The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Bedroom

Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : April 24th, 2024

The bedroom should be one of the safest and most comfortable places in your home, the place where you relax and rest after a busy day. If the room is full of chaos and disorder, it will affect you psychologically and hurt you. Many studies also found that a clean, neat, and peaceful space can help you fall asleep more easily than a cluttered one.

Declutter a bedroom

Organizing your bedroom is one tricky job. Many people are too lazy to do it because they find this difficult, and these tasks will take up a lot of their time. If you are a busy person and don’t have much free time, don’t worry. We have done the research and tested 3 simple steps to tidy up your room easily and quickly.

Step 1: Planning Your Bedroom Storage Organization

The first step you have to do is create a list of the storage spaces available inside your bedroom, then categorize every item you want to put in each particular area. Your plan should look like this :

Example of the decluttering planning list

The above list is just an example. Of course, your list will be much longer depending on the number of storage spaces that you have. It’s essential to list all the available storage space, so your next job can be done more efficiently. Another important thing is to estimate the number of items that you have to store in each place. If you have a lot of books, then allocating a small drawer won’t be enough.

Another advantage of using this strategy is that you can use it as a reminder to find some particular item, where you can find it faster and easy. This can save a lot of time and reduce the stress level that often arises when you forget some essential items.

Step 2: Sorting Your Items

Before putting every item into the storage place that you already planned in the previous step, you must first sort all the items to help you choose which one you still need or don’t. The three-box method is one of the most popular ways for this job. Using this method, you will sort your items into 3 different boxes: Keep, Toss, and Store.

But we already modified this method a little bit to be used specifically to declutter a bedroom. And the 3 boxes will be :

Toss: Put every unused item here. Then you can throw away this box, donate it, or even host a garage sale to sell all of those items.

Out:  Put every item you still need but rarely used here or some things that will not be used in the next 6-12 months. Some items that you can put here such as out-of-season clothes. Then you can put these boxes in another room such as a warehouse or basement. This will help you to reduce the number of items in your bedroom. Our test showed that most people will be amazed at the number of items that fall under this list.

Keep: Then put the items that you still regularly use here.

Some items will be trickier than others, such as some decorations items and pictures. And when it comes to selecting this kind of item, you should think objectively.

Step 3: Organize

The last step is to put all of the items in the keep boxes in the place you already specified in the first planning step. And that’s it, your room will be more clean and organized!

Bedroom Decluttering Tips

Generally, by doing the three simple steps above, your bedroom will be clean and neat so it can be a more comfortable place to rest, relax, or even do some activity. However, in some cases, you will encounter several obstacles. Here are some of them with solutions that you can do to face those problems:

Tips 1: How to Add More Storage in a Small Bedroom

Nowadays, small-sized bedrooms have become very common, especially in the big metropolitan city where available land is limited and very expensive. When having a small space, you don’t have many storage spaces to put your essential items. But here we had some trick that often works to help add more storage spaces.

Using Furniture with Storage

Today, many furniture manufacturers design a piece of creative multi-functional furniture, and some of them can be given a huge benefit for small bedroom owners. Here is one example, the bed platform that had plenty of storage space:

Platform bed by South Shore | Image by

If you are interested in using this kind of furniture, we will help you list some of the best multi-functional furniture with storage to bring more storage to your room.

Bed With Storage

1 of 2 beds with storage recommendation

Flexible Pure White Platform Bed with Baskets

This innovative platform bed has 9 shelf compartments available that can help you organize your items easily.

2 of 2 beds with storage recommendation

Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

This stylish bed frame brings additional storage options with its four built-in drawers and will bring an elegant contemporary look.

Ottoman / Chair with Storage

1 of 2 Ottoman/chair with storage recommendation

Round Storage Fabric Cushion Ottoman

This storage ottoman seat is made using premium quality high-density thick sponge and breathable clothes. Combining modern style with superior functionality, this chair can be a great addition to any bedroom.

2 of 2 ottoman/chair with storage recommendation

Light Gray Premium Fabric Storage Ottoman

Maximize your storage space smartly and stylishly with this ottoman with spacious storage space while also comfortable sitting on it.

Using Wall Shelves rather than normal shelves

Another great trick to maximize every little space inside your small bedroom is by moving some furniture items into the wall. Floating desks, wall-mounted cabinets, or floating dressing tables are some examples of great space-saving furniture. Unfortunately, most of them are quite expensive. However, there is one much more affordable solution that can bring a similar impact, wall shelves. Wall shelves can help you add more extra storage while doesn’t take up any space.

If you don’t have any shelves because there is no space left for them, then you can use these kinds of shelves. If you already have some ordinary shelves, it may be a good idea to change them to floating ones so that they will give you more extra space in your bedroom.

Here are some wall shelf recommendations that can help bring a lot of additional storage options :

1 of 3 wall shelves recommendation

Floating Wall Mounted Display Shelf with Storage Drawer 

This minimalist-style floating wall shelves not only works great to show off any of your decoration items but also can be used to store any items inside its drawer.

2 of 3 wall shelves recommendation

4-Tier Mount Floating Wall Shelves with Natural Wood and Metal Frame

These 4-tier mount floating wall shelves can bring many extra spaces in your room while also bringing some minimalist and industrial looks.

3 of 3 wall shelves recommendation

Decorative 4 Cube Intersecting Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

With a beautiful white finish that will suit most decor styles, these shelves also give you more storage options to put any collectibles, decoration items, or photo frames.

Using Narrow Drawer or Cabinet

A cabinet is undoubtedly one of the best pieces of furniture that can give you a lot of storage. Unfortunately, an ordinary cabinet usually requires and takes up a lot of space. Thankfully, today, many manufacturers designed and created some compact-sized cabinets that can be easily stored without taking up much of the important spaces. And here are some of them :

1 of 2 narrow cabinet

White Elegant Tall Narrow Cabinet with Decorative Louvered Door

This cabinet is only 15 inches wide, so it won’t take much of your valuable space, yet it has plenty of storage space with its 5-tier shelves. With its classic elegant design and louvered door, this cabinet will blend perfectly in most interior decorating styles.

2 of 2 narrow cabinet

Wood Alps Tall Cabinet with Glass Door and Drawer

This cabinet had 3 different storage styles: open shelves, glass door cabinets, and drawers to easily organize every item for each different storage area.

Maximize your bedroom corner

The bedroom’s corner area is often a forgotten area, whereas, with the right arrangement, this area can be used as an extra storage area to make your room more neat and organized. The easiest and fastest way to turn a dusty corner area into a much more useful place is to utilize several corner storage furniture specifically designed for corners, such as this one :

Corner shelf

Looks great, isn’t it? Not only those items can bring you some extra additional spaces in your unused corner, but it also makes your space looks flawless. If you are interested in using a corner shelf, here is our recommendation :

1 of 2 corner shelves

5 Tier White Finish Wall Mount Corner Shelves

This 5-tier wall mount corner shelves not only will give you some additional storage spaces, but its beautiful white finish will also be a great decorative item that will perfectly suit almost any decor.

2 of 2 corner shelves

5 Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose Shelving Unit

This shelves had a simple yet stylish design with its unique open shelves that are perfect for any room that needs additional storage spaces. Available in a wide range of color selections, you can easily choose which one will suit your decor style perfectly.

Tips 2: Place the bed in the right place.

Once the bed suitable for our tastes has been chosen, according to the planned setting, you should place it in an appropriate area.

Preferably, the bed should not be right in front of the access door. We can locate it near a window to facilitate natural lighting, which can then be blocked with double curtains, which allow daytime lighting and visual and light-blocking at night. We can also place the bed against the wall or take advantage of its headboard and separate it, taking it to the center of the room. This is an excellent way to have a clean visual appearance.

When organizing the bedroom, the area surrounding the bed should have no less than 60 centimeters, allowing passage and circulation with ease, and unhindered for the other components of the room. Next to the bed, it is necessary to place a bedside table on one or both sides. It is convenient to have carpets or small rugs on both sides of the bed.

Tips 3: Avoid accumulation of objects

Small space needs to avoid the accumulation of many different objects, such as furniture, accessories, decoration items, or clothes, especially when they are no longer used or very rarely been used. Getting rid of that kind of object can help do your job and make organizing your room will be so much easier. You can either sell them at a garage sale or donate them to some charity.

Tips 4: How to organize a double room: Choose smart solutions

When you are organizing the double bedroom, one of the biggest challenges is how to separate and tidy up each person’s various items. Therefore, we have prepared some tips on how to organize a double room simply and quickly.

If you are organizing the room and need to accommodate blankets, pillows, linens, and bath, trundle beds are smart furniture solutions that help arrange a double room.

A double room needs an excellent internal circulation of the room, get the furniture to fix on the wall or chest type beds. Shoe cabinets are also great alternatives since many cabinets do not have an appropriate location.

The bedside drawers are excellent choices of how to organize the room because they accommodate a wide variety of pieces.

Comfortable design

If we want to place a desk, dresser, or vanity table, we should separate it as much as possible from the bed so as not to interrupt the passage to and from the mattress itself. We can also place a larger dresser, which gives us a storage area for clothing and items, or perhaps bedding, on which we can put the TV or other things.

Decorative elements

The rest of the components will depend on the available size. If we choose to place a reading chair, we must ensure that we have adequate space. The same applies to drawers, trunks, auxiliary furniture, dividers, and more.

These are just some of the ideas to help you declutter your bedroom. Having an unorganized space can make you feel stressed, so why not make yourself feel more relaxed? Organizing your room and making it feel more spacious and clean is easy, as long as you follow all of these tips.