7 Curtain Patterns That Enhance Style in Small Spaces

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

Small homes or apartments have become more and more common, especially in large cities all around the world. This is quite reasonable as this kind of property is much more affordable, especially for any young generation that just started their career.

Decorating these kinds of homes can be very tricky. But if it is done properly, the results will be very worth it.

The key to decorating any small home or small room is to select every single piece of items or elements carefully. All element inside that particular room should be going together to help make the small spaces visually looks much more spacious, whether it’s the wall colors, the furnishings, or even the small decorative items such as curtains.

When it comes to small spaces, the curtain patterns can play a pivotal role in shaping the perceived size and ambiance of the small room, and help visually expand or elongate the space, making it feel larger than its physical dimensions.

So, what curtain patterns go best inside a small room?

From our experience working with small spaces, we can say that two-tone horizontal, small striped horizontal, large floral, and geometric trellis are the best pattern choices that perfectly fit into small spaces. These choices can help maximize visual space, while also inject a sense of dynamism into your interior. These patterns can create an optical illusion, giving the impression of width, thus making the room appear more expansive than it is.

Read on to see how all of those patterns work inside a small room.

1. Simple Two-tone Horizontal Curtains

This kind of curtains is one of the best when it comes to the small room. Its appearance is still in line with the goals to make everything look simple, but it’s much more attractive and interesting compared to any plain or solid curtains.

As you can see in the image above, the white and blue curtains are perfect to add some blue to the room, while the white keeps everything simple and light.

2. Small Horizontal Striped Curtains

We love to use this kind of curtains when decorating any narrow room. The horizontal stripe will create some beautiful effects that help manipulate our eyes and make the room feel wider.

However, avoid choosing the ones with too small stripe patterns, and only choose the one that is still easily noticeable.

3. Large Horizontal Pattern

Alternatively, you can go with a large horizontal pattern such as this one. This can be really helpful to make any room feel wider, while the large appearance makes it look much more simple compared to the smaller ones.

This kind of curtains can easily fit in any decor style, whether it’s classical or a modern contemporary one.

4. Large Floral Pattern

A floral pattern is actually not a recommended pattern choice for a small living room, but if you want this kind of beautiful pattern, you can still use it with two important conditions.

First, use any curtains with simple and large textures, avoid the smaller ones as they will look cramped and complicated.

Secondly, choose only floral curtains that have no more than 3 different colors, or for the best results, go with the ones that only had 2 colors such as the one that we used in the example above.

5. Large Abstract Circle Pattern

No, we don’t mean small polka dot style curtains, avoid it at any cost for a small room! Instead, you can use any curtains with some large circular patterns like the example above.

We love to use these kinds of curtains for any room that has too much edge and needs some dynamic looks to create a perfect visual balance.

6. Geometric Trellis Pattern

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular patterns today, especially for any recent and up-to-date decor styles like modern, contemporary, or even the trending Scandinavian style.

This kind of curtains can still be used in any small room, as long as you are choosing the ones with a large pattern.

The color selections can also play an important role here, you can use almost any color, even the bold or vibrant ones, as long as they are combined with light neutral colors, preferably white.

7. Zig-zag Pattern

If you prefer a unique, modern look that can still help make the entire space look a bit larger, then you can try these creative zig-zag patterned curtains.

It can bring a very similar visual effect as any horizontal pattern, but in a more artistic and creative look that surely will be a great addition to attract everyone’s attention.

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