What Color Cabinets Go with Green Countertops? (8 Game-Changing Cabinet Options)

Elevate your kitchen with style by pairing these spectacular cabinet colors with green countertops. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 28th, 2023

When it comes to kitchen countertops, green may not be the first choice for most people. But in facts, it can gives a lot of visual benefits compared to any popular choices such as white, gray, or black countertops.

The green countertops, whether it’s marble, granite, or quartz countertops can bring the fresh and natural atmosphere to your kitchen. Furthermore, the green countertops can make a relaxing and comfy vibe, making you enjoy spending plenty of time inside your kitchen.

Another benefits of green counter is that it can pop beautifully and accentuate the entire kitchen. Thus, your kitchen will looks richer and more alive.

However, to get the most out of your green countertops, it may be surrounded by the right color palette. And that’s why in this article we will share with you some great cabinet colors that based on our experience, can blend flawlessly and empowering your gorgeous countertops.

Best Cabinet Colors for Green Countertops


Kitchen with black cabinets and green countertops
Black cabinets

Usually, black isn’t our first cabinet color options, but things are a bit different for kitchen with green countertops. The bold and dramatic presence of black cabinets complement the green countertops perfectly.

With visually striking and balanced combination, both cabinets and countertops will stand out together and makes the entire kitchen looks fresh and elegant.


Kitchen with white cabinets and green countertops
White cabinets

If you want to make the green countertops the one and only focal point of your kitchen, then you white is surely the best option.

The crisp and clean appeal of the white cabinets will boost the vibrancy of the countertops. Additionally, white will help makes your kitchen feel bright and light, thus help highlighted all the beauty of the green countertops.

Denim Blue

Kitchen with denim blue cabinets and green countertops
Denim blue cabinets

Bring a stylish blue and green connection to your kitchen by using denim blue paint for the cabinets. As any other blue, denim blue can easily creates cool and casual vibe that complement the natural hues of the green counter.

On the other side, the neutrality of denim blue avoid your cabinets from looking overwhelming, thus will keep the countertops as the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Light Gray

Kitchen with light gray cabinets and green countertops
Light gray cabinets

Sometimes, green countertops may looks overly vibrant and strong, and for this case, light gray can be really helpful to soften and calm it down.

The light gray kitchen cabinets can also gives your kitchen an elegant modern hint, while still keeping the fresh and natural looks of the countertops.


Kitchen with greige cabinets and green countertops
Greige cabinets

Greige is a great alternative to gray, as it bring most of the character and personality of gray, but in a much warmer state.

Thus, it can be a really useful addition if you are using any cool-toned green materials for your kitchen countertops.


Kitchen with mustard yellow cabinets and green countertops
Mustard cabinets

Lift up the mood of your entire kitchen by using mustard yellow cabinets. With plenty of energy, mustard cabinets will spread plenty of warmth and makes your kitchen feel more inviting.

The appealing contrast between green and mustard can also gives your kitchen a new, more interesting looks.

Dark Wood

Kitchen with dark wood cabinets and green countertops
Dark wood cabinets

Bring the natural beauty to your kitchen by combining dark wood cabinets with green countertops. Any kind of dark wood can works really well alongside green, especially for wood with neutral color such as walnut or dark oak.

This pair will work even better inside any kitchen with classic, traditional style decor.

Espresso Brown

Kitchen with espresso brown cabinets and green countertops
Espresso brown cabinets

You can also achieve a similar result to dark wood cabinets by using espresso brown. This dark, neutral brown shade will create a rich and luxurious atmosphere while still let the green countertops shine.

For an even glam appeal, combine the espresso brown cabinets with gold or metallic hardware.

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