8 Complementary Colors for Lime Green in Home Décor

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

Lime green may not be as popular as any other green shades such as sage, olive, mint, or emerald. However, if you really want to add a burst of energy to your interior space, then this vibrant green shade can be a perfect choice for you.

Adding this fresh hue to your color palette not only gives your home a new life but also can lift up the mood and make the entire space feel more fun and joyful.

However, as with any other vibrant shades, finding the perfect color companion that harmonizes with the zest of lime green can be a tough challenge.

So, what color goes with lime green in home decor?

Fortunately, we’ve working on a lot of projects involving lime green, and can conclude that canary yellow, gray, light blue, turquoise, purple, and deep orange are some of the best colors to complement lime green. These hues will form a vibrant and energizing combo alongside the lime, and work together harmoniously to create a dynamic and lively atmosphere. They can also balance the vibrancy of the lime, while still keeping its refreshing nature.

Read on as we’ll guide you through the challenges of choosing the right pair for your lime green, ensuring your space transforms into a harmonious masterpiece.

1. Canary Yellow

Lime green wall with canary yellow artwork

Canary yellow and lime are a dynamic duo that can work together to infuse plenty of energy and freshness into your space.

Canary yellow adds warmth and brightness to the lime green wall, creating a lively and cheerful atmosphere that is perfect for any space like kitchens, family rooms, or home offices.

2. Gray


If you prefer a more balanced visual, then adding gray to your color scheme is obviously the best option. Gray provides a calming tone that counters the vibrancy of lime walls, creating a well-balanced aesthetic without taking away its lively and rich vibe.

3. Light Blue

Light blue

Light blue elements not only soften the vibrant lime green walls, but also add a refreshing and tranquil vibe to enrich your interior space.

This combination perfectly blends a sense of calm with natural freshness, making them a great pair for those aiming to bring the outdoors in.

4. Turquoise


Since turquoise has some green tint, it can be a great choice to harmonize with lime green wall. Together, they both draw inspiration from nature, evoking a sense of tropical paradise into your home.

Turquoise also adds some depth to enrich the monochromatic green palette, creating an interesting contrast for a lively and refreshing home environment.

5. Dark Blue

Dark blue

Infuse strong boldness and elegance into the lime by adding dark blue. The vibrant and energetic character of lime perfectly blends with the bold and sophistication of dark blue, creating a visually captivating and dynamic visual.

This combination can work really well in various design styles, from contemporary living rooms to eclectic bedrooms.

6. Purple


If you want to give your lime green-themed interior a pop of beautiful accent, then purple can be a great choice for this particular job. And since green and purple sit opposite of each other on the color wheel, they can produce a striking contrast that helps make both purple and lime green shine and pop.

This combination will result in a visually stimulating and well-rounded interior that makes a bold visual statement.

7. Deep Orange

Deep orange

Another unique color that you can try to use alongside lime is deep orange. The deep orange offers a similar vibrancy, but in bolder and deeper hues, boosting the sense of excitement and playfulness of your space.

When used together, the deep orange and lime green form a complementary pair that not only looks visually appealing but also adds depth and character to your interior.

8. Black


Black can accentuate the lime green with bold, depth, and sophisticated contrast. It can also calm down the vibrant lime green, making it feel softer and more neutral.

The combination of bold and vibrant shades brings a dramatic result, creating a visually captivating and stylish interior.