10 Gorgeous Rose Gold Vases Planter to Glamorize Your Floral Arrangements

10 Cute and beautiful rose gold vases/planter that will bring glamorous vibe into your home. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 15th, 2023

Years ago, homeowners using gold finished furniture and decorative items to bring some glamorous and elegant looks into their room. Today, gold is a little bit outdated and a lot of people doesn’t really like using any gold finished items inside their home. The more up-to-date solution for this is by using rose gold.

Same as gold, rose gold can bring glamorous ambiance into any room, while it’s looks more calm and soft rather than conventional gold. This color is also easier to combine with another colors, that is somehow difficult to achieve by gold where it can only blend well with neutral colors such as white or gray.

This colors also very eye-catching, that’s why by using just small rose gold accessories in your home can grab anyone attentions as soon as they entering your home. There are a lot of rose gold decor items available on the market today, from shelves, photo frame, mirrors, wall clock, and almost all home decor accessories are available in rose gold finish.

Best rose gold vases planter
Rose gold vases

Today in this article, we will share to you our review of 10 best rose gold vases/planter that now only will make you room looks glam, but also can functions well as a planter that will bring some natural freshness into your spaces. Here they are :

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Rose Gold Cylinder Glass Vases

This vases looks stunning and can be used for any different occasions. You can use it for your floral arrangements or use it as a dining table centerpiece. Furthermore, this vases also can be used for floating candles. Come with 3 different sized vases for each set, you can easily arrange those 3 vases as your needs to produce any decor effects that you wants.

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Set of 2 Metal and Glass Flower Vase Planter

This vases is great to create a beautiful terrariums style flower vases. The combination of glass vases with metal rose gold stand create a stunning looks that will add fantastic accent to any bedroom, living room, dining room or even kitchen. This vases will easily blend with any different home decor style.

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Rustic Style Indoor/Outdoor Rose Gold Planter

Using rose gold finish in rustic style create a beautiful yet retro looks that will bridge a modern and classic styles in your home. This versatile vases can be used almost anywhere, from bedroom, living room, office even on the outdoor.

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Flower Vase Stainless Steel Decorative Centerpiece

If you need some breathtaking decorative accessories for your dining table, that this stainless steel rose gold vases can be the perfect choice for you. With attractive mirror looks finish that looks elegant and modern, this sleek vases can be used to display any artificial flowers, branches or floral arrangement.

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Rose Gold Decor Desk Plant

Come with artificial succulents, this rose gold planter is the perfect choice if you want to add some greenery and also add more depth and personality into your boring looking spaces in the bedroom or office desk. This items not only will enhance your room’s ambient, but also will lift up your day thank’s to it’s built in inspirational and motivational quotes.

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White Marble Effect
Ceramic Planter Flower Plant Pot with Rose Gold Trim

This set of 3 rose gold and marble vases will fits perfectly into any spaces. It’s marble effects finished add some glam touch while rose gold trim compliment perfectly with it to create a stunning piece of vases.

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Ceramic Geometric Hexagon Rose Gold Succulent Planter

With hexagon style that looks glamorous and artistic, this rose gold vases is perfect for planting any succulents, flowers or herb plants in your home to creating a natural glow and shine effects. Made using high quality ceramic with rose gold finishes make this vases quite strong and durable.

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Hanging Planter Vase & Geometric Wall Decor Containers-for Succulents and Faux Plants

For those of you who already run out of spaces in your home to put any vases, that this one can be a great choice for you. This hanging rose gold vases come with geometric style shape that not only looks elegant, yet also artistic and beautiful. Use it in any of your walls to add some green into your living environment.

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Jar Pink Rose Gold Mercury Glass Planter Vases

This mason jar style vases comes with beautiful faux mercury effects that looks very gorgeous and can be a great decorative addition into your nightstand table or office desk.

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Large Rose Gold Steel & Concrete Planter

With unique looks thank’s to the combination of concrete finish with rose gold base create an amazing look vases that can adding a perfect touch of beauty into your room. This versatile items can be used for any different occasions, from planter, organizer, or even kitchen utensil holder.