Best Paint Color for Small Bathroom

Wall paint color ideas for small bathroom Written by : Editors | Last Updated : December 12th, 2022

The colors you choose for your small bathroom can have a significant effect on the mood of the space. You can create a variety of moods for the space using the right color scheme. An energizing and bright or a calm and relaxing spa-like vibe can be achieved, here’s what you need to know to pick the right paint colors for a small bathroom:

  • Choose your mood– You may prefer a serene or invigorating space for your bathroom. Using a combination of different colors can help you create your intended mood for the space.
  • Maintain color continuity– Sometimes using too many colors in a small bathroom can make it look odd or overwhelming. A variety of shades of the same color can be used rather than using many different colors. Maintaining color continuity can make the bathroom appear larger and more sophisticated.
  • Use neutral colors– Incorporating neutrals in your color palette can create the right balance when using dark or bright colors. A mix and much of such colors with neutrals like off-white can prevent the space from looking flat or boring.
  • Introduce color in accessories– Everyone visualizes walls when thinking of color. However, adding color through accessories like curtains, décor pieces, and artwork creates a striking effect without overdoing it on the walls. colorful accessories can also help you make your paint color choice for the small bathroom easier.
  • Consider the trim color– Your stained or painted trim affects the color palette of your small bathroom. It’s crucial to think about how the colors will complement the trim, especially when choosing colors for large elements like walls and flooring.

Here are the 7 best paint colors for remodelling or refreshing your small bathroom walls.

7 Best Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms


Small bathroom with off-white walls
Small bathroom with off-white walls

If you want a color, a tone slightly warmer than classic white for your walls, off-white is the best option.

This bright hue lightens the darkening effects of artificial lights. Using textures in furniture like wood and metal as well as patterns in accessories adds life to the small bathroom.

Since off-white lacks the blue undertones of many whites, it offers a subtle look and reflects light well without making the room feel too stark.  

Warm Gray

Small bathroom with warm gray walls
Small bathroom with warm gray walls

Warm gray is always a winner for walls. This neutral is perfect to elevate and modernize any space including small bathrooms. It is easy to pair warm gray with existing bathroom fixtures since it goes well with other hues as well.

This inviting hue has just enough warmth to create the illusion of light without making the bathroom feel even smaller. This soothing gray adds richness to the bathroom.

Light Blue

Small bathroom with light blue walls
Small bathroom with light blue walls

The list of paint colors for a small bathroom remains incomplete without mentioning light blue. This colorful neutral is pale and illuminating which evokes feelings of summer skies.

This gentle blue is perfect for a spa-like bathroom and when combined with accessories that complement the color, it creates an interesting space. For a cozy, coastal small bathroom, this paint color is just the makeover your walls need.


Small bathroom with sage walls
Small bathroom with sage walls

Using this lovely shade of green reminds a visitor of leaves and plants lending a meditative vibe to the space.

Sage green creates a stunning backdrop for small bathroom walls where layers of color and textures can be introduced that adds visual interest to the space. It can be paired with a variety of colorful accessories making it a versatile color.

This paint color creates a relaxing atmosphere.


Small bathroom with beige walls
Small bathroom with beige walls

Beige can make your small bathrooms look larger effortlessly. This true neutral creates a calming effect and can be paired with almost everything from other neutrals to colors with the name ‘rusty or burnt.’

Beige is the best way to ground a room and add definition to a small bathroom without going for an all-white one.

Walls that are painted beige look elegant and give a soothing, desert-like feel that helps create the popular farmhouse-style interior.

Light Yellow

Small bathroom with light yellow walls
Small bathroom with light yellow walls

The warm tones of light yellow, make the room feel more inviting as it brightens up a small or windowless bathroom.

It warms up rooms with not enough sunlight refreshing a small bathroom appearance. Light yellow offers homeowners the space to play creatively and integrate multiple colors in a bathroom.

It is a cheery color that can help create a casual or sophisticated interior space.  

Mint Green

Small bathroom with mint green walls
Small bathroom with mint green walls

A mint green bathroom adds levity and personality to a rather boring space. Painting your walls in mint green can bring energy and freshness to the small bathroom.

Besides that, it counteracts any darkening effects in the room with its brightening capacity bringing the space to life.

This color has surprising versatility and can be paired with cabinets, towels, or any other décor easily.

When choosing the wall paint color for a small bathroom, you should consider a variety of design elements including light fixtures, bathmats, shower curtains, hand towels, and other decorative items.

Since the bathroom is small in size, mixing, and matching neutrals, and bright and dark colors are important to bring out the style.

Our paint color ideas for a small bathroom are a great guide to help you achieve the look you want to create for your space.  

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