12 Best Way to Lighten a Dark Narrow Hallway

12 effective ways on how to lighten a dark narrow hallway. Turn a gloomy hallway into a brighter ones. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 25th, 2023

Ever had an experience where you go to a friend’s house, and you have to pass a dark, and narrow hallway, where you feel that there will be someone to pounce on you and put a sack on your head? You must watch too much horror flicks. But, having a dark, narrow hallway is a real thing because it can also be your home without you realizing it. So, how to lighten a dark narrow hallway, you ask? Read on.

long dark narrow hallway
Dark hallway

12 Best Way to Lighten a Dark Hallway

Wall Lamp

If you can’t create a bigger space as a solution to the dark, narrow area such as taking down a wall to make it spacious and inviting, there is another solution.

You can place wall lamps in the hallway and make sure they are 6 to 8 ft apart, as this will make sure there are no black gaps in between lights. You can either place uplights, which can help illuminate the bigger space. If you choose downlights, it can help give the area an ambient feel.

Another option is wall sconces, which is another type of wall lighting for gloomy spaces in your home.

Light Wall Paint Colors

You could choose from original color schemes such as white and teak as it gives the illusion of width, creating an airy space and adds height to space.

You can also choose a sunny yellow paint which will not only give your space the illusion of a bigger space but adds grandeur to the hallway.

Another option is lavender because it is a warm tone of color, powder blue can also be your option to brighten the area, soft gray is also another color to pick. Some would prefer pastels as it is uplifting for many people.

High-Gloss Ceiling

Using high gloss paint for your ceiling can give an illusion of space as it reflects lights well at the same time, it will add elegance to the once dreary area.

High gloss paint has a glass-like shine or glimmer because of its effect on the entire house or in any area it mostly adds depth and character to it. It is also easy to clean because of its smooth finish.

Although it is difficult to apply for a novice painter, an experienced painter can easily do the trick. It also involves sanding, so a knowledgeable worker should do it. Seeing your ceiling painted with high gloss paint should all be worth it and change your once narrow and dark hallway.

Use of Colorful Rugs

It is another option to choose rugs that will give life to the narrow and dark area. You may choose light-colored rugs or even light yellow or green to the simplest beige or powder blue.

Simple solution but will make the space inviting and give it an airy and bright feel.

Use of Natural Light

For a dreary hallway, the addition of natural light will surely work wonders. Fitting it with a stained glass window or a glazed one can help give life to this boring space.

The natural light can enhance the look of your hallway, and you will even save energy by borrowing light from the natural element.

Choose the Ideal Flooring

Wood floors are easy to clean and adds elegance to the house or any area. Luxury vinyl is another option because of the vast choices of stone and wood effects they have.

You can also think of carpet and can either be plain, striped or with a pattern. Getting a patterned carpet somewhat gives life to an area as the eyes focus on the beautiful pattern, and not on the dreariness of the room or the area. It will also make the area pop with life.

Hanging Beautiful and Colorful Paintings

Minor details but will add character to your hallway. Frames of light colors can be good, and even pastel colors will do wonders.

Frames can also be decorated according to your preference. Some people even have it customized with a different design color to make it more attractive.

You also have to choose the best painting since you plan to make the area look bright, choosing paintings that suggest dark, negative energy will not help at all.

Use of Mirrors

The versatility of mirrors makes it the best addition in any area in your house. You can add a horizontal mirror that is just sized right to not appear overwhelming the space.

This will help widen the areas instead and stress the beauty of the space. Another option is a full-length vertical mirror, but it should be the size that can cover an extensive area of your hallway, and you can even add a mount to it.

Mirrors can also come in varied frame designs and unique forms. They can also customize the color of the frame to suit the design or color of your home.

Use of Standout Decors

Buying decorative addition to your hallway can be another idea, such as adding a table with bold metallic tones, any decor that has a metallic paint effect, or a matte emulsion to brighten the hallway.

Paint the Balustrade

Again, the power of paint will work wonders. A natural wood balustre has its attraction, but a white-painted balustre can give a light reflection to the area.

Another option is to replace the wood design with clear glass, as this will create a natural flow of light.

Adjacent Room Lights

If there is no other option for natural light from the outside to come in, borrowing light from the adjacent room is another option for you.

Using doors that are made of translucent glass or clear doors can allow natural light to flow from the room to the hallway.

Single-panel glass doors can be your choice. If privacy is an issue, frosted glass can help in this matter.

Painting your Floor

If you are not keen on placing anything on your floors such as rugs or carpet, then painting your floor using specialist floor paints can be an option.

Here, the Scandinavian influence sets in. They are skilled masters in maximizing light. The simple painting of wood floors can do wonders and bring the illusion of airiness to space. Not only airiness but complete elegance and class to the areas well.

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