Is Plywood Waterproof?

Is plywood waterproof? In this article, we will answer this question. Also, we will show you how to make a plywood waterproof easily. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : March 12th, 2021

We got thisone question from one of’s followers on social media. Thinking that there is a possibility of many of you asking the same question,then we will answer that question in this article.

Is plywood waterproof?

Short answer: no. Because plywood is made of some layers of wood, which of course we already know that wood is a material that is not resistant to water. However, don’t be disappointed, because there are tricks to make plywood waterproof, which we will explain further in this article.

What is Plywood?

Before we continue, you need to know what exactly plywood is. Plywood consists of 2 basic words, ply and wood. Ply means layer, so that means plywood means the layer of wood which is glued by using special glue to make a sheet that has a function as an alternative or substitute for original wood that can be used to make furniture, make floors or walls, as a barrier to concrete castings, and many other uses.

is plywood waterproof

The number of layers in a plywood sheet varies depending on the thickness of the plywood. The thicker a plywood, the more layers there are in it.

According to some test results, plywood is stronger than some similar products such as MDF or medium density fiber.

In addition to its strength, the price is much cheaper than the price of sheet wood also makes plywood much in demand today.

Is There a Waterproof Plywood?

If you need material that is 100% waterproof, maybe plywood is not the right choice for you, even so, there are types of plywood that can be a little more resistant to water compared to ordinary plywood, it’s called WBP plywood.

WBP itself stands for Water Boiled Proof. WBP plywood producers claim that this type of plywood can stand in the wet environments because it uses special glue that is resistant to water. Thus, the layers of WBP plywood do not detach quickly even if exposed to water.

But keep in mind, that the waterproof in this case is only glue from the plywood, while the wood layer is not. Thus, water can still enter and damage the wood layers of the WBP plywood.

How to Make Plywood Waterproof?

The best way to make plywood waterproof is to use the woodcon method.

Woodcon technique can make all types of wood become waterproof, including plywood. The way it works is quite simple, namely by forming a waterproof, transparent layer on the entire surface of plywood. This technique is quite popular because it does not change the appearance of waterproofing wood.

In addition to making wood waterproof, woodcon techniques can also make wood more resistant to fire. And other advantages, using this technique, wood can also be more resistant to termites and fungi.

You can do this technique easily easily, just by buying woodcon liquid that is widely available in the market, and applying it yourself to the plywood that you want to use to make it waterproof.

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