How to Declutter Your Bedroom?

Want to make your bedroom feel more spacious and comfortable? Here in this article we will show you an easy way on how to declutter your bedroom correctly.

How To Declutter Your Bedroom?

How to declutter your bedroom
Declutter a bedroom

The bedroom in your home should be one of the safest and most comfortable places in your home, the place where you relax and rest after a busy day. If the room is full of chaos and disorder, then it will affect you psychologically and you will not feel so good.

With these ideas you can give those touches to your bedroom that will make them improve a lot. Which ones do you want to try out?

How to organize small room: Avoid accumulation of objects

Many home builders design rooms with a limited size, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to know the proper way to organize a small bedroom. There are several types of planned and multipurpose furniture that are sold marketed in the market and facilitate the organization of the bedroom.

The way to arrange small bedroom requires planning you can invest in various accessories such as niches, shelves, shoe racks, organizer boxes, and wall hooks.

For small environments, it is necessary to avoid the accumulation of furniture, decorative objects and even clothes and accessories that are no longer used. The detachment to hoarding makes it practical to how to organize the small room, so sell or donate what does not suit you anymore or what you no longer need.

Use the walls to fix shelves or niches

In the above tip of on how to organize a small single room try using a shelf fixed to the wall with several niches. In the niches you can store books, decorative items and organizing boxes for the placement of the most varied objects.

Beds can have niche spaces too. The bed has drawers for storing shoes, toys, and clothes that are out of the season. Behind the bed, there is a chest for putting pillows, bedding and blankets. The clean look of the furniture helps convey a sense of spaciousness in the environment.

Organize small children’s bedroom 

It should accommodate several toys, and have low niches allow for practical storage.

In the planning phase of how to organize the small bedroom of children, the solution is to use low shelving over high shelves. This type of furniture makes cleaning very easy and leaves the toys within reach for children.

Invest in furniture with storage

With the passage of time, it is common the accumulation of objects in the room and we end up creating a disorganized environment. To facilitate your day to day, therefore using multifunctional furniture can be a good idea.

If you do not know how to organize the room, before start working to separate the clothes that are not in use and store in the close. Arrange and clean all drawers, cabinet and shoe rack to always leave frequently used clothes within easy reach.

If you have too many objects, abuse shelves, trunk stools, shelves, niches, dressers and other furniture that help organize the environment.

How to organize a double room: Choose smart solutions

When you are organizing the double bedroom one of the biggest challenges is how to separate and tidy up the various items of each person. Therefore, we have prepared some tips on how to organize a double room simply and quickly.

If you are organizing the room and need to accommodate blankets, pillows, and linens and bath, trundle beds are smart furniture solutions that help in time to arrange a double room.

A double room needs a good internal circulation of the room, get the furniture to fix on the wall or chest type beds. Shoe cabinets are also great alternatives to how to organize a double bedroom since many cabinets do not have an appropriate location.

The bedside drawers are great choices of how to organize the room because they accommodate a wide variety of pieces. In beds with drawers and niches, it is possible to store other items besides books, such as books, decorative objects, even shoes, and small accessories.

General tips for decluttering the bedroom 

Place the bed in the right place: 

Once the bed suitable for our tastes has been chosen, according to the planned setting, you should place it in an appropriate area.

Preferably, the bed should not be right in front of the access door. We can locate it near a window, to facilitate natural lighting, which can then be blocked with double curtains, which allow daytime lighting and visual and light blocking at night. We can also place the bed against the wall, or take advantage of its headboard and separate it, taking it to the center of the room. This is a good way to have a clean look for your bedroom.

When organizing the bedroom, the area surrounding the bed should have no less than 60 centimeters, allowing passage and circulation with ease , and unhindered for the other components of the room. Next to the bed, on one or both sides, it is necessary to place a bedside table.
It is convenient to have carpets or small rugs on both sides of the bed.

Comfortable design

If we want to place a dresser or a desk in the bedroom, we should separate it as much as possible from the bed, so as not to interrupt the passage to and from the bed itself. We can also place a larger dresser, which gives us a storage area for clothing and items, or perhaps bedding, on which we can put the TV or other items.

Decorative elements

The rest of the bedroom components will depend on the available size. If we choose to place a reading chair, we must ensure that we have adequate space. The same applies to drawers, trunks, auxiliary furniture, dividers and more.

Illumination in the bedroom

The touch that should not be missing is natural light, which gives the environment an incomparable warmth, if possible, large windows that allow filtering as much light, dressed with curtains , or curtains of modern textures, if we have a balcony or terrace, because we do not take advantage of it so that the room has direct access to them, and thus also incorporate them naturally into the environment.

These are just some of the ideas to help you declutter your bedroom. Having an unorganized bedroom can make you feel stressed, so why not make yourself feel more relaxed? Organizing your room and making it feel more spacious and clean is easy, as long as you follow all of these tips.

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