10 Wall Colors That’ll Bring A Big Impact To Small Bedrooms

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 6th, 2024

When it comes to small bedrooms, the right wall paint color can be a game changer. It’s not all about aesthetics, but also about creating an illusion of space, light, and harmony.

Thus, can help expand the visual appearance of the small spaces, making it feel more open and airy.

In this post, we’ll be sharing stories from our years of experience as interior designers, to help you find the ideal wall paint color for your small bedroom.

So, join us to unravel the secrets to making your small bedroom feel like a spacious retreat.

1. Off-white

Small bedroom with off-white walls

Off-white is a perfect choice for a small bedroom due to its ability to create an open and airy atmosphere. Combining subtle warmth with sleek white appeal, the off-white will make the room feel larger and more inviting without overwhelming the space.

Furthermore, off-white can reflect plenty of natural light, and help brighten up the entire bedroom space.

2. Greige – Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

Bedroom with greige walls

Greige is not only a trending color that gained a lot of attention in recent years, but it can also become an excellent choice for small bedroom for several reasons.

Firstly, the neutrality and calming sense of greige can visually expand the space, making your bedroom feel larger and more open. Secondly, greige can easily adapt to any color scheme and decor style, making it a versatile choice that gives you a lot of flexibility for personalizing your bedroom space.

Lastly, greige can enhance the aesthetic of your bedroom, while also crafting a comfy and cozy atmosphere even when used in a small space.

3. Light Sage – Clary Sage by Sherwin Williams

Light sage walls

The soft, muted tones of light sage not only add a touch of nature to your bedroom, but can also help transform any small space to feel more open and airy.

The soothing properties of light sage can also promote relaxation, a very essential feature to creating a restful and calming retreat.

4. Light Gray – Reflection by Sherwin Williams

Light gray walls

As a neutral, light gray walls can reflect natural light effectively, which is very crucial for making any small space feel brighter and more spacious.

Moreover, the versatility and adaptability of light gray can pair effortlessly with a wide range of colors and decor styles, allowing you to easily customize your bedroom to suit your personal preferences.

5. Pale Yellow – Pineapple Cream by Sherwin Williams

Pale yellow walls

When it comes to small spaces, warmth is essential not only to brighten up the space but also to set up the mood and ambiance of the entire bedroom. And that’s why pale yellow can be a very interesting choice for your small bedroom.

This muted shade can transform any bedroom into a fun and cozy space, but without overwhelming and bringing an overly vibrant tone.

6. Sky Blue – Moonmist by Sherwin Williams

Sky blue bedroom walls

If you are looking for blue shades for your small bedroom, then we highly recommend you try sky blue. Comes with serene and soothing qualities, sky blue walls can instantly create a sense of calm and tranquility, transforming your bedroom into a peaceful and relaxing haven.

Moreover, the sky blue will craft a visually pleasing environment, where aesthetics and comfort blend together in harmony.

7. Light Blue Gray – Lakeside by Sherwin Williams

Light blue-gray walls

Another great blue shade for a small bedroom is light blue-gray. This shade perfectly combines serenity and tranquility as any typical blue, with a sense of sophistication and elegance thanks to its gray undertone.

Thus, the light-blue gray will work really well to lend a calming yet stylish visual, enhancing the aesthetics and comfort of a compact bedroom.

8. Muted Green – Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams

Small bedroom with muted green walls

Muted green will provide strong calming characters, creating a tranquil and restful atmosphere that is needed by any bedroom.

The subtle, understated charm of muted green can also help visually expand your space, while at the same time creating a serene and inviting retreat within the confines of a small space.

9. Blush Pink – Romance by Sherwin Williams

Blush pink bedroom walls

Comes with a delicate balance of warmth and sophistication, this gentle tone can be a perfect choice for any bedroom, including a small one. its subtle charm helps brighten up the room, while maintaining a comfortable and visually pleasing environment.

Overall, blush pink can be a great option for you who want to combine aesthetics and comfort into a serene and stylish retreat.

10. Mint Green – White Mint by Sherwin Williams

Mint green small bedroom walls

The refreshing qualities of mint green can’t be matched by other colors. Its fresh and light hue helps visually expand the bedroom, while also giving a twist of fresh natural beauty.

Mint green will transform any bedroom into a perfect space for rest and relaxation, combining simplicity with a hint of richness to make a lively atmosphere.

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