Brilliant Colors for Bathroom Floors (10 Unbelievable Choices That’ll Make You Rethink Everything!)

Color your way to bathroom elegance using these mesmerizing options for your floors. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : September 19th, 2023

As a sanctuary of serenity and functionality, your bathroom holds a unique place inside your home. And that’s why every single aspect of the bedroom needs to be considered carefully, including the bathroom flooring color.

Moreover, choosing the right color for your bathroom floor not only can make or break the overall aesthetic of the bathroom, but also can ruin your daily routines.

In this article, we will guide you through the labyrinth of bathroom flooring color choices, help you find the ones that will transform your bathroom into a place where both aesthetic delight and practicality blend together.

Best Flooring Colors for Bathroom


Bathroom with white tile floors
White tile floors

White is a universal choice that not only can blend with any color schemes, but it can also fit in inside any bathroom decor style. Moreover, white flooring can reflects light effectively, enhancing the overall brightness that is needed by the most bathrooms.

Lastly, white bathroom flooring gives an impression of a sleek and clean space, giving a crisp minimalist appeal to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Black and White

Bathroom with black and white tile floors
Black and white tile floors

If the pure white flooring looks a bit boring to you, then you can adds some depth and drama by using any black and white tile flooring.

The contrast between these two opposite colors creates a striking visual, while keep a neutral balanced look that will suits a variety of design styles. You can also using black and white flooring to add a hint of luxury to your overall bathroom visuals.


Bathroom with beige tile floors
Beige tile floors

The soothing and warm appeal of beige can elevate the mood of your bathroom, creates an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. As a neutral, it’s relatively easy to beige flooring to coordinate with various color palettes or decor styles.

Lastly, beige flooring can serves as a soothing canvas that boost the appearance of your bathroom accessories of decor, making them stand out and make a big statement inside your bathroom.

Light Blue

Bathroom with light blue tile floors
Light blue tile floors

The calming and relaxing qualities of light blue makes it an obvious choice when it comes to bathroom flooring, creating a spa-like atmosphere that reminiscent the ocean water and the clear blue sky.

Furthermore, you can also use light blue flooring to make any small bathroom feel more spacious, open, and airy.

Light Gray

Bathroom with light gray tile floors
Light gray tile floors

Light gray flooring not only comes with neutrality and versatility, but also adds a hint of modernity and elegance to your bathroom.

The light gray flooring gives a sense of depth and sophistication, creating a stylish yet practical bathroom. It’s also relatively easy to clean and maintain, making it a great option for high-moisture areas.

Dark Blue and White

Bathroom with dark blue and white tile floors
Dark blue and white tile floors

Another two-tone flooring option that can be an interesting choice for bathroom floors is dark blue and white tile. The contrast between two colors provide a striking and captivating look, blending elegance with tranquility.

Moreover, the bold dark blue hues give your bathroom a stunning drama, enhances the entire visual appearance.


Bathroom with terracotta tile floors
Terracotta tile floors

Terracotta is a timeless choice that bringing warmth, character, and a touch of Mediterranean allure to your bathroom. The rich earthy tone of terracotta will instantly transform any bathroom into a tranquil retreat.

This option work even better if you are using plenty of organic, raw natural materials inside your bathroom, such as wood or stone elements.


Bathroom with brown tile floors
Brown tile floors

Turn your bathroom into a welcoming space to unwind by using brown flooring. Brown floors can also hides dirt and stain very effectively, making it a practical choice for high-traffic bathrooms.

Additionally, the timeless allure of brown tile flooring ensures your bedroom remains adaptable to evolving design trends in the future.

White and Gray

Bathroom with white and gray tile floors
White and gray tile floors

The simplicity and minimalistic appeal of white and gray flooring can be a great option for any bathroom with contemporary modern design. The white provides a sense of cleanliness, while the gray part of the tile adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

This option will delivers a harmonious balance of style and practicality, and that’s the reason why we highly recommend you to try this option.

White and Gold

Bathroom with white and gold tile floors
White and gold tile floors

If you want to give your bathroom a hint of luxury twist, then you can try any white and gold tile for your bathroom flooring.

The combination of purity from the white and a touch of glamour from the gold creating an interesting look that radiates simplicity and luxury to transform your bathroom into a truly majestic space.