How to Place Rug in Living Room

Read this article to get some inspiration and ideas where you can put the rug perfectly in your living room. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : March 19th, 2021

How to Place a Rug Perfectly in The Living Room

Rugs are very vital in our homes, there help to beautify and soften the environment or living room. Depending on their size though, they can make a room feel smaller and more spacious, there offers a great deal of protection also to your floors.

How to place rug in living room correctly

Our main aim is about rugs in the living room, a smaller rug makes a room smaller while a big rug makes the room large. Although there are factors that determine how you place your rug in the living room

Factors that Determine How to Place Your Rug

1.    Pets

2.    Room size or settings

3.    Number and age of children in your home

Now, let’s take a look at how to place rugs in our living room;

1. Place all Furniture Legs at The Edge of The Rug

This is a very nice idea when using smaller rugs to decorate your room. The rug should be bold and colorful to bring out the beauty in the room. Larger rugs will be a disadvantage in this setting because they could get spoilt easily in the process when trampled by a piece of furniture.

As I have said earlier, it all depends on your room size and the number of furniture present.

2. Sit Your Rug in Front of Your Sofa

This is ideal for smaller rooms, it shows a part of the floor and in the process makes the room more spacious. There would be a separation between the sofa and the side tables.

It will make you comfortable when sitting on your sofa and watching tv, it aids in good relaxation in the process.

3. All Legs Should be Placed on The Rug

Of course, this is a nice option for a largely spaced living room. In this tip, you should purchase a big rug that is large enough to accommodate all tables, chairs, and sofas. The living room will become arranged and presentable.

There should be a border outside so it doesn’t extend to other unwanted parts of the room.

4. There Should be Inches of Space Between The Rug and Other Furniture

The rug should be of medium size so it can be placed in the middle of the room. If the rug is too large, you can cut it round, all to the same size.

This method brings a nice design and settings to your room, it is best also for small spaced rooms.

5. Combination of Rugs

This method is very effective when the room is large and has more than one sitting arrangement. All you have to do is to combine different colors of rugs that match very well in beauty.

Some large rooms have different sitting settings that one rug won’t be able to fit in properly. You just have to measure two different rugs, cut and join to get the perfect rug placement.

6. Front Legs On and Back Legs Off

Your furniture front legs should be placed or sit on the rug, while the other back legs are on the bare floor or tile. This setting connects the different furniture in the room together thereby creating a unique bond in your living room.

This approach is applicable to both small and large living room.

Few Advice on rugs

•    Purchase a rug that it’s color matches well with your room and furniture colors. It’s not all about the arrangement or so. As far it makes your room look splendid and beautiful, I give you a go ahead

•    With the few tips I’ve given above, in which all are highly recommended, you can then choose the one that best suits your living room.

There are all well precise and understandable, just understand your room settings and take one or two of the approaches to achieve your desired goals.

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