Best Flooring for Living Room with Pets

Having a pet can be fun and stressful at the same time. One thing that you can do to help reduce the stressfulness is with using the right flooring for your home, especially the living room where your pet will spend most of the time there.

Best Flooring for Living Room for Pets Owner

Most pet owners normally face serious problems with their floors. Their pets have sharp claws or toenails which damage the floors of the different rooms in their house. They also damage or spoil the floor by the kind of stains they bring in after stepping on dirty and disgusting liquids.

Best flooring for living room with pets

In keeping pets, you have to take into consideration the kind of flooring system to employ to your living room which is the most important. It’s either you employ a good kind of flooring system or you want to keep on stressing yourself by continuous cleaning of the floors when messed up.

The most pet-resistant flooring will be one that is entirely moisture and stain resistant, and very hard to resist damage from claws and toenails, but such flooring materials may not accomplish your design goals. Even better is a flooring that is anti-slip to prevent injury to your pets. If you have pets, choosing the right flooring will involve balancing design preferences, resistance to pet damage, and your tolerance for replacing or deep-cleaning the materials at regular intervals.

There are different categories of flooring for pets in the living room;

A.    Anti-slip flooring that prevents injury to the pet

B.    Moisture and stain resistant flooring

C.    Claws and toenails resistant flooring.

To have the best flooring design for your pets, you will need to co-join the 3 listed above to prevent unforeseen accidents and problems.  

Living room flooring ideas for pet owners

1. Ceramic tile flooring

This material of flooring has the properties of the above categories of floors. Choosing this tile is a great option for pet owners. It’s very strong that even the sharpest claws won’t be able to penetrate.

Ceramic tile is resistant to stains, but grout lines can still penetrate into it, it can be solved by occasionally sealing the grout. Using ceramic tile for your flooring is a great deal as it gives you this decorative design in your living room.

2. Strand woven bamboo

 Bamboo is similarly to hardwood, also, not all bamboo can resist the effect of paws and scratch from pets. I advise you to go with strand woven bamboo as a flooring system for your living room because of it’s versatility and hardness.

Pet stains disappear easily when wiped off, bamboo has this stain resistant property because of the presence of a substance called resin. Resin is an added property in the manufacturing process.

3. Natural Stone

Natural stone as it sounds is more natural and preferable to ceramic by most people. It is durable and lasts longer than most floors, I highly recommend this for pet owners.

Natural stone is of a different type, some take on stains easily and make it visible, for example, granite. While others like slate tend to be rougher and help hide dirt and stains.

Investing and employing natural stone in your living room is a good idea, it is affordable, in terms of décor, it matches with most room designs.

4. Cork floors

This is an excellent kind of flooring system for pets. It is stain and scratch resistant. The scratch could become visible if dirt is not swept properly and immediately.

Cork floor absorbs and reduces the loud sound that may come from the pets by their running and playing. For best durability and performance, you have to clean and maintain it at all times with active surface cleaners

It is definitely a better choice than bamboo and hardwood.

5. Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is a good and excellent choice for flooring rooms with pets. It is not really considered or known by many, but there has been a new and improved version of it.

Vinyl flooring is stain and water resistant, it reduces the effect of noise from the pets, durability and scratch resistant is another property of vinyl.

All you have to do is to clean or wash regularly for it to last long for you.

With all of these floors listed above, natural stone and ceramic possess the best characteristics and are the best for flooring living room with pets. Although, I advise you still employ any of these best 5.