Easy Yet Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Nightstand Like a Pro

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

Nothing completes the overall interior appeal of a bedroom other than the nightstand décor. Styling the nightstand is more than just placing essential items to fill an empty space.

Nightstand decorating is an art in itself. It acts as the complementary piece of the bed and is considered a functional element necessary in a bedroom.

You don’t need excessive and luxurious home décor items to style it. Whether you’re planning to spruce up the master bedroom or simply freshening up the look of your guest bedroom, styling the nightstand is a good place to start.

General Rule of Thumb for Decorating a Nightstand

  • For a large nightstand, avoid using too many decoration items. We suggest a maximum of 4 to 5 different items. To avoid it look empty, use a larger item instead.
  • For a small nightstand, choose one big object as the main focal point – preferably the table lamp, and then add some small decorative items around it.
  • Mix different colors, textures, and patterns to make it visually interesting.

How to Decorate a Nightstand (9 Stylish Ways)

The Most Important Item: The Table Lamp

Table lamp

It’s a given. Every bedside table should have a table lamp. It is what gives depth and structure to the composition. When choosing lamps, make sure that their design complements the overall style of your bedroom.

The lamp is considered the focal point so you need to be extra mindful and careful when selecting lamps. Make sure that its size is proportionate to the table.

However, if you have a small bedroom with limited space, you can opt for a wall sconce instead. The goal here is to integrate lighting design in a stylish yet functional way.

Decorate With Florals

Floral decorations

When it comes to decorating with florals, you have the option to go for freshly picked flowers or choose faux ones.

What makes florals a beautiful décor piece is that it enlivens the space. It adds a pop of color and makes the room look refreshing and aesthetically appealing.

A Tidy Stack of Books

Decorative books

Books are the second-most commonly used decor item you can find on a nightstand. I would highly suggest placing a stack of 3 books next to the table lamp.

The size of the books should be relative to the size of the tabletop. Not too big or too thick and not too small. Just about right. If your nightstand has an extra shelf underneath, you can fill it up with a couple of books as well. There are two ways on how to place the books.

You can either stack them up or organize them with stylish bookends. Placing books is also a great way to add your personal touch.

Place A Scented Candle

Scented candles

Add a little bit of aromatherapy to your room with scented candles. It’s a great way to evoke romance and a sense of serenity which is ideal to have in a bedroom.

Your bedroom, after all, is your haven. It is the place where you get to rest after a tiring day at work and that is why it is important to create a calming and tranquil atmosphere for you to have restful sleep.

The lavender scent is the best for bedrooms. Its fragrance brings you to a state of calm, allowing you to relax before drifting to sleep.

Add A Small Decorative Storage Box, Bowl, Or Tray

Decorative tray

The primary purpose of a nightstand is to have an area where you can place essential items at arm’s length during the nighttime. Some people like to read before bed – hence, the books and the lamp.

It is also ideal to have a small storage box or a trinket bowl where you can place pieces of jewelry and other important stuff. You can place it on the surface of the table or on top of the books.

For people who take medications before bed, place a small decorative tray to hold the medicines and a glass of water.

Add A Stylish Alarm Clock

Stylish alarm clock

I get that some people use their phones to set their alarms but an alarm clock can be an essential addition. If your table has a huge surface area, you may consider placing a small stylish alarm clock. An alarm clock can define the style of your nightstand.

For a traditional look, go for an analog alarm clock. Or if you prefer contemporary, then a modern, minimalist one would be perfect.

Style With a Framed Artwork

Framed artwork

Another great way to decorate your bedside table is to add a framed picture or a piece of art. It adds character and makes the nightstand look aesthetically appealing to the eye.

For nightstands with a larger surface area, you can either choose a larger artwork or a mirror and place it on the wall. It doubles as a wall décor which adds substance to the overall appeal of the bedroom.

Choose The Appropriate Nightstand

The look of the nightstand is a very important element to consider to create a coherent and harmonious composition. If you’re considering changing your nightstand, you can find a lot of affordable pieces on furniture flea markets and online stores.

Another way is to do a furniture makeover. Give it a budget-friendly facelift by repainting and changing the hardware.

Keep It Simple Yet Significant

Perhaps the most important designer tip of all is to make your nightstand composition work for you. You don’t need to include unnecessary decor and accessories since they will only crowd the table.

For smaller nightstands, keep it minimal yet stylish. Consider the style of the bedroom and create balance. Don’t forget to add your personal touch as well.