10 Awesome Red Backsplash Ideas To Spice Up Your Kitchen!

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 19th, 2024

Backsplash is a great element inside any kitchen that can be used to add a splash of colors to make the entire kitchen feel more alive. And that’s why, using vibrant-colored backsplash is a quite common thing.

Many homeowners may tend to go with popular options such as yellow, orange, or green to create a colorful backsplash, while actually, you can also try some unique, non-mainstream colors like red. In fact, red can be one of the boldest backsplash choices that will easily capture everyone’s attention with its energetic look.

Moreover, red can symbolize passion, energy, and excitement that will lift up the mood of your kitchen, and make you get excited to go and spend a lot of your time in the kitchen.

However, as a tricky color, choosing the red backsplash can be challenging. With so many different materials available, it’s essential to pick the best one that not only can blend flawlessly with the rest of the kitchen, but also give you the visual appearance that you desire.

To make your decision-making process easier, our designers compiled some of the best red backsplashes, and here they are :

  • Red subway tile backsplash
  • White, red, and black geometric tile backsplash
  • Dark red geometric hexagon tile backsplash
  • Red mosaic tile backsplash
  • Red and black mosaic tile backsplash
  • Red and white checkerboard tile backsplash
  • Red glass tile backsplash
  • Red and white striped texture tile backsplash
  • Red Victorian cement tile backsplash
  • White and red mosaico tile backsplash

These backsplashes can easily fit in with a wide range of kitchen design styles, while at the same time bringing a vibrant energy to infuse the kitchen with exciting mood and ambiance. They can also stand out effortlessly against any other kitchen elements, capturing everyone’s attention immediately.

In this post, we will show you why we highly recommend all of those backsplash options and bring fresh and exciting ideas to create your bold and vibrant kitchen.

1. Red Subway Tile

Red subway tile backsplash

This a straightforward choice for those who want to add red accents to their kitchen. With bold and vibrant tile color, this backsplash can easily create a strong visual impact while still keeping everything sleek and clean.

This option can complement any kitchen style, from traditional to modern ones.

2. Geometric White, Red, and Black Tile

Geometric style white, red, and black backsplash

If you want to keep your kitchen simple but still evoke an energizing vibe from red, then you can try this option.

With plenty of white, this stylish backsplash can easily blend in inside any kitchen color palette, while its red and black geometric pattern creates a striking contrast to make a big statement inside your kitchen.

3. Red Geometric Hexagon Tile

Red geometric hexagon tile backsplash

This option will work really well inside a modern, contemporary kitchen. With stunning red hues, this backsplash can easily capture anyone’s attention, while its white geometric lines add some beautiful artistic touch to make the entire kitchen feel much more interesting.

Pair it with white cabinets or white countertops to make the backsplash pop even more beautiful.

4. Red Mosaic Tile

Red mosaic tile backsplash

Mosaic tile is a timeless choice for kitchen backsplash that never goes out of style. The beauty of mosaic tile is that you can get literally any kind of color, including the strong and vibrant ones like red or dark red.

The small mosaic tile can add depth and dimension to your red kitchen backsplash, making it a visually interesting feature to lift up the appearance of the entire kitchen.

5. Red and Black Mosaic Tile

Red and black mosaic tile backsplash

If plain red looks too mainstream for you, then you can try using multi-colored red and black mosaic tiles. This kind of mosaic tile can easily stand out, creating a bold and dramatic look in your kitchen.

The black elements bring some bold and elegant looks, while the red does its job of accentuating the backsplash in a strong, energetic way.

6. Red and White Checkerboard Ceramic Tile

Red and white checkerboard style tile backsplash

Checkerboard ceramic tile has been around for decades, and has never gone out of style.

It creates a classic, artistic touch to make any kitchen feel more alive and interesting, especially when using strong and vibrant color combinations like red. This option will work best inside any classic, traditional-style kitchen.

7. Red Glass Tile

Red glass tile backsplash

Another simple choice that can bring a modern and sleek appearance to the kitchen.

The striking red hues from the red glass tile can easily be making a big statement to your kitchen, while its high reflective looks help make any small kitchen feel more open and spacious.

8. Red and White Striped Texture Tile

Red and white striped tile backsplash

This simple pattern can look awesome when using a unique color combination: red and white. The simplicity of the white meets the bold and vibrant red, enhancing and lifting up the visual impact of your kitchen.

The white element of this tile helps make the backsplash blend with the rest of the kitchen, avoiding the red backsplash looking awkward.

9. Red Victorian Cement Tile

Red victorian cement tile backsplash

This classic option can easily add a charming vintage touch to your kitchen.

Bring a lot of history, using red Victorian cement tile for the kitchen backsplash will give your kitchen a strong character and artistic look, and differentiate yours from any typical kitchen.

10. White Mosaico Pattern Tile with Red Accents

White mosaico tile with red accents

The striking contrast between the white base with red accent creates a unique visual interest in your kitchen, making your backsplash pop without too much drama.

The white colors also help make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious. Use this backsplash alongside beautiful, classic-style cabinets for even better results.