8 Best Carpet Colors for Living Room (Charming and Timeless Choices)

Give your living room a stunning wow factor by using these carpet color choices. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 2nd, 2023

If you are looking to give your living room plenty of warmth, comfort, and style, then look no further than the carpet flooring. With some texture and endless color possibilities, carpet flooring can easily create a cozy and inviting space, while also showcasing your unique personality and design style.

However, with so many colors available, choosing the right carpet color for your living room can be a challenging task. Not only the carpet color should blend harmoniously with the rest of the living room, but it should also speak your personal style.

Based on our designer’s experience, we can say that beige, light gray, pale blue, sage, brown, pale yellow, olive green, and dark brown are the best carpet colors for the living room. These carpet colors had neutral qualities to create a soothing and inviting atmosphere, contributing to a comfy and cozy living space. All of those carpet colors will allow homeowners to experiment with accent colors in furnishings, accessories, and wall decor.

Read on as we dive further into all those amazing carpet color options.

1. Beige

Living room with beige carpet
Living room with beige carpet

Beige is undeniably the best carpet color that can work literally everywhere. Its versatility makes the beige carpet a perfect backdrop for any kind of color palette.

It can also be used in any interior design style, from classic to modern. Moreover, beige carpet provides plenty of warmth that can instantly make your living room feel both comfy and inviting.

2. Light Gray

Living room with light gray carpet
Living room with light gray carpet

If you tend to go with any modern style interior, then light gray is surely the best option for you. Light gray carpet provides a clean and elegant backdrop for your furniture and decoration items, allowing them to stand out in style.

Light gray can also help create a sense of spaciousness, making it an ideal choice for any small living room.

3. Pale Blue

Living room with pale blue carpet
Pale blue carpet

With gentle and serene blue hues, pale blue carpet can transform your living room into an airy and tranquil haven, making it a perfect place for unwinding and spending quality time with your family.

You can pair pale blue carpet with darker blue furniture or elements such as a navy couch or vibrant blue wall for a gorgeous monochromatic blue interior.

4. Sage

Living room with sage carpet
Sage carpet

When it comes to carpet flooring, sage is the best green shade due to its soft and calming attributes. Using sage carpet alone can transform your living room into a serene and tranquil space that helps reduce any stress after a long, busy day at work.

Evoking a connection to nature, sage will pair well with any interior style that favors natural elements, such as bohemian, vintage, or modern farmhouse.

5. Brown

Living room with brown carpet
Brown carpet

Comfy and coziness are two of the most essential ambiance that every living room should have. And if your current living room lacks them, then you should try to replace your living room flooring with brown carpet.

This rich and earthy hue provides plenty of warmth, making your space feel welcoming and comfortable. Brown carpet can also become a great option if you want to create a glam, luxurious style interior.

6. Pale yellow

Living room with pale yellow carpet
Pale yellow carpet

Lift up the mood of your living room by using pale yellow carpet. This carpet may not be as strong as any typical yellow, but still enough to add a sense of brightness and cheerfulness to the living room. This option pairs well with almost any interior style, from traditional to contemporary modern.

Pale yellow can also become a great choice for any living room carpet that doesn’t get enough sun exposure, thanks to its light and bright appeal.

7. Olive Green

Living room with olive green carpet
Olive green carpet

Olive is a unique green shade that blends the natural freshness of green with a warm and fun vibe of yellow.

Thus, the olive green floor-to-floor carpet will easily create a relaxing yet joyful ambiance that is perfect for any living space.

8. Dark Brown

Living room with dark brown carpet
Dark brown carpet

Another great brown shade for living room carpet is dark brown. The dark brown carpet can instantly make any room feel comfy yet luxurious, especially when combined with striking furniture such as a leather couch or gold accessories.

Moreover, dark brown can be a practical choice for high-traffic living areas.