10 Best Narrow Vanity Table for Small Spaces (Under 30 Inch Wide)

10 best narrow vanity table for small spaces that can fit into tight spaces that most table won't. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 25th, 2020
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Vanity table or dressing table is an essential furniture item, especially for woman. Not only it can be used for doing some make up, vanity table also can be used to organizing any beauty supplies and accessories items.
organizing your beauty supplies. Furthermore, vanity table also can enhance the looks of your spaces as most of them had a beautiful and gorgeous looks.

For those who had a large size bedroom, of course there won’t be any problem when placing the vanity table inside. Unfortunately, for small sized bedroom, most vanity table can’t be placed as most of them had a quite large size that won’t fit into small spaces.

To help anyone who facing this problem, we doing some research and testing some compact size dressing table that will fit into any narrow spaces, and here is the results.

10 Best Vanity Table for Small Spaces

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Narrow Vanity Set for Small Spaces with 3 Drawers and Cushioned Stool

Comes in compact size : 20 inch width x 12 inch depth x 53.5 inch height, this simple and modern looking vanity table can fit into any small spaces in your bedroom. Although having a compact size, this vanity table bring a decent storage options, thank’s to it’s 3 built in drawers. With beautiful yet comfortable stool included, we highly recommend this vanity set for everyone with limited available spaces.

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White Dressing Vanity Table Makeup Desk with 2 Drawer and Flip Top Mirror

For you who had a lot of make up accessories, than this one can be a good options for you. With 23.6 inch wide, surely spaces won’t be any problem for this table, while still providing a lot of storage options from a large compartment and two sliding drawers. White finished MDF with wooden legs combined perfectly to created an unique, elegant and stylish design vanity table.

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White Wooden Finish 3-Piece Vanity Set with Tilt Mirror

With 28 inch wide, this vanity table is quite larger with any other items in this list. This surely will provide you a large table top area that can help your make up routine easier while still doesn’t take too much spaces in your bedroom or bathroom. Made using high quality wood with white finish, this table is a perfect choice especially for you who loved minimalist style decor.

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Narrow White Finish Vanity Table with Beige Seat

This simple and modern vanity table had a versatile design that can easily blended with any different decoration style. Built in tilting mirror that can be adjust easily according to your needs.

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White Classic Style Vanity Table Set with Oval Mirror, Stool, and 4 Drawers

This 29.5 inch vanity table surely not the narrowest one, but still can be used well in any tight spaces. With beautiful looks in bright white finish, this vanity table surely will be a perfect addition to your home that will bring a gorgeous and glamorous vibe. From the storage perspective, this vanity table also works great as it had 4 different drawers and a large table surface to store any different items.

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White Narrow Vanity Dressing with 360 Degree Rotating Oval Mirror

With simple yet luxurious design, this vanity table can be a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t only need a vanity table, but also need a decorative item to bring glamorous and elegant ambient into their spaces. It’s 360 degree rotating mirror will make your makeup routine easier.

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2-in-1 Floating Wall Mounted Vanity Mirror for Small Spaces with 2 Removable Drawers

Using floating furniture items is one of the most effective ways when it comes to small spaces, that’s the reason why this floating bedroom vanity can be a great solution for you who doesn’t had any available floor spaces in your home. For a table with only 20 inch wide, this item bring a lot of storage spaces with it’s 2 different drawers. This compact vanity table is beautifully made with extra attention to every single detail such as crystal handle to elegant shaped mirror.

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Vanity Makeup Table Set with Flip Top Mirror and Organizer

This simple and elegant vanity table is very versatile and gives a lot of storage spaces as the whole table can be used as storage. You can also use this as desk or writing table as the top part of the dressing table is reversible.

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White Vanity Table Set with Flip Top Mirror and Cushioned Stool

Multi-functional furniture is essential for anyone with limited spaces, and this table is one of them. You can easily turn this vanity table into a writing/desk table by flipping the mirror, so you doesn’t need separate vanity table or desk table that surely will save you a lot of spaces. Not only functional, this item also looks gorgeous and beautiful and can be a wonderful addition for your home.

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Modern Vanity Table Set with Lighted Mirror

Come with 9 built in LED light in the large mirror, this table can be a perfect dressing space. This item also can help bring more additional storage option with it’s big drawer, 2-tier shelves and spacious desktop.