant pop and enliven the entire living space.

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