Best Place for TV in Living Room

Having difficulties to determine where to put TV in your living room? Here in this article we will show you the best place to put your TV in living room.

Where is The Best Place to put TV in the Living Room?

One major task in homes and most new homes is the setting up of your television set In the living room. It has to be incorporated in such a way that it shouldn’t be the main focal point in the living room.

Best place for TV in living room

The living room has to be designed in a special manner in which furniture and other home appliances should be well arranged. It is the most visited room in a house and has to be created in a beautiful and attractive manner.

So, I will give you few best tips on where and how to place tv in your living room.

1. Setup shelves

A good way to start is to get shelves that are bigger than your television, you then place the television in the middle. To add more fancy to the shelf, you should place design items around it to make it more presentable. Doing it this way will make it more noticeable or visible by your visitors.

2. Frame the television to the wall

Placing your television to the wall will help you save a great deal of space for a long time, it is one of the best if not the best way to set up your tv in the living room. It reduces the expenses that most definitely would be spent on shelves and other expensive appliances.

However, there is a way to make your television look great while it’s hanging on the wall. All you will need to do is purchase a frame that is large enough to fit around the television, thereby making it look like a large piece of artwork. The overall size of the frame itself depends on your personal preference. It can either fit snugly around the television set or it can be bigger than the television set.

A unique way to make your television look audacious or bold is to buy a frame that is bigger than the television. The television will be in the middle of it, trust me that would be beautiful.

3. Gallery Artwork/Pictures

When your tv is hung on the wall, I would advise your design around it with beautiful artworks and pictures. Historical, cultural, artifacts and other family pictures should be around it. It will make a whole lot of sense, everything would just be placed on the wall

That above will give your living room a good and comfortable appearance, space would be vacant to place things. Visitors also wouldn’t be bored when sitting in the living room because they would be busy with your gallery.

4. Avoid the effect of sunlight

Your tv should be placed in a place that is far from sunrays. It would make watching of the tv difficult, it could even affect some tv screens in the process. Some persons may say they want to feel the effect of fresh air and even sun

You can solve that by placing your tv on the far side of the window to avoid sun rays and a better view.

5. Make your tv a focal point

There shouldn’t be cases where you will need to stress your neck or feel uncomfortable when watching tv or visitors hardly noticing your tv. It all depends on your house settings, your placement of the tv should be direct and visible enough to see.

It shouldn’t be too high or too low to the ground, make it a focal point in your sitting room.

Everything can be perfect through adequate planning. The tv is very pivotal in your living room as it helps in relaxation, it’s fun and it brings family and loved ones together.

So place it well in the living room to avoid any form of future problems.