7 Stylish Bedroom Ideas with Gray Walls

Get inspired by these elegant gray bedroom ideas Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 4th, 2022

Soothing gray bedroom decor promotes peace and relaxation. This modern neutral allows the mind to rest, giving you space to unravel your day and rejuvenate for tomorrow.

There are many ways to convey the gray aesthetic and a plethora of shades that communicate different qualities. Gray decor makes a great partnership with a multitude of decor styles, from cool industrial-style interiors to cozy bohemian spaces.

In this collection, we explore seven of our favorite bedroom ideas with gray walls from dark to light. We’ll also take a glance at wall molding ideas, contrasting accent colors, and complementary furniture ideas too.

7 Bedroom Ideas with Gray Walls

Modern Contemporary Bedroom with Dark Gray Wall

Modern contemporary style bedroom with dark gray accent wall
Modern contemporary style bedroom with dark gray accent wall

A dark gray feature wall makes a bold anchor point for a contemporary bedroom decor scheme. Balance out this dark focal point with fresh white walls around the rest of the space, white bedroom pendant lights, and light bedside tables.

Punctuate the dark statement wall with light-toned contemporary artwork above the bed. Keep accent colors muted to achieve a moody aesthetic.

Gray Bohemian-style Bedroom

Bohemian style bedroom with light gray walls
Bohemian-style bedroom with light gray walls

A light whisper of gray makes a dreamy accompaniment to a bohemian bedroom design scheme.

A subtle wash of gray works beautifully when teamed with elements of light tan, naturally warm wood tones, wicker accents, and jute.

Hang textural boho wall decor above the headboard, such as a macramé wall hanging, a wicker basket wall, or an eye-catching dried botanical arrangement.

Stylish Bedroom with Gray Wall Molding

Stylish bedroom with custom gray wall molding
Stylish bedroom with custom gray wall molding

Gray wall molding gives a bedroom stylish flair. This look is both classically elegant and bang on trend.

If you have a little DIY know-how, this attractive aesthetic is achievable on a tight budget too. Use MDF as a cheaper option than timber and secure with construction adhesive and brad nails.

Ensure a seamless finish by filling the edges with paintable caulk.

Elegant Gray Bedroom with Espresso Wood Furniture

Elegant bedroom with espresso wooden furniture and gray walls
Elegant bedroom with espresso wooden furniture and gray walls

Complete an elegant gray bedroom design with an espresso wood furniture set. These dark-toned pieces make sharp contrast with mid-toned grays, which builds a bold and confident look.

Complement this aesthetic with black accent pieces, such as modern pendant lights and monochrome photographic prints. Include indoor plants or faux greenery in the scheme to freshen and uplift the dark palette.

Gray Bedroom with Teal Accents

Modern gray and teal bedroom
Modern gray and teal bedroom

Do you love the gray aesthetic but like the brighter side of life too? No problem. Indulge in the best of both worlds in a gray bedroom with teal accents.

This stunning color combo exudes positive energy, vitality, and fun, whilst maintaining shadowy sophistication. In this example, a teal accent wall frames a floor-to-ceiling gray headboard design to achieve a color-blocked focal point.

Bedroom with Gray Wall and Cherry Furniture

Cherry and gray bedroom
Cherry and gray bedroom

A light gray backdrop makes cool contrast for a warm cherry wood bedroom furniture set. Carve out visual rest stops with pure white accent pieces, such as a fresh white bed set, wall art, decorative vases, or a white bedside table.

Add indoor plants as lush green interludes. They will uplift the gray background and complement the red wood tone.

Simple Gray Bedroom

Simple bedroom with gray walls
Simple bedroom with gray walls

A gray palette goes hand in hand with a minimalist interior or a fuss-free sleep space. Add visual interest and depth to a simple gray bedroom design by layering shades and exploring texture.

In this example, a smoky gray tufted bed is set against pale gray wall paint to build tonal and textural contrast. A gray bedroom rug introduces a layer of subtle pattern underfoot.


The best part about any gray bedroom decor scheme is its endless versatility. Whatever your preferred bedroom aesthetic, gray decor supports the look with either pale subtlety or bold contrast.

Play around with patterned bedroom rugs, pillows, or eye-catching wall art, and gray bedroom decor will effortlessly frame the look.

If you get bored with a neutral scheme, then go wild with colorful accent pieces because gray walls complement every color of the rainbow.

You can switch out your style too. Gray decor underpins anything from modern farmhouse bedrooms to deeply decorative neoclassical boudoirs. The only limit is your imagination.