10 Round Wall Shelves That’ll Bring Stylish Curves to Your Space

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 18th, 2024

Today, simple and minimalist wall shelves are the most popular options that are used by a lot of homeowner in their home. Sometimes, we feel bored when seeing a room with the same or similar minimalist wall shelves when visiting our friends or relatives, do you feel the same?

If you want something more unique, artistic, and most importantly, not mainstream, then going for round-shape ones can be a great choice.

Round wall shelves

A lot of people didn’t know that today, there are a lot of different options available for this round style wall shelves that are unique and beautiful.

If you want to amaze your visitor with attractive shelves, here in this article we will share with you the 10 best round style floating wall shelves that not only work great to be a centerpiece of your wall but also can function well in storage or display your favorite items.

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Rustic Style Decorative Wall Shelf

With rustic looks that still feel warm and charming, thanks to the combination of torched finished wood and iron metal frame, this round shelves can be a perfect choice to make use of your empty wall spaces. Its 3 different tiers can be good extra storage spaces that you can use to organize or show off your favorite items.

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Modern White and Gold Wall Shelf

This option can bring a lot of contemporary glamorous looks into your spaces with its gorgeous white and gold finish combination. With a 24-inch diameter, this can be a good choice to add more storage options to your home.

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Rustic Metal Mesh Floating Wall Shelf with Wood and Galvanized Iron

If you are using rustic industrial decor for your interior, then this can be the perfect choice for you. Its unique mesh metal style brings a bold retro vibe while the 3 different wooden layers can be a great place to display your items. Come with a sturdy structure, you can even use it to place any heavy items.

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Simple Graywash Round Wood Wall Shelves

With a unique graywash finish, these option complement a farmhouse twist in modern looks that pair beautifully and can be a great addition to lift any empty wall space in your room. Furthermore, its unique t-shape shelf looks gorgeous and artistically adjusted to make this item look creative and stylish.

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Contemporary Round Iron Wall Shelves

With a contemporary modern style, this item brings a lot of storage options with its 4 multi-level shelves that can be used to organize any household or decoration items. These round wall shelves are very versatile as you can use them in any different interior design style.

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Beautiful Rustic-Inspired Round Wall Shelf with Metal and Wood

Bringing a rustic vibe with a vintage touch, these items have a compact size that can be used without taking up too much space on your wall. The round distressed metal also adds some farmhouse looks to these shelves. This beautiful option can be used to display any small objects such as succulent planters, photo frames, or small vases.

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Set of 2 Modern Glam Style Round Floating Shelf

With a striking modern glam look, this pair of shelves can be a great option to become a focal point for any wall. Come in 2 different sizes, and you can arrange them in any way that you like to make them blend perfectly with other wall decor items.

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Round Rustic Style Wall Shelves with Iron Mesh, Set of 3

Come with 3 different pieces, you can use your own creativity to arrange them to achieve the looks that you want. The iron mesh can bring a lot of rustic effects, while its shadow boxes style will perfectly highlight your personal treasures.

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Hanging Rope Round Metal Wood Barrel Shelf

With hanging rope style, this round metal shelf can blend perfectly with any coastal, rustic, or industrial room decor style. Its metal wood barrel design brings unique and attractive looks that can be a great addition to the living room or bedroom wall.

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Industrial Style Barrel Design Wall Shelf

This round shelves is designed beautifully combining a rustic look on its metal barrel design, and a charming feel with its natural wood. With a quite large size (34.5-inch diameter), this item can be a great option for you who need an item that can give a lot of extra storage space in a stylish way.