How to Organize a Small Kitchen

In this article, we will guide you step by step to organize your small kitchen using easy, effective and efficient approach. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : September 3rd, 2022

Want to Organize your Small Kitchen? Here are The Best Tips for Organizing Your Small Kitchen.

Not everyone has a big and spacious kitchen, some are set up intentionally, while others are met the way they are when you rent a house. Instead of getting discouraged and finding a way to either relocate to another building or renovate the kitchen, you can easily organize your kitchen to make it feels more comfortable for you or anyone who uses it.

How to organize small kitchen
Small kitchen

I advise you to focus on means and tricks to maximize or organize your kitchen in a presentable manner.

Although, staying organized in a small kitchen can be very challenging and if you’re the type that loves buying and storing your cooking utensils and foodstuffs in bulk. Maintaining that order is can be a very difficult task at the beginning.

Before we started, here are the reasons why you should organize your kitchen in an orderly manner.

Why Should I Organize My Small Kitchen?

Small organized kitchen
Small organized kitchen

Before we get started, here is some reason why you must organize your kitchen. Knowing this reason will make you more motivated to organize your kitchen as soon as possible.

1. To Get Easy Access to Equipment or Foodstuffs

First of all, with organized kitchen, you can easily access and grab any of your cooking equipment. This can save you a lot of time compare with when your kitchen are unorganized where you should take a lot of time searching the entire kitchen area to find some equipment.

Furthermore, you can use your precious time to focus on creating a Michelin Star dishes rather than searching salt or pepper.

2. Reduces Stress for Anyone Using Your Kitchen

Cooking can be a stressful job, especially in an unorganized kitchen. With organized kitchen, you can reduce the stress level and give you more focus on your cooking.

Feeling stressful when cooking is also very dangerous as when cooking you must use some dangerous equipment such as knives or hot pans that need 100% of your focus when dealing with them.

3. To Make Cooking Fun

Yes, cooking should be fun! Lot of people doing it for hobby. But how can you enjoy cooking when your kitchen looks like a mess? An unorganized kitchen can turn cooking as a fun thing to annoying ones.

4. Become The Boss of Your Territory

Become the boss of the kitchen, you should know exactly every inch of it. Cooking is like a symphony, to produce a great dishes, you don’t only need to know every aspect of the dishes and the ingredients, but also the kitchen.

Best Tips for Organizing Your Small or Tiny Kitchen

Here are our 9 proven tips to help organize any small kitchen with easy and affordable.

1. Add a Hanging Pot Rack

Pot and pan racks are real space savers when you are running out of storage areas and cupboard space in the kitchen. Buying new kitchen cabinets is not the answer (although I wish it was), because it is expensive and will take some spaces that is precious for any small kitchen.

The solution to this problem is a hanging pot rack for your main cooking utensils and pots and pans that you would  use in preparing meals. They can also speed up your meal preparation time because everything is at your finger tips.

There are two styles of hanging pot rack that you can choose

Hanging racks are typically placed over kitchen islands, peninsulas, countertops without cabinets above them or large double sinks.

If you just want to hang them from the ceiling using a restaurant style then you will need to ensure the ceiling height is adequate for clearance from the pot down not the rack.

Here is some example of kitchen hanging rack that you can buy and use it on your kitchen :

Metal Stylish Hanging Pot Rack by Kinetic

This contemporary style hanging rack not only works great to help you organize your kitchen, but also can be a stylish addition to your kitchen. With additional center grid that can be used to add additional hooks make this rack can help you maximize limited space in your kitchen.

Single Bar Ceiling Mounted Wooden Pot Rack by Cooks Standard

With wood track style bar with 6 different swivel hooks, this hanging rack looks beautiful and can add some decorative wooden accent into your kitchen. Each hooks can hold up to 30 lbs, and can be turned 360 degrees.

Wall Mounted Pot Rack – these work well between or next to kitchen cabinets and cupboards. One favorite spot for wall mounted styles is over the stove because you can hang your cooking utensils there.

There are pot rack styles you can buy that are designed for lower ceilings, these have brackets to hang from instead of chains. Choose between wood, stainless steel, copper, steel or brass finishes.

If you are interested, here is some wall mounted pot rack that we are highly recommended :

2 Tier Wall Mounted Hanging Kitchen Racks

This rack offers a lot of storage options thank’s to it’s 2 tiered shelf and hooks that surely will be very beneficial for any small kitchen.

38 Inch Wooden Wall Mount Kitchen Rack by Cooks Standard

With beautiful combinations of wood and aluminium make this kitchen racks not only works great to add storage spaces to your kitchen, but also can help make your kitchen appearance looks much more attractive.

Kitchen Pot Rack Shape

The shape of your pot rack should be determined by the area it is going to hang from or above. For instance if you have rounded corners on your island then a oval or half round rack would look better. If it’s for above a countertop then the rectangular or square style would probably look better. When I mention the shape of the rack it is the part that hangs down not the mounting brackets.

Hanging pot racks are another type of kitchen decor that has a more useful decorative purpose, they save you valuable cupboard space. For someone that likes to cook it’s nice to have one of these accessory racks just above the kitchen island to hold you most common utensils.

2. Add a Bakers Rack

If you need more storage room in the kitchen – a bakers rack could solve your problem.

Vintage Kitchen Baker’s Rack by Mr IRONSTONE

Everybody could use more storage area in the kitchen. Metal and wooden bakers racks do more than just look good. They are a necessity to have a well organized kitchen if you don’t like cluttered counters.

Before you choose a rack think of what you want to use it for or might want to use for later on. The metal framed racks with shelves could also be used in a  dining room furniture for wine storage.

Let’s say you have a large kitchen and dining area and are having a problem with filling up the space with furniture especially designed for the kitchen.  You could go with these three styles that fit flush against a wall. These can be made of wood, metal or a combination of both.

These are storage bakers racks that you can use for displaying decorative accessories and collectibles. The most popular is the metal rack on the right because of the drawers and the shelves are a nice size for holding cook books.

If you have a small kitchen the best size is a corner bakers rack. These allow you more room and fills up blank corners, which sometimes is a hard area to decorate.

3. Establish a Zone System With Containers

Putting things into containers in the fridge helps you to easily take stock of your food items before going to the market to purchase others.

The fridge is one of the most used spaces in the kitchen, so, organizing it in a very presentable manner should be a top priority for its users. Setting up containers will make it look neat and refreshed at all times.

You must also put in mind that different fridge has their different shelve arrangement systems, so take into consideration the size or type of containers to use.

4. Introduce Small Shelves for Cup and Glass Storage

If the number of cups and glass are much, I advise you to build small shelves on the walls to accommodate those cups. These shelves are significant in the kitchen so the glasses won’t be scattered haphazardly in the sink or dining table.

5. Get a Magnetic Spice Jar

Magnetic spice jar can serve as design either on your fridge or walls. This is one of the simplest means of storage in the kitchen.

Instead of stocking too many things in the fridge, you can get a magnetic paint, place on the wall, and then fix your jar. That will be a good place to store most of your spices.

6. Under Sink Storage Shelves

There are complaints all over concerning the overload in the sink where you keep items like a sponge, detergents, soap containers, dishcloths, and others.

You can construct your own shelve or go purchase a portable under sink cupboard from the supermarket.

7. Purchase a Kitchen Pegboard

It is best to purchase and use a nicely made pegboard. Most of us use our local pegboard in our kitchen that causes accidents sometimes like the crashing of cups and plates when cooking.

This type of pegboard looks stylish and very strong than your local pegboard. It is highly recommended in the kitchen for the storage of kitchen utensils like pans, pots, and spoons.

8. Get a Canned Food Shelf

This canned food shelf is one of the most unique small kitchen storage techniques. For those that love to maintain this extra storage of commodities, it is recommended for you.

Bottles or cans of beer, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits, and oats containers cannot all at the same time be on the fridge.

All you have to do is get this storage equipment and place it close to your fridge, so if the fridge becomes free in space again, you can unload.

9. Maintain Your New System

When all the necessary techniques have been put in place to organize the kitchen, you have to maintain orderliness. It all comes through discipline, put things back the same way you saw them, do not store dirty utensils and keep on procrastinating.

Desist from stocking your fridge with too many things, bearing In mind that there all have an expiring date.

Finally label your things in the right order into categories of breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner containers.

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