Best Rug for Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Check out these amazing rugs that will fit beautifully inside any mid-century modern living room. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : December 29th, 2021

While some people may think that mid-century modern design is outdated, we actually think the opposite. In fact, we tend to prefer this approach rather than some currently trending style that in most cases, can easily look boring.

And this is very contradictive with the timeless appearance of the mid-century style, so you don’t need to think about redesigning your interior for years to come.

One of the main reason for this long-lasting beauty is the composition of many different organic materials that comes in a stylish and sleek design. Thus, the mid-century style interior will have many different layers of element and texture that make the entire space looks rich while still keeping the natural and fresh appearance.

Choosing any furnishings to fit in into your modern mid-century interior can also be relatively easy. Just looking for any items that incorporate wooden elements, metal or brass elements, had a sleek and clean line, and still prioritize their main functionality.

However, based on our experience, there is one kind of item that tends to be more difficult to choose than the others when it comes to a mid-century modern living room: an area rug.

If you are currently looking for an area rug to complete your mid-century modern home, don’t worry, we want to help you by curating some of our favorite rugs that will be a perfect fit for this particular decor style. And here they are :

8 Best Area Rug for Mid-Century Modern Decor

Mid-Century Modern Abstract Wool Area Rug by Safavieh

Abstract mid-century modern style rug by Safavieh
Abstract mid-century modern style rug by Safavieh

Without any doubt, this is our most favorite mid-century modern style area rug. Blending unique looks, artistic geometric design, and stylish appearance making this rug can be a perfect focal point for any living space.

Another thing that we love from this rug is the perfect color selections where the designer beautifully incorporates neutral shades like ivory and black with some vibrant yellow and brown accents, resulting in a stylish aesthetic look that will perfectly represent a typical mid-century appearance.

Gray Lattice Trellis Rug by

Gray trellis rug by
Gray trellis rug by

Most mid-century modern interiors will be filled with warm, neutral shades such as brown, beige, cream, taupe, or ivory.

Thus, you may need to add some cool-tone to help balance out the entire look and at the same time bring some coziness to it.

If you are facing a similar situation, then you can try using this elegant gray geometric trellis rug by Its color may not be a typical mid-century style, but its gorgeous pattern surely will fit in perfectly.

Handmade Modern Ivory / Gray Rug by Safavieh Studio

Simple ivory/gray rug by Safavieh
Simple ivory/gray rug by Safavieh

Its simple design makes this rug can be easily blended with almost any decor style, including the mid-century modern.

Moreover, using this rug can be a great way to add some contemporary touch to make your living room feel a bit modern and up-to-date.

The neutral color combinations also play a big role to make this item very versatile and can be easily blended with literally any color scheme.

Modern Abstract Area Rug by Safavieh

Modern abstract rug by Safavieh
Modern abstract rug by Safavieh

This is another great option for you who want any rug that spread a lot of mid-century modern vibe to your home. Or you can also use this rug to infuse a touch of mid-century feels into any decor style.

The gorgeous combination of a neutral palette with a sleek pattern makes this rug can easily elevate any room by becoming the main visual interest that captures anyone’s attention.

Blue, Gray, and Yellow Area Rug by Well Woven

Colorful mid-century style rug by Well Woven
Colorful mid-century style rug by Well Woven

Even though neutral shades tend to be the main palette for a mid-century modern interior, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot use any bright or vibrant colors in it.

In fact, this decor style gives you more flexibility to add literally any colors and still looks quite amazing.

So you don’t need to worry to use any rug with vibrant shades such as this wonderful rug by well woven.

The designer of this rug did a great job to combine two opposite shades: yellow and blue, in an abstract geometric pattern that looks amazing to bring a wonderful pop and cheer up the entire living space.

Modern Bohemian Area Rug by Jonathan Y

Modern bohemian rug by Jonathan Y
Modern bohemian rug by Jonathan Y

Bohemian and mid-century modern is totally different approaches in terms of visual appearance, elements, and characters. But actually, they can work really well together to create a unique, creative look.

One easy way to achieve this is by incorporating a boho-style rug into your mid-century modern living space, and this black boho rug by Jonathan Y is one of our favorites for this particular job.

Although it had a boho style texture, this rug uses neutral black and ivory colors that make it works really well inside any mid-century modern environment.

Simple Hexagonal Ivory Area Rug by Safavieh

Hexagonal area rug by Safavieh
Hexagonal area rug by Safavieh

At first, this rug may look quite simple. But if you take a closer look, it actually very artistic thank’s to the combination of hexagonal geometric patterns with randomized colors.

Thus, we love to use this rug to bring some creative touch that will easily break the monotony and makes the room feel more attractive and interesting.

Moroccan Trellis Diamond Area Rug by Well Woven

Modern diamond pattern rug by Well Woven
Modern diamond pattern rug by Well Woven

Diamond trellis pattern for any area rug is quite common, but this rug presents it uniquely. So, it appears much simpler and doesn’t look as cramped and crowded as any typical diamond trellis pattern.

And this simplicity surely is an important feature that makes this rug will fit inside any mid-century modern living room.

Furthermore, its simple neutral shade also makes your next job much easier as it can be used with literally any other color.

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