13 Best Navy Blue and White Rugs (Curated by Our Expert)

13 Excellent navy and white area rugs to boost the elegance of your home Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 1st, 2023

The area rug is one essential item that can easily have a big impact on any space. Even for some people, any room without a rug is incomplete and looks like something is missing.

Furthermore, a rug can be used in many different ways. Some homeowners love to use it to tie up and blend many different elements around it by choosing any soft, light, or neutral area rug, other people tend to use the rugs as a centerpiece by incorporating any rug with dark, strong, or bold shade. And when it comes to dark shades, navy is one of the most popular options among other bold choices.

Without any doubt, a navy rug can easily add an intense elegant look and make an instant impact to enhance any space. And unlike any similar dark blue shades, the navy had a strong gray tone that kept it looking much more neutral. Thus, it’s quite easy to blend navy rug inside any color scheme.

In our years of experience decorating a lot of different projects, we have tried dozens of different navy rugs. Today, we will compile 13 navy blue and white rugs that we objectively think are the best choices that you can buy to enhance and upgrade the visual appearance of your home. Without further ado, let’s get started :

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Navy Handmade Dotted Border Wool Area Rug by Safavieh

Handmade dotted border navy and white rug
Handmade dotted border navy and white rug

When it comes to navy rugs, this is one of our favorites. With its simple yet stylish design, this rug will be a perfect choice to bring an elegant modern accent to your room.

Using plush, thick premium wool, this rug is not only very soft and comfy but also has a stylish and luxurious feel.

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Navy and White Border Area Rug by Homegnome

Elegant navy blue and white area rug
Elegant navy blue and white area rug

This is another simple yet trendy and modern navy rug that will perfectly fit any modern or contemporary interior. Its dominant navy pattern makes this rug stand out easily, while its white border pattern creates a beautiful contrast and helps create a perfect color balance.

And since this rug is protected by anti-UV compounds, you can use it not only indoor but also for outdoor space.

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Nordic Style Diamond Pattern Navy and White Rug by Well Woven

Nordic style navy blue and white rug
Nordic style navy blue and white rug

This rug perfectly combines the stunning navy color with Nordic, Scandinavian white patterns, resulting in an awesome and stylish rug that will spark a Scandinavian feel to your home.

Even though the navy color is quite intense, the clean minimalist pattern helps balance it out and makes this rug look aesthetically pleasing.

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Abstract Modern Striped Navy and White Rug by Diagona

Abstract striped navy blue and white area rug
Abstract striped navy blue and white area rug

A Striped patterned rug is quite mainstream, but this rug takes it to the next level by combining it with a beautiful abstract pattern.

Furthermore, the elegant combinations between the navy shade with white create stunning looks that will easily turn any boring room into a more attractive and interesting one.

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Navy and White Wave Plush Area Rug by Safavieh

Wave style navy blue and white rug
Wave style navy blue rug

This rug is designed beautifully to be a centerpiece for any space. Its bold navy color is complemented by dynamic wave pattern white accents, creating a stunning fashionable visual appearance.

Additionally, its wave pattern will easily make any boring spaces become more lively.

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Contemporary Navy and White Accent Rug by nuLoom

Contemporary modern style navy and white rug
Contemporary modern style rug

For you who are looking for a navy blue and white rug with a strong pattern, then this can be a great choice for you.

This rug will be a great addition to any modern or contemporary bedroom or living room, and thanks to its bold pattern, this rug will easily attract everyone’s attention.

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Modern Geometric Style Navy and White Rug by Jonathan Y

Geometric pattern navy blue and white area rug
Geometric pattern navy blue and white area rug

This awesome rug mixes the beauty of mid-century modern patterns in an elegant, contemporary style color scheme, producing a versatile and sophisticated area rug.

We love to use this rug to accentuate and bring some beautiful texture to any room that tends to be boring and lacks surprising elements.

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Modern Transitional Geometric Navy Area Rug by Adiva

Geometric navy and white rug
Geometric navy and white rug

This rug can be a great choice for any room, whether you are using it to bring bold navy accents or to compliment other navy elements throughout the space.

Its geometric pattern is quite simple and, to be honest, pretty mainstream, but since it comes with astonishing and elegant colors, this rug can be an interesting addition to complete your decorating projects.

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Navy and White Moroccan Trellis Area Rug by Ottomanson

Navy moroccan trellis rug
Navy moroccan trellis rug

In most cases, classic and navy aren’t going well together, but this rug is a different story.

Its timeless, classic Moroccan trellis pattern mixes beautifully with the elegant navy, creating a versatile design that literally can fit into any decor scheme, from classic, traditional to modern ones.

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White and Navy Artistic Geometric Area Rug by Keen Home Design

White rug with geometric navy accents
White rug with geometric navy accents

This rug is quite opposite to most of the rugs on this list, as it had more dominant white elements rather than navy.

However, even though the navy patterns only come as an accent, they still provide plenty of elegance that mixes beautifully with the sleek and crisp white, creating a bright, outstanding rug that will blend easily with any furniture around or above it.

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Contemporary Wave Print White and Navy Rug by Abani

White and navy wave style area rug
White and navy wave style area rug

This is another great alternative for you who prefer any rug with more white elements rather than the navy. Its simple yet beautiful and artistic navy pattern brings a unique look that makes this rug a great option to accentuate any space stylishly.

You can also this rug as a perfect base for any navy furnishings such as a navy couch or navy bed, as the rug will blend flawlessly with them without making the navy connections become overly dominating the entire space.

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Oriental Medallion Style Navy Area Rug by Safavieh

Classic oriental navy blue and white rug
Classic oriental navy blue and white rug

If you are looking for a navy and white rug to bring some traditional accents to your space, then this is one that we highly recommend.

With a classic oriental medallion style pattern, this gorgeous rug will easily enhance and compliment any furniture items above it, and furthermore, wrap them up in a glam and luxurious vibe.

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Modern Transitional Floral Navy and White Rug by Adiva

Floral navy and white area rug
Floral navy area rug

Combining beautiful floral design with bold colors, this rug can be a great addition not only to add a strong accent but at the same time visually enrich your interior space.

To get the best results, you can mix this gorgeous rug with some neutral items such as ivory or white couches.