How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom

Proven and effective tips to decorate a slanted wall bedroom with easy and affordable. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : March 18th, 2021

Slanted wall bedrooms are very charming and exotic. They bring to mind the concept of an art studio or a Dutch windmill house. They can also be quite romantic, and for many teenagers and young adults they evoke feelings of “getting away” or “being private and cozy”.

Perhaps the reason for this is that humanity’s first type of housing consisted of caves and the hollows of large trees. Or perhaps we just love triangles, which in reality is what a slanted wall bedroom is. That said, decorating a slanted wall bedroom can be quite a challenge.

decorate slanted wall bedoom
Bedroom with slanted wall

Most of these rooms have very limited space, and poor if any natural lighting, and the cave effect produced by these rooms can become eerie if not properly managed. Thus for anyone seeking to decorate a slanted wall bedroom, space and light must be key considerations.

All said, decorating a slanted wall bedroom should prove to be quite an exciting challenge. Your creativity will be called upon to achieve the right effect, but if done properly, the results will prove to be quite satisfying.

So get ready to dive into these ideas of how to decorate a slanted wall bedroom.

1. Decorate a slanted wall bedroom by working with, not against, the overall shape of the room.

Slanted wall bedrooms come in a variety of shapes, but they all share one thing in common; the overall triangular orientation. This orientation gives slanted wall bedrooms an ambiance of excitement and drama.

In decorating a slanted wall bedroom, it is very important that you incorporate ideas that accentuate this triangular orientation. Choose an arrangement that syncs well with the room’s sharp corners.

You could even go further and decide to theme the room. It is very easy to incorporate a farmhouse theme in a slanted wall bedroom.

Highlighting the exposed structural beams with wood paint is a very elegant and simple way to create a farmhouse theme without working against the overall shape of the room, and by adding some rustic furniture and accessories to such a room, you can achieve a very unique effect.

2. Decorate a slanted wall bedroom by creatively using natural light.

Some slanted bedrooms have very large windows and some have small cabin windows like you would find on airplanes. If you are decorating a slanted wall bedroom that has large windows, it is very important that the window area remains free of clutter, and that you use window shades that allow the maximum amount of sunlight to enter the room.

Adding a window seat next to the large window is a great way to create reading or meditating space, and will serve as prime seating space for the occasional visitor.

If the room has small or no windows, then it may make sense to add a skylight. Skylights cost anywhere between $250-$500, and professional installation will on average cost $1000.

A Skylight is a great way to decorate a slanted wall bedroom. It will add tons of natural light to your bedroom, and waking up to sunlight is always a psychological boost.

3. Decorate a slanted wall bedroom by painting it with bright colors

Bright colors are great at reflecting light and giving a fresh feel to any room. For slanted wall bedrooms, painting the entire room white or with light colors is an amazing idea.

White paint will dispel any cave-like ambiance to the room and will give it an overall feeling of freshness and cleanliness. While you are it, why not go ahead and paint the wooden floor white too.

A white floor works perfectly for a bedroom since there are not many people going into the room and dirtying it up. Adding a gloss finish to the painted surfaces, and a heavy rag on the floor will add to the illusion of a larger size.

4. Decorate a slanted wall bedroom by creatively managing space.

Let’s face it, slanted wall bedrooms are a storage space killer. However, there is a way to squeeze out the maximum amount of floor and wall space.

Creative shelving that works with the slanting is a great way to maximize the storage capacity of the slanted wall bedroom. The shelves should be placed on the straight wall where one exists, but with their edges slanting to accentuate the slant of the adjacent wall.

Storage space can also be maximized by having built-in drawers and closets. If possible, build storage space upwards to the ceiling and not outward. Incorporating storage space under the stairs leading up to the room, under the bed, or under any seats in the room will all give you more floor space in the center of the room.

Minimalistic furnishings that don’t cram the space in the room are essential to managing space. A bed without a headboard, or with a very low headboard, and furniture that is either close to the floor or that has thin legs are all minimalistic ideas that create more space in the slanted wall bedroom.

If you are adventurous enough, why not have a cushy floor bed? These look great if creatively adorned, and will save tons of space. Heck, the Japanese, who have had to manage with cramped living space for decades, have learned to use floor beds to great effect.

Mirrors are another great way to creatively manage space. A well placed large mirror that reflects any space in the room will create the illusion that the room is bigger than it is.

5. Decorate a slanted wall bedroom by exposing its original features.

If the bedroom has a brick wall, exposing it will add a very rustic feel to the room. If there are no brick walls, installing wood-effect or brick-effect wallpaper allows you to un-bland the room. Most slanted wall bedrooms have exposed structural beams.

Painting these a natural wood color will draw attention to them and add to the country house feel of the room. If you can, you can also redesign the structural beams by introducing gentle curves to them, or by rebuilding them altogether. Rebuilding these structural beams into a barrel roof design will bring out the farmhouse theme perfectly.

6. Decorate a slanted wall bedroom by installing a faux canopy.

A faux canopy, installed on the sloping side of a slanted wall bedroom is an inexpensive way to spice up a bland room. The canopy can be made of any piece of light fabric or netting and can be decorated with flower patterns or lights.

A well designed and decorated faux canopy will give the slanted wall bedroom a dreamy look, especially if it will serve as a children’s bedroom. Use floral patterns for girls’ rooms or car patterns for boys’ rooms.

7. Decorate a slanted wall bedroom by installing multi-use furniture.

With floor space become increasingly expensive in America, many furniture makers are now producing dual function furniture. Beds are now being designed to also work as sofas, a coffee table can have small drawers incorporated into it, and there are a lot of furniture items that have wheels mounted on them for easier movement.

Multi-use and easy to move furniture are a great way to add floor space by maximizing utility, and if creatively installed, will add a unique feel to the room.

All said and done, a slanted wall bedroom can be the highlight to a whole house, if properly decorated.