7 Stunning Backsplash Colors for Brown Cabinets (Amazing Kitchen Transformations)

Join us to find the ideal backsplash color for kitchen with brown cabinets. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 21st, 2023

With the ability to infuse warmth, depth, and a touch of classic elegance into the kitchen, brown is a popular and timeless choice for kitchen cabinets that never go out of style.

However, there’s one common challenge that often encounter when using brown cabinets – selecting the right backsplash color.

For brown cabinets, we personally recommend you go with white, olive green, gray, or cream backsplash. Based on our experiences, those backsplashes can bring out the richness of the brown, boost the cabinets to stand out as the main focal point, and ensure your kitchen truly shines.

Let’s take a deeper look at all those awesome backsplash options.

1. White Backsplash

Kitchen with brown cabinets and white backsplash

White backsplashes uplift a dark brown kitchen design. A stripe of clean white ceramic tile is light-reflective, which greatly benefits shadowy rooms that aren’t blessed with much natural sunlight.

White grouted tiles establish an understated, cohesive aesthetic, whilst darker grouts provide greater definition.

Add extra interest with herringbone tile arrangements or small mosaic tiles in a variety of gloss and matt finishes.

2. Olive Backsplash

Kitchen with brown cabinets and olive green backsplash

An olive green backsplash instills a natural freshness that works well with earthy brown cabinets. It will make you feel closer to nature even with no window in sight.

This muted shade of green adds more interest than a neutral counterpart without being visually distracting.

Complement an olive backsplash with a kitchen countertop garden of potted herbs or decorative succulents.

3. Light Brown Backsplash

Kitchen with brown cabinets and light brown backsplash

A light brown backsplash makes a peaceful companion for brown cabinets, drawing upon the same color theme whilst dialing down the intensity.

This color option works particularly well when applied as tonal mosaic tiles, where a randomized pattern of mocha and café au lait pieces add depth and interest.

Alternatively, choose light brown veined marble to tie in with your brown kitchen cabinets and achieve a more high-end result.

4. Gray Backsplash

Kitchen with brown cabinets and gray backsplash

Gray backsplashes make a cool, moody aesthetic when paired with brown kitchen cabinets.

A classic gray ceramic tile provides a timeless look, whilst gray polished concrete will give your brown kitchen a contemporary industrial vibe.

A word of warning to those with dark kitchens: Shadows only intensify with a gray backsplash, so keep natural light levels in mind when picking out shades and materials.

5. Cream Backsplash

Kitchen with brown cabinets and cream backsplash

A cream backsplash makes a soft yet uplifting addition to a kitchen with brown cabinets.

This delicate neutral is extremely versatile, so whatever the shade of your cabinets, a cream backsplash is sure to complement them.

To create impact, choose ceramic tiles with a variety of finishes, such as matt, gloss, and pearlescent mixes that will create areas of sparkle and shine along the length of your kitchen.

6. Gray and White Backsplash

Gray and white backsplash with brown cabinets

A gray and white tiled backsplash makes an eye-catching addition alongside dark brown cabinets.

This high-contrast backsplash treatment will create movement and energy through the center of a kitchen installation, which keeps the eye moving and exploring.

With that said, do use caution when adding kitchen accessories and decor against this wall treatment, as casual layering can quickly become overwhelming.

7. Beige Backsplash

Kitchen with brown cabinets and beige backsplash

Similarly to a cream backsplash, a beige backsplash works well with brown cabinets thanks to its neutral versatility.

Beige brings a warming element that richly complements brown kitchen units, particularly when applied as luxe stone tiles with natural veining and texture.

If you’d rather avoid scrubbing grout clean between wall tiles, opt for a sleek length of beige-toned marble or granite.


By choosing one of these chic backsplash colors, you can safely complete your kitchen installation without worrying about clashes or a dreadful design faux pas.

All that’s left to do is settle on your tile shape and material. Open your mind to geometric tile applications that will give your brown kitchen amore contemporary edge, or select long and linear tile shapes to elongate the look of a short kitchen run.

If your kitchen is very small, a mirrored kitchen backsplash will double the perceived size of the room – and you can see if you’ve any food on your chin after taste-testing the dishes!

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