12 Best Headboard with Storage in 2021

12 Best headboard with built in storage spaces that is perfect for any small bedroom. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 19th, 2021

Lack of storage space is a typical problem that often happen in a small size bedroom. There are a lot of different tricks that you can do to solve this problem, and one of the most favorite ones is by using a multi-functional furniture that not only working for it’s basic purpose, but also serve for another additional functions – including as a storage spaces.

For a small bedroom, there is a lot of this kind of furniture that is popular and widely used, such as bed platform with storage or chair with storage.

If you think that you’ve already use all of the possible multi-functional furniture for your bedroom and feels that there are no more opportunity to expand your bedroom storage capacity, than you might be missing this one.

Yes, today there are a lot of creative furniture manufacturer that created an unique headboard that come with built in storage spaces. If you haven’t used this kind of headboard, than it’s a good chance to add more storage options to your limited bedroom space by replacing your existing typical headboard with a new ones that had extra storage space.

In this article, we compile the list of 12 best headboard that comes with extra storage spaces and share our review and though of every items on the list based on our experience as we’ve already tried and used some of them in our bedroom design project. And here they are :

Best Twin Headboard with Storage

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Stylish Blueberry Finish Headboard with 3 Drawers by South Shore

This item is a perfect example of a great multi-functional furniture. It has a stylish and elegant design, while at the same time bring more additional feature with it’s shelves.

Made using recycled engineered wood, this headboard is quite solid and sturdy, and that’s why the manufacturer confidently offers 5 years warranty.

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Shoal Creek Bookcase Twin Headboard with Diamond Ash finish

With plenty of storage options, this beautiful headboard can be a perfect addition especially for any kids or teenager bedroom. It’s adjustable shelves make it easier to adjust the height that you need, while the drawers can be a perfect place to store any essential items.

From the design perspective, this item can bring a fresh looks into your space with it’s simple yet stylish design. For the best results, use this headboard in a bedroom with nursery or minimalist style decor.

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County Line Bookcase Twin Headboard with Estate Black Finish

If you had a small bedroom with rustic or retro style, than this headboard can match perfectly with your bedroom decor. It’s estate black finish will make this headboard looks elegant and will stand out inside any bedroom.

Although it’s shelves aren’t adjustable, it’s still spacious enough to give you a plenty of spaces to put any books or nighttime essentials within your reach.

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South Shore Twin Bookcase Headboard with Soft Gray & Pure White Finish

This gray headboard has a simple design but looks gorgeous thank’s to the combinations of soft gray and pure white finish. With 5 different storage spaces that can hold up to 10 lbs for each shelf, this headboard can be a smart choice for any small bedroom.

Unfortunately, this headboard can’t be used in most metal frame. For the best results, you can combine this headboard with the bed platform form the same collection from South Shore.

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Simple Minimalist Twin Storage Headboard

If you are looking for a beautiful headboard with additional storage space for your kids bedroom, than this item can be a great option for you. It’s simple, clean and minimal design is perfect for any kids or nursery bedroom.

With two large open shelves and one top shelf where you can put a lot of different items there, this headboard can be a great addition especially when you are lack of storage spaces inside the bedroom.

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Prepac Twin Headboard with 4 Side Compartment and Open Shelf

This tall headboard offers a lot of storage options that can be used to store any nighttime essentials or even for displaying some decor items to help make it looks more attractive.

It’s black glossy finishes make this headboard looks stylish and classy. Although this headboard made especially for kids bedroom, this item can be used as well for any adult room.

Best Queen Headboard with Storage

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Full/Queen Bookcase Headboard Cherry Wood

While most of the space-saving furniture are more concerned about maximizing storage spaces and give less attention to the design, this item is among a few of exceptions.

With elegant stylish design and gorgeous wood laminate finish, this queen size headboard can be a great finishing touch for your bedroom while at the same time bring a lot of extra additional storage.

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Memomad Bali White Queen Headboard

While most of the headboard with storage function offers an open storage area, this items using a different approach. All of the compartment in this headboard use swing door that can be very useful to make your space looks clean and organized. And those compartment offers a lot of space where you can put almost anything there, from bed linen, books, blanked and more.

From the design perspective, this headboard is quite simple, and doesn’t have the best design and style. But if you are needed more functions than the looks, than this item is perfect for you.

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South Shore Headboard with Shelf-Full/Queen-Soft Elm

For you who are using a minimalist or contemporary style design for your bedroom, than this headboard can be a perfect choice for you. It’s beautiful wooden finishes is perfect especially when combined with white wall paint, and at the same time will bring some natural feels in modern ways to your bedroom.

Although there isn’t too much storage space in this headboard compared to another items in this list, it’s plenty enough to put any small items such as clock, book or phone within reach when you wake up.

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Functional Bookcase Storage Headboard – Queen, White

With 3 large compartment, this headboard can be a perfect choice for you who need a lot of bedtime necessities within your fingertips.

It’s stunning modern design finishes with glossy white finish, this headboard will works best for any modern, contemporary or minimalist bedroom design.

Best King Headboard with Storage

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Prepac District King Headboard – Washed Black

King bed usually placed in a large or master bedroom, so storage space oftentimes won’t be any problem. But sometimes, a lot of people still need a headboard with storage to make it easier to reach any important items even when they have plenty of another available storage space inside their bedroom. If you are one of them, than this Prepac black king headboard can be a perfect choice for you.

With elegant black wood laminate finish that created a high-end look that is needed for any king size bed, this headboard can be blend easily with any bedroom design style.

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Bowery Hill King Bookcase Headboard in Espresso

For a king size bed, a luxurious headboard is a must. And this item is a perfect example of that kind of headboards that come with additional 11″ deep storage spaces that can be used for a lot of different needs.

Although this headboard using wood finishes, it’s still can be used in any various interior design style, from classic to modern ones. This can be achieved thank’s to it’s elegant glossy espresso finishes that is very versatile and easily blend with any other furniture.

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