16 Decor Ideas on How to Divide a Room into Two Spaces

Creative ideas to divide a room into two spaces. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : March 17th, 2021

Sometimes your space does not meet your expectations but there’s nothing you can do, except accept what you have. You may opt to renovate it, but you need to spend time and money to do it.

Divide living room with dining room
Two different space in one room

If you are renting the place, you still need to secure the approval of your landlord for any renovation that you may have.

Here is a list of suggestions that you may consider and teach you how to divide a room into two spaces.

1. Use a Bookshelf as Divider

Whether you are a bookworm or someone who uses books to create a scholarly vibe within the room, a bookshelf is a stylish way to break up the space into two rooms or sections.

This can also serve as additional storage for all the things that you want to keep in place. Your book shelf does not need to reach the ceiling to divide your space, but you may do so to create an illusion that you have ample space and to gain extra storage compartment.

2. Consider using some Plants to Divide the Space

Having a shelf that contains different varieties of plants can be an effective divider to separate two rooms. There are plants, such as spider plant and mother-in-law’s tongue that can help purify the air within your living space.

They also provide aesthetic value to your living space so make sure to get some of those plants.

3. You may use Foldable Screens or Dividers

There are foldable screens or dividers that you can choose from and use one to turn the space into two separate rooms.

It is an effective and inexpensive way to have two rooms in an instant. This includes cutout folding screens.

4. Allow Curtains to Create Two Sections

The curtains can serve as thin walls that can divide the space into two rooms.

When it’s impossible to have foldable screens, you can use a beautiful plain or patterned fabric to serve as divider.

5. Have a Sliding Barn Door

This one can be a DIY project that can help you break up the space to get two rooms. It does not require any building permit or contractor to make the sliding barn door.

You can even slide the door to cover the area that you wish to conceal at the moment without destroying the idea that you have currently two rooms.

6. Use Furniture to Break up The Area

You don’t need to shop for a new divider or decor in an attempt to create two rooms within the space that you have. You can use your furniture to separate the two rooms.

You may choose to give your furniture a fresh cover to make it look like it’s new.

7. Depend on Big Cabinets to Create Two Distinct Rooms

The big cabinets can help a lot in breaking up the space. They also provide additional storage for all the clutter that you cannot get rid of. The big cabinets act as walls to separate the rooms.

8. Use Rug to Section off Space

The presence of chairs, table, and couch can help create and establish an idea that you are in a separate room. Do you know what can actually pull it together? It’s the presence of a rug.

Choose a color of rug that deeply contrasts against the floor of the room. This can help create and establish the boundaries within the space.

9. Use a Combination of Curtain and Console or Cabinet

The combination of console or cabinet and curtains can efficiently divide the space into two rooms. The console and curtain provide the appearance of a wall without the need to renovate the place.

10. Use Wall Hangings to Divide the Space

You may use beads or other wall hangings to divide the space. They are more solid than curtains, but they don’t make the room look cramped and small.

They can easily provide the appearance of having two rooms within the same space.

11. Create an Unique Color Scheme for Each Room

You can also divide the space by assigning a color scheme that each area should follow. You may choose to have everything in different shades of yellow for one room and different shades of green to the other.

That way, the eyes can clearly see that the space has two distinct rooms.

12. Use Different Types or Colors of Flooring to Separate the Rooms

You can also choose to have different type or color of flooring for each room. This creates individuality and anyone who sees it will surely recognize that she is looking at two different rooms.

The different floorings of each room differentiate the rooms from each other.

13. Consider using Shipping Pallets

The shipping pallets can be turned into semi-private room divider with the help of some ingenuity. How you do it is limited only to your imagination.

You may choose to just cover the pallets with fresh paints or decorate them – everything is up to you.

14. Separate the Rooms with Levels

You may elevate the other room to create distinction. You don’t always need a wall to come up with two rooms in a shared space. A bit of elevation does the trick in creating two separate rooms.

15. Use Slatted Divider

If you have a small, limited space but you also want to have two rooms in a shared space, you may want to consider using a slatted divider to separate the rooms.

You get to see the entire space room and also see two rooms at the same time. It’s chic and practical.

16. Consider Installing an Elevated Bed

To get more work space, you may want to consider having an elevated bed where in you can use the space beneath it as an additional work area. That way, you won’t feel cramped while working.

These are just some of the things that you can do to have two rooms sharing the same space. Take your pick and have the two rooms that you want.

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