15 Best Narrow Cabinet for Small Spaces

Need more storage for your limited spaces? Here we recommend 15 best narrow cabinet for small spaces. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : March 17th, 2021

One of the most problem that homeowner with small spaces facing is limited storage spaces. Having decent amount of storage is very essential to keep the home organized and cluttered, that will help make your home to be a comfortable place to relax and spend time with families.

There are a lot of solution for this problem, such as using floating shelves, furniture with storage, or using storage cabinet that specially designed for small spaces.

Best narrow cabinet for small spaces
Narrow cabinet in tight spaces

We already covered about floating shelves and furniture with storage that you can read and check out if you want to try those method. And now, here in this article we will try to give you some ideas for narrow storage cabinet that will fit perfectly into any small spaces.

One question that often asked is how “narrow” is a cabinet that can be called a narrow cabinet? Well, the answer for this question will be different for each home. For this article, we limit those cabinet with under 20 inch wide, the conservative number that we think the most ideal ones for any room without much spaces available.

What to Consider Before Buying Narrow Cabinet

Before buying any narrow cabinet, here is some thing that you should consider to make sure you choose the perfect one to solve your lack of storage problems in your home :

Measure Spaces Available in Your Room

Narrow cabinet available in many different size, to make sure you buy the one that will fit into your home is by measure available spaces where you want to put this cabinet.

In this case, you should measure not only the available width, but also the height, since narrow storage cabinet usually come in tall size to maximize the storage functions. That’s why it’s important to know how the maximum height limit for the storage cabinet.

Know What Kind of Items will be Placed in The Cabinet

Another important thing to consider is what kind of item that you will put in those cabinet. You can measure and estimate how big storage spaces that you need from the cabinet. For example, if you have some tall items to put into the storage, that you need a storage with tall shelves. Another example is that if you need to put some small objects such as jewelry or accessories, than you need a storage cabinet that had a built in drawer.

Mind Your Room Decor Style

Today’s narrow cabinet not only works as a storage, but also works as a decorative furniture that can add some style to your room. That’s why choose the one that match your room decor style is important. Fortunately, today there are a lot of different cabinet style available in the market, so you will easily buy the ones that will blend perfectly with your room interior style.

15 Best Narrow Cabinet in 2020

let’s get started, here are 10 best narrow cabinet in 2020 that will add more storage and style into any small sized room.

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Elegant 16″ Narrow Cabinet in White Finish

This elegant cabinet had a compact size that can fit into any narrow area. With fresh white durable finish that brings an elegant looks, this narrow cabinet will be a great addition for any room with contemporary or minimalist style.

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Narrow Vertical Dresser Storage Tower Espresso Brown

This cabinet is our best affordable choice for you who had a limited budget. With sturdy steel frame, this small cabinet can hold any heavy items. Available in more than 12 different color choice, you can easily choose the ones that will fit into your room decorating style.

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Elegant Narrow Tall Cabinet with
Decorative Louvered Door

For you who need to maximize your narrow space in your home, than this one is the perfect choice. With only 15 inch wide that can be easily fit into a tight spaces, this cabinet had a large storage area with adjustable 5-tier shelves. Thus, it’s decorative louvered door will bring an elegant classical looks into your home.

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Cabinet Storage Organizer Set with Drawer and Single Shutter Door Wooden White

With only 11.8 inch wide, this is one of the most slim cabinet in this list. For you who had no more than 12 inch spaces available in your room, than this one can be the perfect choice for you. Another advantage of this item is it’s crisp white finish combined with clean lines make this wooden cabinet looks simple yet elegant that can blend well with any different interior decor style.

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Multifunctional Storage Cabinet with 3 Tier Shelf

For you who need a cabinet not only to store your item, but also to display or show off some of your decoration items, photos, and other things, than this cabinet can do those job for you. With 3 tier open shelves that not only offer plenty of spaces but also great for displaying any items, this 15.8 inch wide country style cabinet can maximize any limited spaces to be more attractive and functional.

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Stylish Black Narrow Cabinet with Door, Drawer and 2 Corn Husk Baskets

One of the advantage of this cabinet is it’s versatility with a lot of different kind of storage spaces, from closed shelf, drawer, open shelf, and baskets that will make it easier for you to organize any different items into this cabinet. Available in black wooden finish, this cabinet will bring stylish classical looks into your room.

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Free Standing Tower Storage Cabinet Space Saving Floor Organizer Rack

With only 13.5 inch wide, this modern country style tall cabinet can fit neatly into limited spaces or corner and bring a lot of ample storage spaces by utilizing vertical spaces to create a smaller floor footprint. It’s open shelves can be a great display spaces while it’s drawer and cabinet can be used for any hidden storage.

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Tall Narrow Storage Cabinet

With water resistant white finish, this tall narrow cabinet can be placed anywhere in your room, from bedroom, living room, even in the bathroom. It’s stylish natural finish also make this 16 inch wide cabinet can blend with any room decor style. Available in 3 different color choice : white, gray and black, you can easily choose which color that goes well with your other furniture items.

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Slim Space Saving Walnut Brown Shelf with Adjustable Shelves

What do you think 6 inch spaces in your home can be? Well, it can be used for store a lot of your items and help you organize your home by using this very slim cabinet. Yes, with only 6 inch wide, this cabinet can easily fit into any narrow spaces with easy!

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Free Standing Storage Cabinet Tower with 5 Adjustable Shelves & Cupboard

With one door and 5 layer shelf, make this cabinet provide a convenient storage in a compact spaces, thank’s to it’s 11.8 inch wide. Furthermore, it’s adjustable shelf can help you adjust each shelf to suit your storage needs easily.

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Wooden Stylish Multipurpose Cabinet with Two Adjustable Shelves and Single Sliding Drawer

For you who want some stylish modern or Scandinavian style narrow cabinet, than this one can be the perfect solution for you. It’s white and wooden finish combination bring fresh yet stylish looks into any room. With only 12 inch wide, you can easily placed this narrow cabinet wherever you want.

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Storage Narrow Storage Cabinet Cobblestone finish

This slim design cabinet with gray cobblestone finish not only works great to add more storage options to your home, but also bring some stylish, classic yet elegant looks into your room.

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Vintage Gray Linen Cabinet

Made using pine wood with birch veneer, this narrow cabinet will be a great addition for any vintage style room. It’s cottage style doors and detailing also add more depth and farmhouse looks into this cabinet while still bring a spacious storage without taking much of your precious spaces.

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Narrow Slim Rolling Storage Cart Cabinet

This contemporary modern design rack provide a lot of storage in minimal spaces. It’s rolling functions also can be beneficial when you need to readjust or move this cabinet into another places. With compact 7 inch wide, this item can easily fit into any narrow spaces.

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Bookshelf Square Storage Cabinet 4-Cube Organizer

Our last item in this list is this narrow cabinet that is perfect for a bookshelf. With large open shelf and drawer, this elegant style shelf is not only ideal for store any of your items, but also works great to show off or display your decorative or meaningful items.