Our Favorite Sherwin Williams White Paint for Interior Trim

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 24th, 2024

White is obviously the best choice when it comes to interior trim. However, not all whites are equal. If you had any experience choosing these pure colors, then you may already know this.

At first, choosing white paint color seems very easy, but in fact, it’s not. From one single paint brand alone, there are hundreds of different variants that can make anyone, even the expert, feel overwhelmed.

Fortunately, we had the chance to test a wide range of white paint colors from Sherwin Williams, and can conclude that Alabaster, Extra White, Incredible White, Rhinestone, or Snowbound are some of the best choices for interior trim. They provide a perfect balance between warmth and coolness, making them blend easily with almost any wall color and various decor styles.

Read on as we will show you all the best white paint colors from Sherwin Williams that can be a great choice for interior trim.

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To be included in the top 50 Sherwin Williams colors becomes a confirmation for this shade as one of the best white paints from Sherwin Williams. This paint had a perfect balance between the softness and a hint of rich tone to make it look interesting.

With an LRV of 82, this color may not be the brightest option in the Sherwin-Williams collections, but can still look pretty crisp and clean, especially when combined with darker wall paint.

Alabaster (SW 7008) trim with Townhall Tan (SW 7690) walls

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Extra White

This paint had a very close appearance to the “purest white”, but comes with a slightly gray undertone. Thus, this paint can be a perfect option for you who need a very bright and sharp appeal.

Furthermore, this paint can also be a great option for you who are using any “purest white” for your wall and want to have a very similar yet a bit darker trim.

Extra White (SW 7006) trim with Smoky Azurite (SW 9148) walls

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Incredible White

Thanks to its light, pale brown hue, the incredible white can be a great interior trim choice to be paired with any brown-painted wall. This combination will create flawless looks, while still keeping the trim had a clean look.

But that doesn’t stop there, you can also combine the incredible white with another opposite option, such as navy blue which we demonstrate in the image below.

Incredible White (SW 7028) trim with In The Navy (SW 9178) walls

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Pearly White

If you are looking for a rich and complex option, then this is the answer. It had a bit of yellow, cream, and gray undertones that mix beautifully to create this awesome white.

Shining like a pearl, this paint will bring a hint of a luminous look even when it’s only used to paint the trim.

Pearly White (SW 7009) trim with Jogging Path (SW 7638) walls

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Pure White

Even though the Sherwin Williams pure white only had a small amount of warmth, in a lot of cases, it’s more than enough to balance any cool-toned wall.

Its pure, plain appearance avoids the overly stark looks like most warm options, thus keeping your wall looking clean and crisp.

Pure White (SW 7005) trim with Perle Noir (SW 9154) walls

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Reserved White

Another great alternative for you who prefer any white that has few gray undertones and tends to look cool rather than warm.

But don’t worry, this paint doesn’t have plenty of cool tones as any other gray-toned white, so it can still blend nicely even when combined with other cool-toned wall paint colors.

Reserved White (SW 7056) trim with Wall Street (SW 7665) walls

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At first, many people tend to consider this paint as light gray, but actually, it’s still white and has deep cool gray undertones.

Based on our experiences, this rhinestone paint can work best as a trim color when used alongside any darker gray painted wall to create harmonious and flawless elegant monochromatic looks.

Rhinestone (SW 7656) trim with March Wind (SW 7668) walls

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This is another beautiful rich, warm paint option from Sherwin Williams that we highly recommend using as a trim for any vibrant or colorful wall.

Even though it looks simple, this paint comes from a complex mix of white, pink, and beige, bringing more taste compared to any typical options.

Snowbound (SW 7004) trim with Autumn Orchid (SW 9157) walls

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Hush White

For you who are looking for a mix of neutral and pastel looks for your interior trim, then you can try this hush white. With a slight brown undertone, this paint color brings a more earthy look compared to any typical choices, thus can spread some fresh and natural feels even when only used for the trim.

This paint also can be a great option to compliment any wall that is painted using brown shades.

Hush White (6042) trim with Bona Fide Beige (SW 6065) walls

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White Flour

Thanks to its hint of pale yellow, the white flour can bring a splash of pop to brighten up any space. It can also balance out even any strong cool-toned wall, and make a more well-balanced and eye-pleasing visual appearance.

White Flour (SW 7102) trim with Honed Soapstone (SW 9126) walls

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