7 Best Floating Vanity Table for Small Bedroom

7 Gorgeous floating vanity table for small bedroom that can elevate any bedroom looks and functionality. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 25th, 2021

Homeowner with small bedroom often facing a difficult decision when choosing what furniture items will be placed in the bedroom, and oftentimes, vanity table is not on the priority list. However, for most woman, this table can be the most important ones.

If you think that vanity table is important and you can’t live without it, than there is some solution that can help when you doesn’t have enough space in your bedroom.

First, you can put the vanity table in other places rather than in the bedroom, such as in the bathroom. If you doesn’t have any spaces in your bedroom, but there is still some empty spaces available in the bathroom, that you can place it there.

Secondly, you can use a narrow vanity table where it doesn’t need a large space. Some vanity table even had only 15 inch width that surely will fit into any tight spaces in your bedroom. If you are interested with this approach, we have written an article about the best narrow vanity table.

Last but not least, you can using a floating wall mounted vanity table where it doesn’t take any floor spaces in your bedroom. If there is still some unused space in your bedroom wall, than you can use it to mount the vanity table. And here is 7 best wall mounted vanity table that we recommend :

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2-in-1 Wall Mount Vanity Mirror with 2 Removable Drawers

We highly recommend this item, not only because it’s compact size and wall mounted feature that make this dressing table is very versatile, but also because it’s modern design and elegant touch make this table looks very gorgeous. Furthermore, this table will offer an extra storage options for your bedroom with it’s 2 drawers that you can use to store any make up equipment and accessories.

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Floating Glossy White Wall Mounted Vanity Dressing Table

This floating table is a perfect choice for any bedroom with minimalist or contemporary style interior. It’s simple yet elegant looks with chic glossy finish make this item can be a stylish addition while still bringing a lot of extra functionality not only as a vanity table, but also works as a storage spaces where you can store any of your jewelry, accessories, or any other beauty products. Unfortunately, this item doesn’t include any built in mirror, so you should buy it separately.

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Multi-Function Wall Mounted Table with Large Storage Area

Choosing any versatility furniture items can bring a lot of benefits especially for small spaces. This table is one perfect example of the high versatility items, where it’s not only can be used for vanity table, but also works great as a reading table or even a computer desk. Moreover, this item can also give more storage options to your bedroom with it’s large storage area. Finally, with is fold up design make this table can easily be folded when not in use and that’s very important feature especially for small sized bedroom.

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Modern Stylish Compact Wall Mounted Vanity Table

This table looks gorgeous and can be a perfect addition to any teen or girls bedroom. With a quite large table area, this table also can be used as a reading or computer desk. It’s 3 different open shelves can be used not only to store any items, but also can be a perfect place to showcase some photos frame or any decor items.

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Wall-Mounted Vanity and Accessory Shelf for Makeup and Toiletries

With it’s compact size, this item can be a great options for anyone with very limited available spaces in their bedroom. This wall mounted table also can bring a lot of extra storage options with it’s drawer and open shelves.

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White Wall-Mounted Vanity Table with 1 Drawer and 2 Open Compartments

This multi-functional compartment table can be used for any different purposes, from computer desk, home office desk, reading/writing table, to a vanity table. With 3 different shelves and drawer, this table is a good choice for anyone who doesn’t only need a vanity table, but also require some additional storage spaces to keep their bedroom clean and organized.

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Drop-Leaf Vanity Table with Storage Shelves

It’s stylish and elegant design make this table not only works great as a table and storage, but also can bring more decorative looks into any bedroom. With a lot of different storage spaces, that not only can be used to store and organize any items, but also can works great to display any decor items or accessories to make your spaces looks much more attractive and beautiful.