Best Type of Tile for Kitchen Countertops

List of the best type of tile for kitchen countertops Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : October 25th, 2023

Looking for the best tile for your kitchen countertops? Here is our suggestion

A kitchen countertop which is also called benchtop or worktop, where food is prepared in the kitchen. It is horizontal and supported by cabinets.

Kitchen countertops like desk have multipurpose functions. You can use it for cutting of vegetables, placing of bowls for cooking and many other things you do that involves cooking.

Best tile for kitchen countertops

Different countertops with their different materials that they are made from. Some of the materials are durable while others don’t last long, that’s why there’s a big difference in their cost.

 Kitchen Countertops materials

1.    Wood

2.    Silicate minerals [ Quartz ]

3.    Natural stones [ Slate, granite, marble, limestone ]

4.    Metals [ Copper and stainless steel ]

With we knowing that let’s take a look at the best type of tiles to use for kitchen countertops:

1.    Mosaic

Modern kitchens have really ignored the use of mosaic tiles for countertops, instead, they now rely on granite and marble. Mosaic tiles have their own unique design or style, they are of different types or trend that makes your kitchen stand out from others.

One big advantage of mosaic tile is that they are colored all through and you can’t really notice a scratch when it does have.

2.    Quartz

Quartz tile is smooth, durable and long lasting, unlike granite. Although, it has this similarity with granite it is quite higher in quality than the latter. Its pores are non-existent and it does not need to be chemically sealed.

It is mostly recommended for bakers because of the above characteristics. Easy to care for, less expensive and maintain are other unique properties of quartz.

3.     Ceramic

It has a vast variety of designs and colors that can match any kitchen. Ceramic tile is made from clay, suits different temperatures, which means it is resistant to heat.

One big disadvantage that it has is the visibility of scratch when it is mishandled. So, be careful about placing heavy and sharp objects on it. Ceramic tile is also easy to maintain, effective and robust as I said earlier.

Other unique characteristics of ceramic

A.    It uses innovative products

B.    Has a beautiful appearance

C.    Affordable price

4.    Granite

Granite is an awesome choice for kitchen countertop. It is formed from very high heat which makes it quite dense and strong. Granite tiles have this technique that makes dirt and stains difficult to notice.

It is a stone of natural beauty which makes quite expensive, unlike the others. Something we should know is that there are 3 categories of granite;  slab granite, granite tiles, and modular granite. Granite tiles are the less expensive of the three, easy to install.

Modular granite is difficult to install, they are quite bigger than the tiles but smaller and thinner than slab granite. Two big advantages it has over slab granite is it’s a cost [ not cheap like granite tile ], and easy installation process.

5.    Porcelain

This is a kind of ceramic tile that has a high temperature which makes it less porous and compatible. It is stain-resistant, easy to clean and has a variety of styles and designs.

They are so thin that they can easily be installed on top of pre-existing countertops.

Porcelain is 30 percent stronger than granite, it may seem like a surprise but through the firing process, it gains strength.

With the above characteristic, it is able to resist wear and tear, cracks and scratches.

These lists of tiles are the best types you should have in your kitchen countertop. If you look at their characteristics above, you will observe that they are quite similar.

Selecting a tile should become easy for you from here. Bakers select quartz for baking because of its smoothness. So, it all depends on your taste of preference.  

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