10 Best Coastal Style Wall Clock

Best charming coastal wall clock that will bring a vibrant burst into your beach house decor! Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 27th, 2021

Wall clock, same as watch, are shifting it’s function from a tools to indicate time, to become a decorative or fashionable items to showcase our personality and style.

Decorative wall clock also can be a great alternative especially if you are bored with any other typical wall decor items such as artwork, mirror or wall shelf.

Furthermore, a decorative wall clock – especially a large ones – can become a great unique focal point, that not only will refresh the look of the entire wall, but also intensify your interior decoration style.

Based on our experience, from all of different style of wall clock, finding the perfect ones with coastal style is the most difficult. You can easily find a great decorative wall clock for any other style such as minimalist, contemporary, classic, modern or even vintage, not only because there are a lot of different options are available, but also because most of them are versatile and interchangeable. However, when it comes to beach or coastal style, things become far more complicated.

best coastal style wall clock

If you face similar problem, we will try to help you by compiling some of our favorite coastal style wall clock that we’ve already tested and used in our interior design projects. And here they are :

Best Wall Clock for Coastal Home

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Blue Distressed Quartz Coastal Wall Clock

Everytime we need to decorate a large empty wall in a coastal style home, we always use this item whenever possible. With beautiful chic vintage design, this decorative wall clock can easily turn any boring wall into a much more interesting ones. One thing that we loved most from this item is it’s gorgeous blue-green farmhouse style finishes that bring some fresh and charming vibe to entire space.

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Vintage Coastal Worn Blue 14 Inch Round Wall Clock

Coastal decor often combined with other style, such as coastal-farmhouse, coastal-rustic, or coastal modern style. If you tend to go with coastal rustic, than this beautiful wall clock can be a great decorative piece to bring some old-rustic touch into your beach themed room.

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Vintage Shabby Beach Weathered Mediterranean Style Wall Clock

This simple, vintage style wall clock with weathered wood finishes looks gorgeous and can be a perfect item to become a centerpiece for any walls inside your home. The combinations of blue, white and green weathered wood blend perfectly to bring a beautiful vibrant beachy style clock.

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Beach Style MDF Analog Wall Clock

If you prefer for a more nautical looks, than this decorative wall clock can be a great choice. Combining nautical base in a more sleek, modern style, this beautiful item can be a great addition into any beach style house. We really like the soft blue and white shiplap style wood that wrapped up in classic jute rope.

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Metal & Solid Wood Noiseless Weathered Beach Blue Wall Clock

What we like from this decorative wall clock is it’s simplicity, with roman numbers that look simple yet elegant. This clock using a real wood with weathered blue solid fir that make it looks gorgeous.

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Nautical Metal and Rope Decorative Wall Clock

Wood, metal and rope are perfect recipe to create a beautiful coastal-looking decoration items such as this gorgeous wall clock. It’s aqua blue and white finishes spread a hefty amount of coastal vibe, while the distressing effects bring some beautiful worn, antique look.

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Rustic Silent Noiseless Spliced Wood Round Beach Wall Clock

This item may not design specifically for coastal decor, and rather more to a rustic side. But actually, it can also work wonders in a beach style home, thank’s to the blue accent that stand out among the neutral aged-wood finishes.

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Maritime Planks Wall Clock

If you need a wall clock that will stand out and become main focal point for your wall, especially an accent wall, than this one is the perfect choice for you. The beautiful combination of different wood finishes looks amazing as a background of a large elegant roman style numbers.

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Beautiful Summer Style Starfish Seashells on Wooden Background Round Wall Clock

If you are planning to create a cheerful and fun coastal spaces, than this beautiful timepieces can be a number one choice on your list. The bright vibrant blue finishes combined with some shellfish and starfish background make this item is perfect to bring some summer beach vibe inside your home.

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Coastal Farmhouse Decorative Round Wall Clock

Crafted using solid wood, large black hands, and roman style numerals, this items look more as an artistic decorative items rather than a typical wall clock. The distressed aged white, teal and natural wood grain finish combine a shabby chic look in a coastal farmhouse style. This gorgeous item will fit nicely into any beachy bedroom or living room.