10 Small Entryway Flooring Ideas (Make a Big Impression with Small Entryway)

Having a tiny entryway? No problem! These flooring ideas will make Your small space feel grand! Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : March 11th, 2023

As the first impression for every visitors, an entryway should be a place that gives warm welcome and greetings. However, a small entryway usually cannot do this because of limited spaces available, and that’s why its essential to make it looks and feels bigger.

There are two basic things that you can do to make it looks more spacious, firstly, you can choose the wall paint colors that can reflects a lot of light and make the entryway feel bigger. Secondly, you can make the small entryway feel larger by using the right flooring.

With the right flooring, not only it’s color can create an visual of more space, but the right pattern can also create an illusions of a bigger and more open floors area.

In this post, we will gives you some practical flooring ideas for small entryways that can help you make the most of your small spaces, and creates an inviting entrance to welcome all of your guests.

10 Best Flooring for Small Entryway

White Tile

Small entryway with white tile floors
White tile floors

Without any doubt, this is the best choice for any small entryways, and its because of several reasons.

Firstly, a pure white will reflects plenty of lights to make the space looks brighter and larger, and this not only will benefited any small spaces, but also a small entryway that lack of natural lighting.

Secondly, white tile can make the entryway looks clean and crisp. Lastly, this option is very versatile and can be used in literally any interior style, from classic or vintage to a modern ones.

Light Wood

Small entryway with light wood floors
Light wood floors

If you prefer any wood options, then we highly recommend this. Any kind of light wood such as white oak, maple, or hickory not only make the entryway feel spacious, but also add some warmth and inviting vibe that help creates a friendly atmosphere to welcome your guest.

For an even more interesting looks, you can try using herringbone or chevron pattern for your wood flooring.

Concrete Tile

Small entryway with concrete tile floors
Concrete tile floors

If you are planning to add some industrial twist to your home, then you can try using concrete tile. This kind of flooring also will become a great practical choice for high-traffic areas like entryway.

Mix it up with some wooden decoration elements to get a unique, natural-inspired looks.

White Marble Tile

Small entryway with white marble tile floors
White marble tile floors

Gives your small entryway a huge boost of glam using white marble tiles. And of course, this is a luxurious upgrade from the plain white tile.

The natural vein of the marble not only makes a glam looks, but also creates some depth and interest to the small spaces. And even tough it’s not as reflective as plain white tile, but it still gives more than enough brightness for the small areas.

Warm Wood

Small entryway with warm wood floors
Warm wood floors

Some wood that had a natural warm undertones such as honey oak, cherry or mahogany can lift up the ambiance of the small entryways, making it a inviting and welcoming space to greet your guests.

This kind of flooring will works even better when combined with plenty of greenery, making it a fresh and natural to creates a great first-impression.

Gray Tile

Small entryway with gray tile floors
Gray tile floors

Gray tile floors will gives plenty of brightness, while at the same time adds some elegant touch to complement any interior style, from classic to modern ones.

Moreover, it also creates a sleek and clean looks that make any small space visually feel larger.

To gives some rich looks, mix this flooring with some vibrant accents, such as colorful wall art or vibrant area rug.

Black and White Tile

Small entryway with black and white tile floors
Black and white tile floors

Add a classic, mid-century modern finish touch to your entryway using this black and white pattern tile.

With strong elegance and sophistication, the contrast between black and white creates a bold looks to make the entryway pop, creates a big impression inside the small spaces.

You can play with different pattern for a unique looks, or using a chalkboard style for a simpler appearances.

Black Tile

Small entryway with black tile floors
Black tile floors

Black flooring maybe not the best for small spaces, but things can be a bit different if you are using a high-glossy, high-reflective ones.

These kind of black flooring will create a glossy, dramatic looks to modernize the entire entryway. It’s bold and dark looks will also helps making the surrounding wall and decoration elements to looks lighter and brighter, and eventually, making the entire space feel more spacious.

Not to mention that black is always the best choice for a high-traffic areas such as entryway or hallway.

Unfinished Concrete

Small entryway with unfinished concrete floors
Unfinished concrete floors

Add a touch of urban sophistication to your entryway by let the concrete floor unfinished.

The natural color and texture of the concrete will creates some depth and interest to your home, making it looks stylish with some unique twist.

For a better result, you can polish the concrete for a hint of glossy, reflective looks.

Geometric Tile

Small entryway with geometric tile floors
Geometric tile floors

Bring a stunning artistic looks to your entryway by using geometric tiles. These kinds of flooring not only bring a sense of depth and interest, but allowing you to adds some customized personality to your space.

You can play with different colors for a richer looks, or keep everything simple with using black and white geometric tiles.

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