Stylish Color Scheme Ideas for Kitchen with Dark Cabinets

What is the best color scheme for kitchen with dark cabinets? Find the answer here. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : December 4th, 2022

Dark kitchen cabinets offer a chic and sophisticated decor aesthetic. Dark cabinet finishes are practical for hiding random food spillages and avoiding obvious stains, so they make a good choice for busy households.

However, it takes balance to prevent a dark kitchen design from falling into the realms of appearing dull and dismal. In this collection of modern kitchen designs, we take a look at how to choose a great color scheme for kitchen with dark cabinets.

We’ll look at all aspects of kitchen design, from the practicality of the color palette to accenting and accessorizing the decor scheme.

7 Best Color Scheme for Kitchen with Dark Cabinets

Black and White

Black and white kitchen
Black and white kitchen

A high contrast black and white kitchen decor scheme carries a smart and timeless aesthetic.

A monochrome kitchen also makes a great base scheme for homeowners who like to change out their accent color as the years pass and the seasons change.

Choose an elegant white marble backsplash to give your dark kitchen design a light-reflective backdrop with an upmarket appeal.

Dark Brown and White

Dark brown and white kitchen
Dark brown and white kitchen

Dark brown and white kitchen decor offers a delicious chocolatey warmth with fresh milky contrast.

Whilst dark brown kitchen cabinets disguise a multitude of sins when it comes to daily food splashes, white backsplashes and worktops require higher maintenance to maintain their brightness.

Always deal with spills promptly to prevent unsightly staining. Complement this rich color scheme with shiny stainless steel appliances and canisters.

Dark Brown and Cream

Dark brown and cream kitchen
Dark brown and cream kitchen

A dark brown and cream kitchen combo makes a smooth decor scheme with a traditional air. Choose simple slab-fronted kitchen cabinets and a seamless backsplash treatment to keep your room in the contemporary realm.

Complement this warm color palette with natural wood accents, such as a wooden knife block and decorative chopping boards. Round out with flashes of chrome and lush green potted herbs.

Dark Brown, White and Gold

Dark brown, white, and gold kitchen
Dark brown, white, and gold kitchen

A dark brown, white and gold kitchen decor scheme builds a look of deep luxe. Gold cabinet hardware will transform the look of plain brown cabinets, elevating their aesthetic into a high-end domain.

Complement the golden accents with a tonal white marble backsplash that features a beige or golden vein running through.

Finish off with a matching marble countertop for a cohesive look.

Navy and White

Navy and white kitchen
Navy and white kitchen

A deep navy and white kitchen decor scheme has a crisp, contemporary appeal. These two contrasting colors create a sharp aesthetic with a joyful undertone.

If you don’t want to commit to a bold color statement for your full kitchen design, consider coloring just the central island or kitchen peninsula.

That way, if the color falls out of favor, you won’t have to refinish the whole room.

Navy, Gray and White

Navy, gray, and white kitchen
Navy, gray, and white kitchen

Navy, gray and white kitchen decor schemes offer a contemporary layered look. By counteracting a clean white backsplash with a moody gray countertop, the kitchen design gains a modern edge.

This cool modern appeal is elevated further when choosing a concrete countertop, which introduces a bold industrial feel.

Warm up the look with natural wooden kitchen accessories and indoor plants.

Charcoal, Wood, and White

Charcoal, wood, and white kitchen
Charcoal, wood, and white kitchen

A charcoal, wood, and white kitchen installation is a real crowd-pleaser. Neutral charcoal gray cabinets make an easy-going base, particularly when paired with a bright, light-reflective backdrop like white ceramic wall tiles.

A gray and white color scheme makes a perfectly crisp color palette alone, but adding a chunky wooden worktop assembles a warm and inviting ensemble with a rustic flair.


With crisp combinations of contrasting decor, you can be confident that your dark kitchen composition will look fresh and uplifting rather than dull and depressing.

By layering in upmarket backsplashes and accessories, it’s possible to elevate the design to a luxe level too. Give a neutral kitchen scheme a boost with the changing seasons, adding more lush greenery in springtime, tropical tea towels in summer, cozy colors in autumn, and winter sparkle around the holidays.

With a touch of simple styling, a dark kitchen design can be reinvented time and time again.

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