10 Best Rustic Coffee Table with Storage

10 Best rustic style coffee table with built in storage. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 19th, 2021

Today, coffee table not only works as a place to put your cup of coffee before starting your day, beyond that, coffee table now works as a decoration items than can add more depth and style into your interior style.

That’s the main reason why today there are a lot of different style of coffee table that available on the market. You can easily find coffee table design in minimalist style, classic style, beach house style, or any other interior design style. This surely help homeowners to choose the ones that match their home interior design style.

And one of the most popular style is rustic coffee table. Rustic coffee table mainly using combination of old aged wood with metal. Those combination create a retro looks that not only artistic, but also bring some accent vibe into your spaces.

Rustic coffee table with open shelf
Rustic Coffee Table with Open Shelf

There are lot of different options for rustic style coffee table in the market that you can easily chooses which one is the best for your home. But, there is a different story when choosing the ones that come with extra storage spaces. The options is quite limited, thus there aren’t many quality ones.

Best Rustic Style Coffee Table with Build in Storage

We will try to help you by reviewing 10 best rustic style coffee table that had built in extra storage, that not only looks beautiful, but also made with high standard of quality that can ensure you those table can be used for years to come. And here they are :

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Rustic Farmhouse Style Square Table

One of the reasons why we love this table is because it still looks soft even in a rustic retro design style.

That makes this coffee table is versatile and can be used not only in rustic style decor but also can blend well with any other home decorating style.

This table comes with lower open shelf that can give you more storage options to help keep your room well organized.

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Round Coffee Table with Basket Storage

This table bring a modern rustic looks thank’s to it’s round grainy wood top.

Bring in more extra storage to your room with it’s linen storage basket that not only spacious, but also durable and long lasting.

For you who had any cats in your home, the basket also can be used as a sleeping spaces for them.

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Black Elegant Table with Drawer and Open Lower Shelf

Honestly, this table is more to a classical ones than rustic, yet it’s still can be a perfect choice for you who want to add a bit of freshness, elegance and classy style into your rustic home.

Come with 2 extra storage spaces : a drawer and lower shelf, surely this table can be a great options for you who need a coffee table with lot of storage.

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Old Gray Rustic Coffee Table with Cabinet

With weathered gray wood finish that looks beautiful in retro style, this table can be a great addition to add more bold rustic characters into your room.

It’s compact size can make this table can be used without taking too much of your floor space, yet it will bring more storage options thank’s to it’s cabinet and open shelf.

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Rustic Industrial Style Elegant Brown Round Table

This table can be a perfect choice for you who need a decorative items that not only bring a rustic touch, but also add some depth of elegance and stylish vibe into your spaces.

With every single detail crafted beautifully, this table surely can lift up your entire room decor.

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Simple Industrial End Table with Metal X Frame

Industrial and rustic style is a perfect combination to create a beautifully designed items, such as this coffee table.

It’s beautiful rustic walnut wood with classical x-frame style metal blend perfectly to create a table that not only works great as a typical table, but also works as a decorative items.

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Modern Stylish Two Tone Wood Finish Coffee Table

Who said rustic and modern style can get along well? As you can see, this table looks very elegant and charming with it’s modern style yet still bring a rustic effects that can blend well when paired with any other rustic items or furniture.

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Accent Rustic Wooden Coffee Table with Drawer

For you who had a limited spaces in your room to put any coffee table or end table, than this one can be a perfect solution for you. Even though it come with a compact size, this table can bring a lot of functionality, thank’s to it’s drawer and hammock style storage.

Furthermore, this table will bring a lot of retro rustic vibe into your spaces with it’s aged wood, black matte metal, and white leather combinations.

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Vintage Rustic Table with Reclaimed Wood and Brown Metal Frame

At first glance, this table looks very simple and looks like any typical rustic coffee table.

But when you take a closer looks, this table is designed beautifully with extra attention to every single details, from the knots, uneven surface, cracks, grain, old scratch and bumpy finish metal frame that make this table looks natural in a stylish ways.

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Decorative Trunk Style Coffee Table

For you who need a coffee table with large storage capacity while still bring a beautiful decorative rustic looks, than this table fit all of those requirement perfectly.

The fir wood and metal combination works great to bring a charming rustic vibe into your home.