Best Place for TV in Living Room

Having difficulties to determine where to put TV in your living room? Here in this article we will show you the best place to put your TV in living room. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : March 21st, 2021

Where is The Best Place to put a TV in the Living Room?

One task that seems easy but in fact, it’s actually tricky when setting up a new home is to set up your television set in the living room. Wrong placement not only will make you can’t fully enjoy watching it but also it can ruin the entire room’s appearance. As a non-decorative object, your work would be much harder as it will be quite difficult to incorporate the tv to be blended seamlessly with any other objects around it.

Best place for TV in living room

The living room has to be designed in a special way where every piece of furniture and other home appliances should work together. As the most visited room in a house, it’s very essentials to make it not only well arranged but also look attractive and beautiful.

Here in this article, we will give you few best tips on where and how you can place and set up your tv in the living room.

1. Using Shelves

A good way to start is to use shelves. Any kind of shelves can work but suggest using the ones that are wider than your Tv. For much better results, you can buy shelves that are specially designed for a Tv, or create a custom one that will perfectly fit into your space.

Using entertainment shelves also can bring a lot of extra benefits. First, your entire entertainment wall will look neat and well organized. Second, you will have additional storage spaces to put and organize any items and accessories.

2. Mount it on The Wall

This approach can be a great option especially for homeowners who don’t have a lot of available spaces in their living room. This approach also quite more affordable rather than using shelves or tv stand cabinets.

If you prefer this particular way to place your tv, there are some important things that should be considered to get the best results.

First, make sure to hang the tv at the right height. The ideal height for mounting tv in the wall is around 55 to 65 inches, and the exact numbers depend on the size of your tv and your seating configurations. The larger the Tv, the higher is better. The same goes with your seating, if your couch is quite far from the Tv then you should mount it high, but in a small space where the seating is close, low placement will work better.

Another important thing to consider is to hide all of the exposed cables. This can be done easily by using conceal cable cover. By doing this, your entertainment wall will look clean and well organized, and this will make it feels more elegant.

Last but not least, sometimes mounting the tv in the empty wall can be quite awkward. To overcome this, we suggest putting some decoration around it to make it feel a bit more alive. For the best results, we love to create a custom frame to wrap the tv area and make it look separated from other parts of the walls.

Frame around mounted tv

3. Put it on The Corner

Similar to the previous ones, this can be a great approach for any homeowners with limited space in their living space. So, rather than placing the tv in the precious area that can be used for other more important things or furniture, you can put your tv in the corner that most of the time abandoned.

Years ago, it would be very difficult to place a tv perfectly in the corner, but thank’s to the innovative design, this job become so much easier today. You can find a lot of different corner tv stands on the market that will perfectly fit in your corner space where you can put your tv on. If you prefer to mount it on the wall, you can use a corner tv bracket.

Important Things You Should Consider when Placing a Tv in Living Room

1. Avoid the Effect of Sunlight

Your tv should be placed in a place that is not getting direct sunlight, in another word, don’t place it facing or near the windows. The direct sunlight would make your tv watching experience become unenjoyable, even worse, in long run, it can potentially damage your tv screen.

2. Don’t Forget to Decorate Around It

One big mistake that a lot of homeowners do is after set up their tv, they forgot to decorate or enhance the area around them. This mistake will make the tv feel awkward and can ruin the appearance of the entire living area.

Decorating around tv doesn’t mean that you should put any fancy accessories or a bunch of expensive decoration items. In most cases, just some additional touch can bring a lot of difference.

3. Make Your Tv a Focal Point

There shouldn’t be cases where you will need to stress your neck or feel uncomfortable when watching tv or visitors hardly noticing your tv. It all depends on your house settings, your placement of the tv should be direct and visible enough to see.

It shouldn’t be too high or too low to the ground, make it a focal point in your sitting room.

Everything can be perfect through adequate planning. The tv is very pivotal in your living room as it helps in relaxation, it’s fun and it brings family and loved ones together.

So place it well in the living room to avoid any form of future problems.