How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Best and proven ways to make a small bathroom look bigger and spacious. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : March 17th, 2021

Do you have a small bathroom? Even if you have the money to renovate your bathroom but lack the space to expand it, you will not be able to make it bigger. Do you want to know how to make a small bathroom look bigger?

make small bathroom look bigger

Here are some of the things that can help you make your bathroom look more spacious.

Install a Big Mirror

Mirrors can create an illusion that you have more space than you actually have. It can make your bathroom appear like it has doubled its original area. Make sure that the mirror is big enough to reflect the full view of the room. A mirror that measures five feet in length and three feet tall is an ideal size. However, you can order a customized mirror that fits the length of the wall where you will mount it and just decide how tall you want it to be.

You can turn it into a DIY project and install it yourself using a drill. A frameless mirror gives off a feeling of having more space, although you can also choose something with a beautiful frame that blends well with the interior of your bathroom.

Use Good Lighting

Having more light in a small bathroom is better. Good lighting makes the space look open and big. Natural light is the best source of illumination, but it is almost impossible to get much of it in your small bathroom. If you have a small window, you may choose to make it bigger and use frosted glass to preserve your privacy. You also need to clean your windows regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris.

You may install multiple light sources at different parts of your bathroom to avoid shadowing. You may use a grid of ceiling lights, edge-lighted mirror, or scones to brighten up your bathroom space. Good lighting can make your bathroom space look bigger.

Go with White or Use the Same Tone and Color

One of the most effective and quickest ways to create a room that looks spacious is to use white paint, white vanity, white tile, and so on. The color white can make you feel that the room has a lot of space. Rather than absorb the available light, the white color reflects it. The space in the room feels and looks airy when you choose to go for white color.

If you don’t like white at all, you may use the same tone and color as much as you can. Don’t go for the combination of light-colored tiles and dark-colored walls. This will cut up the space, destroy the continuity, and make the room seems smaller than it is. If you really want to create contrast, limit it to the object that will not hinder the continuity that space exudes. You may create contrast using a light fixture or a small cabinet.

Maximize the Walls

Rather than putting your bathroom furniture on the floor, you can move them to the walls. This approach can help give you more extra space on the floors and also can help make the floor spaces feel much more spacious. Some items such as floating vanity desk, wall shelves or floating cabinets can work wonders to help bring more available floor spaces inside any small bathroom.

Avoid Too Many Decorations

As much as possible, don’t put too many decorations in your small bathroom or avoid using them at all. You may choose to adapt to the minimalists’ way of using their space. Put only the necessary items on your bathroom countertop. You need to avoid creating a cramped space, which can affect the overall appearance of your bathroom. Instead of seeing a spacious area, your eyes may always shift at the crowded space of your countertop.

Decorations may turn into serious clutter if you keep adding them to any of the available space in your bathroom. Before you add something in your bathroom, it is best to ask yourself whether a certain decoration or addition has functional value or may contribute to making your bathroom look bigger. You also need to re-evaluate each item in your bathroom and begin the process of elimination. You must discard everything that will not contribute anything in making your bathroom look spacious.

Use a Glass Shower Enclosure without Frame

A frameless glass shower enclosure is better than a wall or shower curtain in creating a divider. You can open the shower curtain after you’re done, but it still creates a sort of visual wall. Also, the glass enclosure somehow exudes a certain elegance or appeal to your bathroom.

Create a Harmonious Ceiling, Walls, and Tiles

Your ceiling, walls, and tiles must exude a unified look to create a seamless appearance. Painting your ceiling with the same color as your walls can help you achieve continuity and make the area look spacious. You may choose to have a slightly lighter tone of the same color for your ceiling if you want contrast. If you use the same color and tone, your ceiling tends to look sharper than the walls due to the reflection of the light. Painting your ceiling a tone or two lighter than the walls can create a more fluid effect.

You also need to blend your wall and tile colors to continue giving off the appearance of continuity. You must eliminate the dividing line as much as possible so you can gain the look of an airy bathroom. You may also choose to install tiles up to the ceiling to make sure that you have eliminated the dividing line between the walls and the floor. This also leaves the impression that your ceiling is higher than it is.

Go for Long Lines

If you want to achieve an impression of having more space, you must draw the eyes to the room’s widest point. You need to highlight the longest line in your bathroom, such as a plain wall without anything on it. When you put a shelf against it, you create a horizontal line that can help make the room appear bigger.

Push the Walls Apart

You can push the walls apart without renovating it. How? If you have a long, narrow bathroom, you need to add more horizontal lines to create an impression of having more width.

You can use floor tiles with horizontal lines to make the space of your bathroom look less cramped. The horizontal lines can make the space look wide.

There are other things that you may come up with as you try to discover more ways on how to make a small bathroom look bigger. Everything is limited only to your imagination.

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