The Best Greige Paint Colors in 2023 (Hottest Greige Paints of The Year!)

Say goodbye to the boring beige with these 12 amazing greige paint colors : bring fresh and modern looks to your home. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : April 21st, 2023

Without any doubt, neutral shades are the leader in the interior design and home decor world. Their versatility to blend with almost any decoration scheme and can fit easily with literally any other colors are some of the main reasons why these colors getting so much popularity. Not to mention that these colors can be a perfect canvas to let any brighter shades pop up and stand out beautifully.

However, most people may already feel boring with the common neutral like gray or beige, as those colors may look too mainstream. And that’s why a lot of homeowners tend to move on to the newest neutral trends: greige.

Greige is an awesome color that combines gray and beige. This color had the natural, earthy look of the beige with some elegant and modern twist of gray, resulting in an interesting neutral color that goes beyond the typical gray or beige.

If you are planning to repaint your space using greige, you are in the right place. Here in this post, we will share with you some of the best greige paint provided by 3 of the most popular paint brands: Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr.

Best Greige by Sherwin Williams

Agreeable Gray

Agreeable gray by sherwin williams
Best greige by sherwin williams agreeable gray
Living room with Agreeable Gray walls

If we had to pick one best of the best greige, then this is our answer.

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams shared a perfectly balanced amount of gray and beige, creating not only a soft yet elegant look but also a warm yet modern appearance.

On The Rocks

On the rocks by sherwin williams
Wall painted with on the rocks by sherwin williams
Living room with On The Rocks walls

If you are looking for a very light greige paint, then this can be the best option. On the rocks by Sherwin Williams looks very similar to any off-white or warm white color, thus it can be a great choice to brighten and lighten up any space.

This color also can become an ideal canvas if you want to bring some more intense accents to your space.

Repose Gray

Repose gray by sherwin williams
Wall painted with repose gray by sherwin williams
Living room with Repose Gray walls

For you who prefer a greige that tends to be grayer than beige, then this is one of the best options provided by Sherwin Williams.

Repose gray can also be seen as a warm gray, as it elevates a typical light gray using a hint of warmth, creating a calm and cozy color that is perfect for a modern contemporary decor style.

Dorian Gray

Dorian gray by sherwin williams
Wall painted with dorian gray by sherwin williams
Living room with Dorian Gray walls

Finally, for those who prefer the darker side of greige, we highly recommend this awesome Dorian Gray. This color had a unique combination of boldness with a soft and calm appearance, making it an interesting choice that can lift and bring your interior space to the next level.

This color can also work really well inside any space that had a lot of light or bright furniture, helping them to stand out beautifully.

Best Greige by Benjamin Moore

Pale Oak

Pale oak by benjamin moore
Best greige by benjamin moore pale oak
Living room with Pale Oak walls

When it comes to Benjamin Moore, this is one of the most perfectly balanced greiges. Its ultra neutral looks make this Pale Oak can fit into literally any decor style and can be used within any color scheme.

It had enough brightness to easily light up your space, while at the same time having a strong neutral warm vibe to make your interior feel more comfy and homey.

Barely There

Barely there by benjamin moore
Wall painted with barely there by benjamin moore
Living room with Barely There walls

Barely there is one of the lightest greige from Benjamin Moore’s collection. It looks like a white with a slight hint of greige, making this color a better alternative to any off-white or warm white.

And based on our experience, barely there can works really well not only when it’s combined with another neutral – creating a soft, comforting monochromatic look, but also when it is paired with vibrant or bold colors.

Balboa Mist

Balboa mist by benjamin moore
Wall painted with balboa mist by benjamin moore
Living room with Balboa Mist walls

Balboa mist by Benjamin Moore had a stronger beige rather than gray, thus this color can be a perfect alternative to any typical beige.

So, if you are currently using beige for your wall paint and want to refresh it without totally changing the vibe of your entire space, then you can try using this awesome paint.

Revere Pewter

Revere pewter by benjamin moore
Wall painted with revere pewter by benjamin moore
Living room with Revere Pewter walls

This is another most popular greige by Benjamin Moore. A lot of interior designers and homeowners had shown exceptional design using revere pewter as a base.

The main reason for its outstanding looks is the perfect mixture of beige with strong gray undertones, making this color bring plenty of earthy natural looks complimented with an intense elegance.

Best Greige Paint by Behr

Sculptor Clay

Sculptor clay by behr
Best greige by behr sculptor clay
Living room with Sculptor Clay walls

Let’s moved on to the next paint brand: Behr. From a lot of different greige variants by Behr, sculptor clay is one of our favorite.

This paint tends to be on the beige side rather than gray, thus it had a strong warmth ambiance that can be very useful to create a welcoming and inviting ambiance. And that’s why we love to use this paint color for our living room projects.

Ginger Sugar

Ginger sugar by behr
Wall painted using ginger sugar by behr
Living room with Ginger Sugar walls

This is another greige that had stronger beige rather than gray but comes in very light and bright hues.

This color also looks very similar to creamy yellow, with a much softer and neutral ambiance, and that’s why you can use the ginger sugar to create a fun yet calm space.


Pumice by behr
Wall painted with pumice by behr
Living room with Pumice walls

On contrary, this pumice by Behr goes more in the gray direction rather than beige, and that’s why it looks perfectly elegant and can fit easily into a modern-themed interior.

Pumice also can be a great option if you are looking for a cool-toned greige to neutralize and balanced out your overly warmth space.

True Taupewood

True taupewood by behr
Wall painted with true taupewood by behr
Living room with True Taupewood walls

This color may be categorized as taupe or light brown, but it can also still be considered as a dark greige. And since the True Taupewood gives strong brown hues, you can get all of the earthy glam touches as any typical brown, but in a softer and much more neutral appearance.

This color can also be a great option if you are looking for a wall paint color to create a bold yet soft accent wall.

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