Tips for Using Bold Colors in Interior Design

Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : April 24th, 2024

The neutral hues obviously a safer and risk-free choice compared to bold or vibrant tones that can be complicated, tricky, and challenging.

However, based on our experience, infuse bold colors into the interior scheme can dramatically improve the overall design, embracing more depth and richness that truly transform any boring space into a more sophisticated ones.

In this article, we’ll explore some essential things that you can follow to achieve a perfect visual appearance using bold hues.

So, whether you’re lookint to revamp your entire home or just want to add a splash of bold color to a specific room, this article can be a great starting point that will guide you through the art of using bold colors effectively.

1. Choose The Mood and Ambiance That You Want to Achieve

Bedroom with dark blue accent wall

Bold or vibrant colors can easily set up the mood and ambiance for the entire space. Thus, before deciding what bold shades that you want to incorporate inside your color palette, you should have a clear vision about the result that you want to achieve.

For example, if you want to create a bold yet tranquil spaces, then dark blue or navy can be a perfect option, but if you want to have a vibrant and cheerful ambient, then go with mustard yellow or orange will be a more appropriate choice.

2. Set Up the Right Color Scheme Around Your Bold Color

Monochromatic living room

While the bold color can make a powerful impact, the other colors inside your scheme can also plays an important role. These supporting color not only acts as foundation that allowing your bold hues to shine, but they can help achieve a harmonious balance to avoid overwhelming the senses. To achieve this, you can opt for a complementary or analogous scheme.

For the complementary, you can choose some colors that positioned opposite of your bold color in the color wheel, while analogous theme using colors that are neighboring on each others.

3. Start Small with Accents

Orange throw pillow

If you are unsure where to start, we highly recommend you to start small by incorporating the bold color as an accent.

Some accessories like pillows, rugs, or wall art can be a great starting point to see how the bold color perform inside your home. From there, you can expand to a much bigger elements for a stronger impact.

4. Make The Bold Hues a Focal Point

Teal accent wall

One of the best way to exploit the full potential of bold shade is by using it as the main focal point of your space. And that’s the reason why many homeowners and interior designers using bold paint color for their accent wall or for their statement-making furniture like sofa or headboard.

5. Consider Color Blocking

If you need an even stronger appeal, then try color blocking. Color blocking is a technique that incorporates two or more bold colors to create a powerful visual that instantly transform your space.

You can use this method by painting your walls with two different bold paint colors, or using two bold hues for your walls and ceiling. This technique can add strong drama and depth, making it work really well for any contemporary or modern interiors.

6. Plays with Texture and Patterns

Geometric-style accent wall

To give your bold color palette a new interesting visuals, you can play with different texture and patterns. For instance, if you are using bold sofas like navy or black sofa, you can add some geometric style pillow to elevate the visual impact of your bold sofa.

You can also try creating a plaster accent wall painted with bold color, creating a stunning focal point with rough, organic plaster texture.

7. The Art of Balance

Navy and white color palette

One essential key to successfully incorporate bold color to your interior space lies in striking the perfect balance and harmony. Thus, it’s very important to use neutral or any complementary hues that can balance and tone down the bold elements.

For example, you can add some cream artwork to the dark brown accent wall, or adds while throw pillows to your black leather couch.

8. Don’t be Afraid to Take Risks

Living room with red sofa

If you really want to embrace bold colors inside your home for a total transformation, don’t be afraid to take some risk. Thus, rather than go with safe colors like black or dark gray, you can try something more unexpected like charcoal or espresso brown.

You can also explore your personal touch and style, as sometimes, going to the unknown path may lead you to amazing things.

9. The Importance of Lighting

If you are using bold colors in a large elements or surface, lighting play a very important role. First of all, we doesn’t recommend you to use bold color inside any room that doesn’t have plenty of natural lighting.

Secondly, you may need to add more artificial lighting not only to avoid your space feel dark and gloomy, but the additional lighting can help highlight the elegance of your bold elements.

Where to Use Bold Colors Inside Your Home :

Accent Wall

Dark gray accent wall

This is one of the best way to use bold color. The bold painted accent wall will instantly elevate your space, add a touch of drama to an otherwise ordinary space. By focusing a bold color on single wall can also help draw all of the attention to this stunning wall, make it a sophisticated focal point of your room.

Moreover, creating a bold accent wall is a cost-effective way to really transform the visual of your space, where you can achieve a depth and dramatic look with low effort and cost.

Lastly, the accent wall can be used as a strategic experimental canvas, where you can easily switch color if you want to redesign or try another paint colors.

Statement-making Furniture

Black couch

Another great way to use bold color is by using any bold-painted statement-making furniture like sofa, bed frame, or large area rug.

These kind of furniture immediately grabs attention and becomes the centerpiece of the room. Moreover, the big furniture like sofa can instantly elevate the overall design, creating a memorable impression on anyone who visit your home.

Small Accessories

Black and gold throw pillow

Small accessories with bold or vibrant colors can bring a subtle yet noticeable impact without overwhelming your space. This approach can also provide you plenty of flexibility to experiment, and easily adapt to changing seasons and trends, giving your space a fresh look as needed.

Accessories also tend to be more budget-friendly option compared to larger furniture items, making it easier for you to experiment without needing a major financial investment. Some great accessories that you can try to use to add bold accent to your space are throw pillow, vases, or artwork.

Ceiling? Why not!

Living room with bold ceiling

Painting your ceiling with dark, bold colors can be a creative and impactful way to infuse depth and character to your room. As an often overlooked element, painting the ceiling will bold color will make it pop and stand out, draws everyone’s eye upward and immediately captures attention.

However, if you want try this approach, we highly recommend you to choose any bold paint color that had a strong neutral tone rather than the rich, vibrant ones, such as charcoal, black, or navy.

Emphasize Architectural Feature

Dark gray painted column

Give your intricate architectural details like molding, trim, fireplace, columns, windows frame, or built-in elements an enhanced detail and more stand out appeal by paint them with dark or bold colors.

The dark color will emphasizes the lines and shapes of these feature, allowing them to stand out strongly and making a bigger impact to your overall design.

Bold Flooring

Black marble flooring

Since flooring covers a significant area inside a room, it can be a great canvas for showcasing bold colors. Whether it’s a black marble flooring or dark wood flooring, those kind of floors can be a bold foundation that sets the tone for the entire space.

The bold-colored flooring also creates an instant impact to capture anyone attention as soon as they enters the room, making a strong design elements that evoke elegance to the entire space.

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