10 Best Farmhouse Floating Shelves for Bathroom

We reviewed 10 farmhouse floating shelves for bathroom, and here is the results. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 23rd, 2021

Wall mounted shelf or floating shelves is a versatile and multi-functional items that can works as a storage spaces yet also can help bring more decorative looks into any walls. This kind of shelves getting more and more popular not only because usually it’s more affordable than any regular shelves, but also can help homeowners with limited spaces to get more storage options in their home.

Best farmhouse floating shelves for bathroom
Farmhouse floating shelves for bathroom

Floating shelf can be installed anywhere in the house where you need some additional place to store any of your daily items. The most common place to put any floating shelves is in the bedroom, living room, hallway or even kitchen. But did you know that this kind of shelf can works as well in the bathroom? Yes, floating shelves can be a good addition for any bathroom as you can use it to put any toiletries, towel, or even bathroom decoration accessories to help make you bathroom looks more attractive.

Today, they are a lot of different varieties of floating shelves in the market that you can choose which ones that will fit into your bathroom design and decor style. In this article, we will try to help you by reviewing 10 best farmhouse style wall shelf that in our opinion is the best choice in the today’s market.

What to Consider before Buying Farmhouse Wall Shelves for Bathroom

Measure Spaces Available

Floating shelves come in different size, from the narrow into the wider ones. Before buying any shelves, it’s highly recommended for you to prepare and measure the available spaces in your wall where you want the shelf to be placed. Doing this can help you choose the one with the perfect size for your bathroom.

Prefer Waterproof Materials

As it will be placed in the bathroom, it’s better for you to prefer floating shelves that made using any waterproof materials. Metal can be the perfect choice for this. But if you already prepare some spaces in your bathroom that is relatively safe from the water, than you can have more freedom to choose whichever shelves that you like.

Maximum Weight that Shelves can Hold

Every different shelves had their own maximum weight limitation. If you are planning to put some heavy items on it, than make sure the shelves that you will buy can withstand the weight of those items.

One important thing is avoid use those shelves at it’s 100% weight capacity. For example, if you want to put a 30 lbs flower vases into the shelves, don’t choose the shelf with maximum weight capacity of 30 lbs, instead, looking for something with 40 or 50 lbs capacity. Using the shelves for it’s maximum load will significantly decrease it’s lifespan.

Choose Floating Shelves with Additional Feature for Bathroom

A specially designed floating shelves for bathroom usually comes with extra feature that is rarely seen in general floating shelves, such as hanger or towel bar. If you want to get a maximum benefit of your bathroom shelves, than it’s highly recommended that you choose the ones with those extra features. Not only it can give you more storage options, but also can help your bathroom looks more organized.

10 Best Farmhouse Floating Shelves for Bathroom

Without any further ado, here is our choice for 10 best farmhouse style bathroom floating shelves :

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Brown Farmhouse Wall Mounted Storage Shelves for – Set of 2

Made using high quality pine wood that is damp-proof and heat-resistant, this shelves became our number 1 recommendation on the list. It’s metal structure not only add some rustic touch, but also beneficial as protective guard. With towel holder that is removable, you can easily remove when it doesn’t needed.

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3-Tier Wooden Floating Shelf and Metal Brackets with Towel Bar

With sturdy metal mount in brackets, this shelves can be the best choice for you who need a shelves that can withstand any heavy items. It’s real wood also make this shelves is a great addition for any farmhouse decor.

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2 Tier Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelves with Distressed Iron Pipe Brackets and Towel Bar

If you want to add some industrial retro looks into your farmhouse bathroom, than this wall mounted shelves can be a great option for you. This item also will add a lot of extra storage options with its large 2 tier shelf that you can use to put any toiletries and other items.

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Small Gray Wood Farmhouse Style Bathroom Floating Shelves

For you who only had limited available spaces in your bathroom, that this one can be the best choice for you. Come with 2 different shelf size ( large : 16.5″ width x 5″ inch depth x 3.5″ inch height; small : 14″ width x 4″ depth x 3″ height) you can easily install this set of shelves without taking a lot of space.It’s torched wood will bring some farmhouse and country style ambient into your bathroom.

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Elegant Pine Wood Bathroom Shelves with Towel Bar and 5 Hooks

Created using a high quality pine wood materials, this floating shelves looks very stylish and elegant yet still bring farmhouse feels. This item also had 2 different built-in extra feature : Towel bar and 5 hooks, that bring more storage options and help you organize your bathroom easily.

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Farmhouse Brown Wooden Texture with Black Iron Brackets Shelf for Bathroom

This item can be a stunning addition to your bathroom where it’s not only give some extra storage options, but also works great as a decoration items thank’s to the combination of farmhouse style brown texture and black metal brackets. It’s compact size also make this shelves can be placed easily wherever you want without taking too much spaces.

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Industrial Farmhouse Wall Mounted Iron Water Pipe Shelf

Using high quality wood with waterproof finish make this shelves can be used anywhere in the bathroom. It’s water pipe brackets bring a beautiful combination of farmhouse and rustic industrial style. Can withstand up to 250 lbs weight for each shelf tier, this is the best choice for you who need a shelf to put some heavy items.

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Whitewashed Modern Farmhouse Style Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar

This unique modern design wall shelf can bring a lot of farmhouse vibe into any bathroom while still works great to provide some additional storage options with it’s 2 shelf and towel bar.

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3 Tiered Corner Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelves

Turn unused corner in your bathroom into something more functional yet decorative using this corner wall shelves. It’s 3 layer shelf bring a lot of storage spaces while it’s rustic farmhouse design can help make your bathroom looks much more unique and attractive.

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Wooden Floating Shelf with Towel Racks for Bathroom

This artistic shelf is using distressed wood that looks vintage, modern yet elegant. Perfect for store any toiletries or show of any decor items, this shelves also had built in towel racks that can be used to keep your bathroom neat and organized.

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