8 Best Comforter Colors to Complement Gray Headboards

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

Headboard can be used as a centerpiece for a bedroom, and that’s why gray is one of the most popular colors for it. Gray headboard not only look elegant, but it can easily stand out while keeping a neutral and well-balanced appearance.

However, to make the headboard pop, it should be supported by the right elements around it. And one element that can directly impact the appearance of the headboard is the comforter.

Since both are bed element, they should go flawlessly not only to make a harmonious looks, but also to make the headboard pop.

So, what color comforter goes with gray headboard?

For gray headboard, some of the best comforter colors include black, dark blue, dark brown, white, light blue, and dark orange. These comforter options provide a striking contrast against the neutral backdrop of a gra headboard, adding depth and visual interest to your bedroom. These combinations exudes a timeless and elegant feel, while help promoting a sense of tranquility and relaxation for a comforting retreat.

Below you can find all the stunning comforter colors that will perfectly blend with your elegant gray headboard.

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Black comforter
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Black comforter and gray headboard can blend flawlessly. Together, this pair will adds a touch of elegance to the entire bedroom. For a much better contrast, you can combine the black comforter with white sheets or white pillows.

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Dark Blue

Dark blue comforter
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As any other blue shades, the dark blue comforter can boost the serene and tranquil atmosphere of your room. Thus, this option not only will blend well with the gray headboard, but also makes your bedroom a peaceful and relaxing spaces.

Moreover, the bold elegance of the comforter will go together with gray headboard for a striking modern looks.

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Dark Brown

Dark brown comforter
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Another great bold options that can complement gray perfectly. Dark brown comforter will easily boost the warmth and inviting vibe of your bedroom, while at the same time adding strong beautiful character to your bedroom design.

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White comforter
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White is a timeless comforter option that never goes wrong, especially when combined with neutral shade like gray. The crisp and clean look of white comforter allow the headboard to shine and take the center stage of your bedroom.

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Light Blue

Light blue comforter
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Bring a serene and calming ambiance to your bedroom by using light blue comforter. The neutrality of gray help the light blue to pop, while also offers a gentle contrast that creates an aesthetically pleasing appearances.

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Beige comforter
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Since gray tend to have a cool tone, you may need to lift it up by using warm shade like beige. The beige comforter and gray headboard will go together creating a well-balanced looks.

Additionally, the warmth of beige comforter adds a charming final touch to lift up the mood of your bedroom.

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Dark Orange

Dark orange comforter
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If you need an accent that can pop vibrantly against the gray, you can try using dark orange comforter. With vibrant and energetic looks, the dark orange comforter will easily uplift the entire bedroom ambiance.

The contrast between them also adds a touch of drama and excitement, making a much more interesting looks for your bedroom.

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Dark Pale Green

Dark pale green comforter
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Bring the beauty of the nature to your bedroom by using this option. Unlike most green, pale green comes with strong gray undertones, and this is really helpful to make it blend with gray headboard.

The dark green comforter also offers a fresh natural vibe, help making your bedroom a soothing and peaceful retreat.