How To Get Rid Of Dust In House

Tired with dust in your home? In this article we will show you some easy tips on how to get rid of dust in house. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : March 15th, 2021

No matter how well you clean the house, there are always dust particles accumulated in one corner or the other. Or maybe, you will see another new batch of settled dust on the table right after cleaning it.

Increasing population and crowded places have increased the level of dust in the house every day. Dust is usually made up of various kinds of particles such as dead skin cells, plant pollen, fibers from paper, and clothing.

How to get rid of dust in house

Dust accumulation can prove to be dangerous for sufferers of allergies and asthma. For those who have allergy sufferers at home, you must have wondered how to get rid of dust at home. Don’t worry, because you will find the best of tips and ideas here.

Did you know? That according to a study by one manufacturer of furniture spray, the average dust collected in a household is 40 lbs in a year!!

Where does Dust Come From?

Before we begin on how to get rid of dust in house, its better for you to understand where does the dust come from.

Most people claim that 90 percent of the dust in our house is made up of dead skin cells. But that is not true. Studies have shown that dust at home is a mixture of carpet fluff, fibred from clothes, animal dander, etc.

Fresh air enters the room when we open the windows, but along with that comes in debris from the streets and pollens. These particles get trapped inside the house and mix up with household dust like flour or makeup powder even.

Reduce Dust in Your Home

A completely dust-free house is next to impossible, but you can follow the below basic tips to keep your house less dusty.

1. Regularly Organize Your Closet

Your closet may seem safe from the outside dust particles, but they are full of small fibers from your towels, clothes to bed sheets. These tiny fibers may seem invisible, but as soon as you open the closet, there is a whiff of invisible dust fibers that come out.

It is natural for fibers to shed from clothes, but you can minimize the level of dust accumulation in the closet by using plastic containers to stack the clothes in.

You can even opt for zip lockers that will keep your clothes and the closet clean. It is also much easier to remove these bags or containers off the shelves while cleaning the closet.

2. Avoid Carpeting

don't use carpet to reduce dust

Carpets may look cozy and beautiful, but they can act as magnets for dust particles or even mites. Carpeted floors need to be vacuumed every day and are high-maintenance. It may not work well with allergy sufferers.

However, if you are so keen on having carpeted floors, opt for a vacuum cleaner that contains a high-efficiency particulate filter or a double-layered microfilter bag. These filters do not allow dust to be re-introduced in the air.

The best idea is to go for vinyl, hardwood, or tile flooring.

3. Windows Should be Kept Closed

Yes, this may come as a surprise, but keeping your window open will invite unwanted debris from outdoors along with fresh air. The dust particles from the outside will enter as pollen, mold spores, or other airborne pollutants. These will accumulate over time and build-up indoors on window sills,  tables, etc.

Make sure that the windows are not kept open for long, and keep them closed during windy season.

4. Clean Both The House and The Air Together

Smart word and hard work should go hand in hand if you wish to keep your house clean. While cleaning, all vacuum cleaners release dust through their agitator or the blowing exhaust steam. These dust particles then settle on the surface you just cleaned.

To avoid this, you need to turn the thermostat to “fan on” mode. Doing so will switch on the blowers inside the furnace, which will filter out the air. After you have finished cleaning, keep the blower on for at least 15 minutes.  

5. Choose The Right Vacuum

Use right vacuum to reduce dust

The right vacuum should not only have a strong suction power but also other qualities depending on the intended use. It is best to go for cleaners that have a strong agitator.

However, if you have a tile, hardwood, or vinyl flooring, the best choice would be a canister vacuum that comes without an agitator.

6. Regularly Change Your Bedding

Dust particles love to settle on bed sheets, mattresses, and pillow covers. Cover your mattress in an allergen-proof cover to minimize dust and for protection.

Wash your beddings at least once a week to keep dust away.

7. Damp Mopping and Dusting

Water is the best environment-friendly cleanser you can find. Use a wet cloth to wipe off surfaces and mop the floor. This will eliminate at least 90 percent of the accumulated dust in the house.

A damp mop or cloth can effectively absorb and hold dust particles like no other.

8. No Static

When rooms are dry, there is a buildup of static electricity. This attracts dust particles inside that can stubbornly stick to surfaces. To avoid this problem, a humidifier should be installed at home.

The ambient humidity level in the house should be about 40 to 60 percent in order to reduce static and keep the house clean.

9. No Feathers

A feather duster is the worst when it comes to cleaning the surfaces. It may seem that the dust particles have been removed, but the same particles will fall off the feathers as you roam around the house.

A damp microfiber cloth is the best when it comes to cleaning flat surfaces or even showpieces.

10. Cushions and Rugs Should be Beaten Regularly

Cushions, carpets, and rugs harbor a lot of dust particles. Apart from vacuuming them daily, make sure to give them a beating at least once a week. Use either a tennis racket or bat or even a broom to do so.

This will clean off the dust particles that have accumulated over time.

11. Use Air Purifier

One of the most instant and effective solution to reduce dust in your home is to use air purifier with anti dust feature. Some of air purifier had been proven to reduce 99% of the dust in the air.


Getting rid of dust from home is a difficult task, but if done regularly, you will more or less have a dust-free home. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will find your house spick and span always.

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