11 Elegant Countertop Colors to Enhance Black Cabinets’ Drama

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 17th, 2024

Black kitchen cabinets are a timeless choice that never goes out of style. This bold cabinet color can give a luxurious look to create a glam kitchen or bring a stunning elegance to a modern contemporary kitchen.

However, to fully unleash the powerful drama of the black cabinets, it need to be complemented by the perfect elements, especially the countertops as they will be installed right above the cabinets.

But, what color countertops go with black cabinets?

After working on a lot of different kitchen design projects, we can say that white, cream, and gray are the best countertop colors for black cabinets. Those options provide enough contrast against the cabinets and enrich the kitchen’s ambiance while still allowing the cabinetry to stand out elegantly.

In this post, we’ll explain why those options work perfectly alongside black cabinets, along with some additional choices that you can consider as the final brushstroke in the masterpiece of your kitchen design.

1. White Marble

White marble countertops

Black and white is the ultimate classic combo, and this combo works in every part of the interiors, including the kitchens. A white marble surface not only offers a sleek and pure aesthetic but also provides a great balance of practicality and style.

The monochrome combination provides the perfect neutral background, making it easy to style the kitchen to match your own style and preferences. Black and white kitchens are also a timeless combo that won’t look boring even for years to come.

Furthermore, the white marble offers a hint of natural glam and luxury that will boost the entire kitchen’s visual appearance to the next level.

Some of the great white marble options that we highly recommend are Carrara Marble, Calacatta Marble, or Volakas Marble.

2. Cream Marble

Cream marble countertops

If you are looking for a warm, softer look inside your kitchen, while still wanting to emphasize the stunning modern look of the black cabinets, then cream marble countertops are the best choice for you.

Cream-colored marble like Crema Marble, Cotticino Marble, and Diana Royal Marble will soften the look of black kitchen cabinets, making the space more calming and cozy. This combination pairs well with wooden flooring and metallic elements, such as gold or copper hardware.

Add some warm lighting as the finishing touch and you’ll find yourself falling in love with the peaceful look of your kitchen.

3. Black Marble

Black marble countertops

Black on black may be a bit unconventional, but actually, this combo can produce a stylish and harmonious visual. They can still work well as long as you have other contrasting elements around them, such as light-painted walls, white backsplash, stainless steel hardware/appliances, or light wooden flooring.

This bold combo will easily take center stage, and become the main feature and centerpiece that captures everyone’s attention.

Lastly, black marble like Black Soapstone, Impala Black Marble, or Absolute Black Marble can be a practical choice as they can easily hide any stains or dirt, making it much easier for you to maintain a clean look for your kitchen.

4. Gray Granite

Gray granite countertops

Give your kitchen a hint of elegant industrial flair by using gray granite countertops. The neutral tone of these materials not only blends in harmony but also helps soften the boldness of the cabinets, preventing them from looking overly intimidating.

With a wide range of gray granite options, you can easily choose the one that matches your design style and goals. For example, you can try the light gray granite to help make your kitchen feel more open or choose the dark gray granite for a more elegant and stylish space.

5. Light Wood

Light wood countertops

Light wood countertops with black cabinets create a warm and inviting kitchen that suits both contemporary and traditional spaces. This option works even better if you are using other light wooden elements inside the kitchen, such as wooden shelves or wooden flooring.

You can also spice up this combination using bright shades like yellow or green backsplashes.

6. Brown Marble

Brown marble countertops

The rich, warm tones of brown marble not only add a touch of opulence but also bring a sense of timeless sophistication to the space.

The combination of the deep, lustrous black cabinets with the earthy elegance of brown marble creates a harmonious visual contrast that enhances the overall aesthetic.

The unique qualities of this addition, whether it be the striking patterns, intricate veining, or rich hues, contribute to an unparalleled aesthetic. As a result, it not only stands out as an attention-grabber but also adds a layer of intrigue and personality to the overall design.

7. Dark Wood/Butcher Block

Dark wood countertops

Another great wooden option for a kitchen with black cabinets is dark wood. Any dark wood can blend relatively well with black hues, such as dark oak, mahogany, dark cherry, walnut, or ebony.

These kinds of wood will bring similar bold and dark visuals as the cabinets, making the entire kitchen design look flawless, while at the same time bringing natural beauty into your home.

8. Dark Granite

Dark granite countertops

This stunning, earthy tone material will easily complement the sleek and modern aesthetic of black kitchen cabinets, creating a harmonious and sophisticated atmosphere. Comes with intricate patterns and speckles, the granite adds visual interest while maintaining a cohesive dark tone with the cabinets.

Wide a wide spectrum of colors, from dark gray to black granite countertops, you have plenty of flexibility to choose the one that perfectly suits your design style.

However, you may need to incorporate some bright accents to avoid monotony, such as white countertops or warm backsplash.

9. Gold Marble

Gold marble countertops

Add a touch of glam and luxury to the black cabinets by choosing gold marble for the countertops. Some of the great marble choices that had gold color or veining are Calacatta Gold, Arabescato Gold, or Rain Forest Gold Marble.

These choices will easily become a design statement that captivates with its allure. The lustrous, golden veins coursing through the marble add a touch of glamour, creating a visual symphony with the sleek bold cabinetry.

You can amplify the glam radiance further by replacing the handles or knobs of the cabinets with gold or brass finishes.

10. Rich Blue

Rich blue countertops

Elevate the overall aesthetic of your kitchen with a bold yet vibrant appeal using the rich blue marble.

The deep, luxurious tones of blue marble like Sodalite Marble, Calcite Blue Marble, or Azul Blue Marble not only complement the sleekness of black cabinetry but also add a layer of visual intrigue.

The marriage of these two bold colors creates a dynamic and sophisticated atmosphere, where the richness of the blue tones enhances the depth of the space.

11. Dark Green

Dark green marble

Another interesting vibrant color option that you can try is dark green. The dark green marble not only infuses sophistication and luxury into the black-themed kitchen but also brings some fresh colors that prevent the monochromatic foundation from appearing boring.

Green marble like Verde Guatemala, Julian Jade, and Verde Saint-Denis has an amazing deep green tone, coupled with the natural patterns and veining of the marble, creating a visually dynamic and timeless aesthetic.

This choice not only adds an opulent touch but also establishes a harmonious balance between richness and vibrancy, transforming your kitchen into a space where elegance and creativity blend seamlessly.

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