What Color Countertops Go with Black Cabinets

Elegant countertop ideas for kitchen with black cabinets Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 6th, 2022

Black cabinets are a classy design choice that is very popular in kitchens. The color gives a luxurious look to modern kitchens. Matte black cabinets are a great choice in contemporary and traditional kitchens, while glossy black cabinets make modern kitchens stand out.

When it comes to black kitchen cabinets, matching them with the right countertop color is key. Finding a good color combination can keep your kitchen from appearing too dark or small and bring the perfect level of contrast to the surfaces.

Some important factors to consider when choosing countertop colors for black cabinets are how the color and material will look at various points of the day, and how it will appear as part of the overall kitchen design.

7 Best Countertop Colors for A Kitchen with Black Cabinets

White Marble

Kitchen with black cabinets and white marble countertops
Black cabinets with white marble countertops

Black and white is the ultimate classic combo, and this holds true in kitchens too. A marble surface in white offers the best mix of practicality and style here.

The monochrome combination provides the perfect neutral background, making it easy to style the kitchen. Black and white kitchens are also timeless and reduces the likelihood of getting bored with the color scheme.

Simply switch around the accent colors and you have a new kitchen style with no effort!

Cream Marble

Kitchen with black cabinets and cream marble countertops
Black cabinets with cream marble countertops

Looking for a softer look in the kitchen that still feels modern? Black cabinets and cream marble countertops are the answer!

Cream-colored marble softens the look of black cabinets, making the space feel easy on the eyes. This combination pairs well with wooden flooring and hardware, and even brass or copper hardware.

Add some warm lighting and you’ll find yourself falling in love with the peaceful look of the kitchen.

Black Marble

Kitchen with black cabinets and black countertops
Black cabinets with black countertops

Black countertops with black cabinets are an unconventional yet stylish choice for kitchens. With white walls, the kitchen surfaces appear striking, drawing all eyes toward it.

Meanwhile, black and gray walls make the space look intense and moody. Warm lighting makes the biggest impact here, softening the look and emphasizing the dramatic look of the kitchen.

The veining on the black marble here adds more depth to the countertop, giving it a unique character that adds to the space.

Gray Granite

Kitchen with black cabinets and gray granite countertops
Black cabinets with gray granite countertops

A Bachelor pad or sleek urban home, a gray granite countertop, and black cabinet pairing make the kitchen look luxurious.

Opt for light gray granite to open up the space and blend right in with stainless steel appliances. On the other hand, a dark gray countertop can look chic, especially in a smaller kitchen.

Light Wood

Kitchen with black cabinets and light wood countertops
Black cabinets with light wood countertops

Light wood countertops with black cabinets make a warm and inviting kitchen that suits contemporary and traditional spaces alike. A light wood countertop with light wooden cabinet handles create a beautiful visual in the kitchen.

This combination is easy to decorate around, especially with bright shades like yellow and green. Add in plenty of natural light to turn the kitchen into a show stopper!

Brown Marble

Kitchen with black cabinets and brown marble countertops
Black cabinets with brown marble countertops

If your goal is to create a glam classical kitchen, then the brown marble countertop is the perfect pair for your black cabinets.

Its exotic touch compliments the black cabinets beautifully and will stand out to become a new attention grabber from your kitchen.

Dark Wood

Kitchen with black cabinets and dark wood countertops
Black cabinets with dark wood countertops

Another great wooden option for kitchen with black cabinets is dark wood. Any dark wood can blend relatively well with black cabinets, such as dark oak, mahogany, dark cherry, walnut, or ebony.

These kinds of wood will bring similar bold and dark visuals as the cabinets, making the entire kitchen design looks flawless.

Final Thought

While there are countless countertop colors and materials that can be paired with black cabinets, the options above are some of the easiest to work with in kitchens.

The neutral shades of these countertops make the kitchen decor pop and offer endless design customizations in the future.