How to Decorate a Large Wall in Living Room

Best way to decorate a large wall in living room to help make it looks more interesting and attractive to be a main focal point for your living room.

The living room reflects your lifestyle, and the decor allows you to add charm to the interior of this room, to make it special. The fastest way to give the interior of your living room a new look is to change the color, texture, and decoration of the walls.

But when it come to a large wall, it’s often quite more trickier than a smaller ones. A piece of wall painting of course doesn’t enough to make a large wall looks attractive, yet it can make the wall looks empty.

Decorate a large wall in living room
Large wall in living room

Below, read more about how to decorate a large wall in living room, you will probably like some suggested ideas.

It is necessary to choose the most suitable option. For example, for a small living room, the walls and ceiling are better decorated in bright colors, add mirror elements to the walls – this way you can enlarge the space. In the large living room, you can place various items related to hobbies, for example, a collection or an aquarium.

Suggestions and Ideas to Decorate Large Wall in Living room

The living room is a gathering place in the house, a place where you spend time with other family members, where you hang out with guests and spend active time.

Using Combinations of Two or More Wall Decor Items

For a large size wall, of course using only one kind of wall decoration items isn’t enough. You must combine them to get a better results. And here is some wall decor items that you can use and combine to make your large living room wall looks much more interesting :

The mirror – gives the wall a certain depth and elegance. To further enhance this effect, choose a mirror of a unique shape and color.

A work of art in several colors – work of art, bright and striking colors, is the perfect focus of the room. Hang work from a nearby gallery, a landscape you bought on a trip, or try to paint something yourself.

Accompanying pictures – the focal point of the living room wall will become even more pronounced if you frame it with simple prints. The accompanying paintings should dominate by the colors that are present in the main painting so that all the works of art together form a harmonious whole.

Framed memories – are an ideal way to imprint a personal stamp in the living room. Take a slightly deeper frame and put dear little things in it that connect you with beautiful memories, and otherwise, they lost in boxes and drawers.

Family photos – the large wall of the living room is the perfect place to display family pictures. When you hang frames, you can play with photo size, color, and frame shape to create a dynamic panorama.

Life motto on the wall – if you have a life motto, a favorite quote from a book or movie, why not display it on the big wall of your living room? You can choose a print-style inscription or calligraphy that adds a touch of elegance to the overall setting. You can also write it by hand in unique colors.

Using Wall panels

The major advantages are that you need not level the wall, it is easy to build communications, you can make extra sound insulation, fast work. The wall decoration with wall panels took on decorative outlines. Modern 3-D boards deserve attention. Along with them, the wall got a volumetric and bold decor. You can use them to highlight a large wall in the living room.

Wooden oak, walnut, or exotic wood on the panel will provide a pleasant atmosphere.

Stonewall Coverings

You can decorate the large wall in the living room with a collection of luxurious stone wall coverings. The combination of selected marble, sandstone, or limestone on the relief creates a variety of textural shapes. You can enrich the stone wall cladding with backlighting. A special feature of this solution is sinusoidal modules, which you can combine with lighting.


Wallpapers are an unavoidable element in interior decoration. The trend in the use of wallpaper has conditioned manufacturers and creative teams to always be in step with the latest production techniques, the way of printing, and materials.

Living room wallpaper is a superb way to add interest to space where you spend the most time, and it can also change the atmosphere of the space, depending on what you want to achieve. Striped backgrounds in blue or red tones will give the room a relaxed look, while wide stripes in vivid colors will bring a feeling of boldness and unconventionality.

Floral wallpaper design does not have to be traditional, many modern patterns include motifs of flora and fauna. Earthy themes will give the room a charming look, and for sunnier days you can also choose tropical plants.

The photo wallpaper of your choice, printed based on your photo, will preserve dear memories and give you a pleasant feeling in the living room.

In addition to the standard wallpapers used, the large wall in the living room can be enriched and covered with the latest wallpapers made of natural materials such as raffia, silk, cotton, agave, jute, rattan, and cork.

Each of these materials gives the wallpaper an original texture complemented by the effects of metallization, quartz, or application in the form of a print.

Vinyl wallpapers that characterized by longevity, ease of maintenance, resistance to the sun’s rays are ideal and modern wall covering.

Mica or vermiculite is a mineral formed by the chemical reaction of quartz and granite. The stone is exposed to high temperatures, cracking into pieces suitable for gluing to a fleece base.

Cork is a natural, renewable product. The production of cork wallpaper is a demanding process that provides a flat surface suitable for treatment with paints in natural tones or with a metallic effect.

Grasscloth is the common name for hand-made wall coverings made of natural fibers of jute, raffia, hemp, seaweed, bamboo, abaca, and other plant species.

Decorative Technique Swahili

It comes in 2 bases: gold and silver, with metalized particles that give a futuristic, powerful, luxurious look to a large wall, and thus to space. These colors can tint so that on a certain wall there can be several tones of the same shade and unique combinations. Your imagination is the limit. Swahili is an aqueous coating, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to maintain, can only wipe with a damp cloth.

Decorative technique Raffaello Stucco

This technique evokes a “marble wall” in various colors and shades. On a large wall in the living room, this technique looks powerful, refined, luxurious. The colors are completely environmentally friendly and safe.

A work of art on the large wall of your living room

The most effective detail on the living room wall is a unique work of art. Such decoration is original and unique because a master makes it in one copy. Guests will appreciate the quantitative image made by hand using the complex technique of bass relief on the wall of your living room.

Equip your living room with quality and functional furniture that will follow your taste and lifestyle. If you want to bring more colors into space, play with pillows, rugs, curtains, and striking bedspreads.

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